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SV Secret Agent Man
Eric Rone

Afo tossing them a line.


The guy on the bow is Dominique who is the boss of the boat yard.




more spectators

Sweet Tug

This is the tug that towed the boat back from Huahine.


Here is one of my potable water bladders. This is the first one That Dad and I did and we cut the hole a little too big. After several attempts at making it work I have decided to put a wicked patch on it and cut another hole for the "through hull"


This is my friend Hiro helping out. It is great to be able to put two heads together when doing a critical project you only get one chance at.


"Flood tubes one and two and plot solution"

Here are my bilge pumps. I just put in this new 2000 gallon per hour Rule so Secret Agent Man now has two independent systems. Also visibly, however un-spectacular, is some oxidized copper going down to a keel bolt. This is part of the ground plane for the HF radio. I have two dynaplates, the engine block, and the keel all hooked in and my signal is really good.

02/20/2011 | eric
This is also about the cleanest the bilge has ever been...

This is the forward pump. It was very gross and I cleaned it, and it also got a new hose because the new pump took over it's old one. Also visible is the hand pump. Between the rules and the hand pump I should be able to get a lot of water out of the boat.


Hello all,
Yesterday I was hanging out watching the soccer game after work and I heard people speaking english. I went over and was very happy to have the first english conversation of the year. I ended up going out to dinner at the "snack" with two surfers from a big catamaran. They were my age and the owner had done lots of cruising here. In the cook Islands, which is where I think Im headed, he highly recommended Penrhyn which is the furthest north up at 9 degrees south. Today they put their boat in the water and set off for the tuamotus. Today I did a bunch of little projects because I am still waiting on parts. I did hook up the radio and listen in on some nets. I copied a bunch of different stations on the Pacific Seafairers net very well for being out of the water and super close to a bunch of masts which made me happy. The boat is very happy right now too and we are both itching to get in the water. This is a globe that I brought back from seattle which is finally mounted (wickedly). I had to fix the globe because they made me check it from Tahiti to Raiatea... My chain of thought during this project went like this. I have been reading about making all kinds of passages and racing all over the world. I was looking at the globe and thinking of where I have sailed and where I wanted to go. Then about how long it would take to make the passages. And then that the world is really small for how big it seems sometimes.

02/18/2011 | Mom
Inspiring entry, my son. It IS a small world, noted daily in my practice as I meet people from all over the planet. Wish I could sail along with you on your journey. What an amazing adventure. Love, Mom
02/18/2011 | Eric O
The globe looks awesome, kind of like a hologram of the forest moon of Endor... "Many Bothan spies died to bring us this information" Keep up the awesome blog posts, although the way you talk about your boat is starting to remind me of Han talking about the Millenium Falcon. "Chewie get 'er ready for takeoff!"
02/19/2011 | Eric Rone
"I just got this bucket of bolts back together...."
6 in Rapalla double treble hooks
02/15/2011, Fish on with Raiatea Careenage in the background

Hey fisherwomen,
I have found that a good lure for dingy fishing is a Rapalla. Below is a picture of the one that I got back after it was lost on the reef in the mouth of a big grouper. (see "fish story") below. In mexico I was able to see what the bait looked like and I got lures that were the same colors. They were very productive. Bottom line is that they swim very well at dingy trolling speed and look like a bait committing suicide to big fish below.

02/15/2011 | Jasper, Joe
Incredible fishing story! You know we all are living vicariously through you such that your miraculous adventures become ours.
Great fencing news - I passed my exam to become a Prevot de Sabre, one step below master.
The photos of you and the places you vist are great fun.
Anthony Bourdain had a TV show from French Polynesia that I saw just this morning. Very classically Pacific Isl with fresh fruits, wild boar etc.
Good sailing, fair weather.

This guy had a lot of teeth and reef marks after only one day.

I think I can see my house!

Hello All,
Happy St. Valentines day. I did not give a valentine to any one or have any romance. I did wave at a girl though. My two projects, the new bilge system and fixing one of my fresh water tanks, are held up because I need a specific part for each project and parts are not easy to track down on this island. Don't take West Marine and Fisheries Supply for granted. The boat is ready (almost) to go and I think I will be getting in the water sooner than I had planned. My visa extension fell through so I have to leave by april 1st. I would like to sail around here for a few weeks and shake the boat down and the tropical depressions have all been way to the west of me this season. Here is a pic of canvass that I found that I believe mom may have made a long time ago. It is totally made for the spot and should hold a bunch of stuff in there in a seaway. Also visible is the throughhull for the new bilge pump top right.

02/17/2011 | Erik
love the pics you have up in your boat. Im curious to know what the locals think of those. Also really enjoying following your adventure!
PS bare hand fish grab/ lure retrieval. epic.

Hello All,
This is a pamplemousse. In the french dictionary it is translated a "grape fruit". But I hate grape fruit and I love pamplemousse. It is very much a sweater grapefruit taste. Only the cells are edible. It is like eating an orange, but peeling the skin off of the sections themselves. Not the peel but the skin on the sections.... They are delicious.

02/13/2011 | Eric Oscar
That does not look like the grapefruit I know. "these aren't the grapefruits we are looking for. We don't need to see their identification. Move along. Move along!" dude what is your sail mail adress. I tried to send you a long email but it was rejected.
02/15/2011 | Rod Lambert
Good to "see" you again Eric. Boat projects are how we keep the old boat from becoming an old boat right? ...and you have pamplemousse. Wish we did. Keep in touch!
Sub par blog post
02/08/2011, "Id like to take my counterpart down to maintenance"

Hello all,
This is the turnbuckle for the forestay. It was getting hit by a set screw in the bottom unit of the Pro Furler. The damage has not compromised the structural integrity of the old turn buckle so it is now a spare. However, it feels good to take apart the pro-furler and clean everything and replace the piece. Over the last two days I have been working on my new bilge pump system. The bilge was gross and It has been one of the top ten worst projects in memory. The bilge is grody. There are bugs living in it. I put quiet a bit of bleach in it when I left but it was about an 8 on the grody scale. Now it is Ok and at the end of the week I should have two independently wired 2000 Gallon Per hour bilge pumps and a hand pump. The reason for this sub par post is to keep it coming for you so you will post comments.

02/08/2011 | Allison
Nice work with the projects, Uncle Eric. Ingrid is using her hands like a champion these days and today she learned about "on" and "off" with the light switch in the bathroom. Her eyes bugged out with alarm every time we did "off"... it was very cute. We miss you and love you so much!
02/09/2011 | Julia
Seeing that your sister commented right below your post made me think, "You can talk to me about grody after you've had to change 100 baby diapers!" :) Although bugs usually aren't involved and I bet the bugs down there are really big. Ok ... really gross visuals ... I will drop the subject now!
02/14/2011 | Ryan
Yeah man, that looks nasty.
The level of grode

The worst two areas on a boat that a crew member might work is the head/brown water system, and the bilge. Here is a picture of what takes over your bilge pump after a while.

02/09/2011 | Dad
A dirty job but someone's got to do it. I appreciate the grime and difficult reach to the bottom of the bilge. But in the end you'll be better off. I am sure S.A.M. is enjoying your attentions!
02/10/2011 | Mom
Eewwww! I can only imagine what the head/brown water outlet looks like. How goes that project, anyway? Loved the fish story, and I have a great visual image of what your face must have looked like when you surfaced in triumph. :-) Love you! Mom

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