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SV Secret Agent Man
Eric Rone
off line

hello all,
Last night my computer bit the dust. I was watching a movie. One minute it was fine, and the next, it was dead. It has a full battery but does not respond. I will be trying to fix or replace it but for now there arent going to be any blog posts. Sorry.

02/23/2011 | Amy
Hey Eric!

I hope this message finds you soon enough... but either way... Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great one, filled with fruit and fish and fiestas! I'm celebrating mine at the ranch in Costa Rica, (yep, still here) but with southbound plans in the next few weeks. I've grown to be quite the permaculture farmer this last year here, but I've a hankering to learn and practice more in the amazon... Vamos a ver! Much has changed on this end since we last spoke, but I bet you're still as sweet. May your day have no pirates and lots of bootie : ) Jungle hugs and kisses, Amy
02/23/2011 | cara edward maia and Zoe
Eric, We all have been following your great adventure on a regular basis. We want to wish you a Happy Birthday and think of you often. Love Uncle Edward, Aunt Cara, Maia and Zoe
02/26/2011 | Mom
Je suis tres triste que ta informatiuqe est morte. Dad has ordered a new one for you, and will send it along as soon as it arrives. I hope you had a happy birthday. Love and miss you tant beaucoup. Mom
02/27/2011 | Julia
Bummer about your computer! Good timing so that your folks can send you a new one for your birthday, though. We just got back from AZ where we went for my dad's 80th (!!!) birthday. I was hoping to come back to many blog posts. Oh well. Hey - I rode a mechanical bull in AZ! I think I lasted for a good 5-10 seconds. Not quite as exciting as your adventures though :)
03/01/2011 | Eric
Hi Amy,
Thanks for the birthday note. And hello all. I will probably be back in the water by the time I talk to you next. The boat is ready and is fairly well provisioned. My shore crew is working on getting a new computer in the post. I have 1 month left in this beautiful country before they kick me out...
03/02/2011 | Alain
That is, the boat is getting better. New propeller in place yesterday.
All is well. Eric can follow his emails on my computer but hers should not arrive soon now. All is well. Perfect climate.
03/10/2011 | Allison
Tu me manques.

Alain and I had an epic car tour of the island today. Driving it at cruising speed takes about two hours. We stopped at Faaroa Bay and visited with a woman who Alain used to live with. Her house was beautiful. It was up on the hill with a sweeping view of the bay, and ocean, and mountains. We are going back there for dinner next week so I will try and get a photo. Mom would love her garden. We also stopped at a large Marae which was the spiritual center of all the islands in the past. Even the Hawaiians sailed here for social and spiritual occasions which is a long voyage. Here is a pic of a motu with Huahine in the background.

02/20/2011 | Julia
What was her garden like? Was it food or flowers? I bet it's a lot different than my garden!
02/20/2011 | Eric
She had both flowers and food including a very nice pamplemousse tree.
02/20/2011 | David Newsome
Hey Eric, good to see you back on SAM. Elizabeth and I spent Sept and Oct on Demelza for a lovely time. Checked out SAM in the yard in storage. Will return late Mar to continue on. Checking out Sailblog to join. Seeing friends there. Hopefully see you then. David
02/21/2011 | Dad
Wow! A dozen new photo's. Looks like paradise to me! Your repair/replacement projects look commendable. Careening getting done, victuals and watering next. I want to be underway in thirty minutes Mr. Hornblower!
a vendre - ile tropical

02/25/2011 | Alain
Too bad! Too much shade!

This is Blackie the yard dog. She is not at all interested in chasing the rats, but this is her hood and she keeps the dog pack out of here at night which is nice.

02/26/2011 | Eric
"Blackie, you my only friend"

Hello All,
The entertainment on Saturday evening was at the boat yard! I do not have any confirmed facts but the Maupiti Express 2 hit the reef on Huahine and was stuck for two days. Dominique, who is the owner of the yard, went over to sort it out and they floated it with bladders and towed it back here. It must have been sketchy because Alain and I drove around that side of the island and the breeze was pretty fresh and there were big waves. And as you can see the bow is a little down.




Afo tossing them a line.


The guy on the bow is Dominique who is the boss of the boat yard.




more spectators

Sweet Tug

This is the tug that towed the boat back from Huahine.


Here is one of my potable water bladders. This is the first one That Dad and I did and we cut the hole a little too big. After several attempts at making it work I have decided to put a wicked patch on it and cut another hole for the "through hull"


This is my friend Hiro helping out. It is great to be able to put two heads together when doing a critical project you only get one chance at.


"Flood tubes one and two and plot solution"

Here are my bilge pumps. I just put in this new 2000 gallon per hour Rule so Secret Agent Man now has two independent systems. Also visibly, however un-spectacular, is some oxidized copper going down to a keel bolt. This is part of the ground plane for the HF radio. I have two dynaplates, the engine block, and the keel all hooked in and my signal is really good.

02/20/2011 | eric
This is also about the cleanest the bilge has ever been...

This is the forward pump. It was very gross and I cleaned it, and it also got a new hose because the new pump took over it's old one. Also visible is the hand pump. Between the rules and the hand pump I should be able to get a lot of water out of the boat.

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