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SV Secret Agent Man
Eric Rone

I just found a big stash of pictures from other people. I am really bad at taking photos when I am doing something. I more live in the moment. However, if you bring a flash drive to dinner you can enjoy the work of better photographers. This is a red tailed tropic bird and chick. Yvonne is an ornothologist and has the knowledge.


This coral trout deserves the story told. We had a repalla on a handline out the back of Australia 31s dinghy and wham! I yarded it in and as we got it to the boat s fairly big shark was going for it. I was in the bow and Bernie was driving. He grabbed the leeder and yanked the fish to one side and the shark missed his strike. The shark quickly turned around and bernie yanked the fish into the boat just in time. It was some impressive thinking and moves on his part.

05/31/2011 | Eric's Dad
Now that is an imporessive dinner-to-be. Nice to see your smiling face. You look to be in good condition.

Male frigate display


Bernie and Yvonne, from Australia 31, enjoy dinner aboard SV Renova. They have done extensive traveling including Africa and the South Pacific in the 1960s!


I try to keep my glass half full as best I can. Every single person I have met here rocks and they speak english and are incredibly hospitable! (though I do get laughed at running which has been true of almost everywhere) It is a great island to re-provision which I was really in need of. The busses are cheep as well as the laundramat. And the harbor is beautiful. Drawback- litter. It is pretty insane how much there is in the harbor and on land. Liz you would fill your dinghy up every day! I worry about sucking something up when I run my engine. here is what it lookslike when it blows off the beach and out of the river when the trades shut off.

05/30/2011 | Julia
I think it's funny that people think running is strange there. It reminds me of when my friend Laud moved here from Ghana and didn't understand camping at all. "Why would you willingly sleep outside on the ground? That is not fun - that is a crisis!"
05/30/2011 | Eric Rone
The australian warship "sydney" is in town. I went running yesterday along with a bunch of her crew members. Not much goes on on Sunday and half a dozen white guys running in town produced some funny looks.

05/28/2011 | Heather Rone
Awww, I love him!

A quick shower? There was very little wind so it was hard to tell if I was going to get it or not from these squalls. Some moved fast and some were slow and not always in the same direction.

05/29/2011 | Eric's Dad
You are seeing some beautiful sights. Thanks for letting us be there visually. Amazing beauty.

So I wrote last week about the trade winds not showing up. That is one of the reasons it is nice to not be on a schedule! The last few days it has been very windy here and two boats that left for tonga are having some great days out there for sure! This is what the ocean looked like for me the on this passage (contrary to the gribs and the noaa text from pago pago). Also very nice "land cloud" over American Samoa in this photo.


These are the Manu'a Islands. They are east of samoa by a ways. There is a 903m mountain that I saw the night before I passed them a full 70 miles away!

Coconut crab

A coconut crab would, I think, win in a fight with a dungeness.

05/29/2011 | Julia
Oh yum! I miss eating whole crab when I was a kid. My mom's friend was a crab fisherman and when we'd go to their house in Port Townsend we'd each get our own crab for dinner and all the tools to tear it apart. What do you eat besides fish between islands? Do you carry lots of other food with you on the boat?

Sv Renova (Cape Dory 36) from Campbell river BC making landfall.

Great Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda)

Hello All

Hello All,
Special shout out to all my friends who read this. Point defiance runners, Allison, Ingrid, Tad, Jon, Alain, Katie, Ryan and Autumn (congrats) and all those who know who they are. I just got in to Pago Pago this weekend. After spending a month and a half either at sea or at Suwarrow I needed some provisions. However, one of my favorite things about being launched is the inability to spend money. I havnt spent any since the 1st of April. And, low and behold, I ate very well the whole time (fish and crab and lobster) and am happier and fitter than ever. The atoll was amazing though it will remain classified. (not posted on the internet) The boat worked well except the trade winds havnt really shown up for a while and I burned about 120 liters of diesel. The crack in the keel came back which sucks. I fixed it so well in mexico I can imagine the amount of work it is going to take next time the boat is out of the water. It only leeks fast when it is gnarly out. I havny gone upwind when it is gnarly yet and I dare say that the keel is not up to it. I caught and shot a bunch of new fish, too many to list but the best eating were blue fin jack, coral trout, and great barracuda. The internet is sketchy here so I shall post. I hope you all are well and happy.

05/24/2011 | Laura Shorney
Hi Eric. We have still been enjoying reading about your adventures, even when your Dad transcribes for you. What a wonderful time you are having. Kate keeps asking when you will be arriving Down Under. You are welcome to come any time. All the seafood sounds yummy but the sharks sound scary! Keep up the running. Kate is turning into quite the little runner and dusts me now - you can run in the bush with her when you are here. Much Love, Laura
05/24/2011 | Kenneth Newell
If you get the chance to meet Kim Corson on Altair, please say hello from Ken & Lori.

Kim is a single hander who has been out for many years. He also has a boat cat ;-) The two of you should have lots to talk about.

So, Allison, here is the official Secret Agent Crash diet..
-sail to remote atoll
-make sure provisions are limited
-Loose propeller immediatly
-run laps on 200m trail
-catch fish rowing
-repeat for a month

Here is an attempt at a home made propeller...

05/24/2011 | Eric Rone
05/24/2011 | Eric's Dad
That looks like it is off of a Klingon War Bird. No doubt that violates the Neutral Zone !
05/25/2011 | Tom Elwood
Home-made propeller - I'm impressed! Sure takes some ingenuity to sail solo.
05/29/2011 | Ryan
Did it work? Nice!
just when you thought it was safe to go in the water

These ones are blacktips and are for the most part nice until you shoot a fish...

Living off of the Land
Eric's dad
05/16/2011, South pacific

Eric continues in the Cook islands as unsettled weather passes by. Here are some quotes from his e-mails ........

After that, I walked around the island and when I got back we (other sailors sharing the lagoon-ed.) all went out to the reef spear fishing. After two and a half hours of that we had a bunch of fish and were coming back trailing a repalla on a hand line. I have quit using my rod because you can't get the fish in fast enough before the sharks get it. This one indeed had a very big (6 foot) reef shark after it. I yarded it in from the bow of the boat quickly and Bernie grabbed the line just as the shark was
about to strike. He yanked the fish to one side and the shark missed and then yanked it into the boat as he regrouped and had another go. It was a massive coral trout. Similar to a grouper. Maybe 25 or 30 lbs. We ate it for dinner.

But Paradise is subject to interruptions ............

As with all emergencies it is over already if I am writing to you... I am still shaking from this morning. It has been blowing out of the northwest for two days 20 kts. which is OK. This morning the blackest most armegeddon looking cloud bore down on us from the southwest. I put the dinghy away and prepared to run to sea but it was too late. I saw 47 kts and we are going to call that 50. Huge breaking seas. There was no way I could get the anchor up and I was super close (2 boatlengths) away from the reef. I spend an hour on the tiller and the engine in gear trying to save the boat. Mimi was in my lap crying his heart out. ....There were waves breaking over the boat all the way back and over the dodger and driving rain. It was absolutely horrific and the most scared I have been since I saw the mast try and fall down on the Pacific crossing. I am shaking as I write this and it has been OK for the last hour and I have re- anchored. I was seriously praying to and cursing the Gods at the same time. I was never going to die, but Mimi and I would have gotten our asses kicked trying to swim ashore. I would have made it but I dont know about him. There are still menacing squalls about so Ill not say its over yet.

But it was over and back to cocunut crab and palm tree shade. Eric is planning a sail soon to Pago Pago, about 500 miles to the W/NW. Hopefully some more consistent winds will fill in.

05/21/2011 | Dino Pearson
Eric i miss the easy days of racing duck dodge. Here is to you brother man, keep on sailin. Catch ya soon.
Castaway propeller
Eric' dad
05/07/2011, South pacific

Eric is exploring in the Cook's and has found the fishing holes. Unfortunately the game fish attract the sharks and Eric relates that when a fish is on, it's a race to see if he can get it aboard in one piece. Traveling to and from the fishin hole has led to one setback, the propeller on his Mercury outboard rudely fell of in Shark Alley and he is now rowing. There's a chance he could scuba for it with a co-diver to fend of the attentions of the Lemon Sharks.

This week Eric is faced with another unexpected development, his new laptop has developed a mouse/trackpad dysfunction. The Lenovo tech can't seem to believe the computer is on this planet but not in an area from which you can hook up to the internet. Here's some e-mail exerpts ...........

I just spent the evening with two frenchmen from "sweet life" a Waquiez 48 who are pro divers and have a compressor. We are going to dive for my propeller tomorrow. You would be very proud of my french. I speak very well now and did a lot of translation tonight at dinner with Australia 31. I was seriously the interpreter. Yvonne and Bernie would say something in english, and Edward and Jean Michelle would look to me for the translation. And visa versa... this is the first time that I have ever had another language. Tonight a couple of times I spoke to the Australians in french on accident and was like; "was I speaking french just then". I definitely have an american accent and all the french boats ask me how and where I learned and are always very impressed. (very few americans speak french).

So if the prop can be found and the computer glitch fixed, sounds like life would be perfect .. stay tuned

05/07/2011 | Kenneth Newell
Lemon sharks are harmless.
05/30/2011 | Eric Rone
Tell that to John from Renova!

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