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Sound Effect does the big U
Producing baggywrinkles

The picture shows Jeff aboard Sailors Run producing a baggy wrinkle.
Traditionally made from cast off manila line, Jeff has a new wrinkle (pun intended) He uses poly propylene line. This line is bright yellow as you can see and adds a colorful splash to the rigging after installed.
He was using 3/4 inch 3 strand line chopped into 5 inch lengths and then pulled apart for the process of weaving it into a pair of foundation lines made from heavy nylon twine. His was 'tarred' which should add life to the assembly. Each 5 inch section once dissasebled and then wove provided about 5 inches on what would become a 5 foot lenth. Then it is wound around the rigging and tied in place to stay for years to protect the sails from chafe. Jeff provided a demonstration for us and several others. He learned from an old cruisers many years ago and is paying it forward.

12/27/2011 | Stephanie
looking at your positions on the map, how are the waters near Greenland?
Sunny with showers
12/27/2011, French Harbor Roatan

The picture shows a 'baggywrinkle' in the rigging of "Sailors Run" a fellow cruiser from Washington. The baggy wrinkle is an ancient device used on tradional sailing craft to prevent chafe particularly on sails as they make contact with the stainless wire that makes up the standing rigging. In the past they have been made from cast off pieces of manila three strand line. This is simple repetitive work done by the off watch people on a traditional sailing boat and then hoisted into the rigging to prevent chafe on the expensive sails.
Well sails are still expensive and subject to chafe but no one has three strand manila line on board. In fact there is almost nothing but braided line on board. However we were treated to a demonstration aboard Sailors run.

Cookie Delivery
12/24/2011, French harbor Roatan

We took the results of our Holiday baking and delivered plates of Cookies and crunchies to the local cruisers anchored here in French Harbor.
We dressed in our Santa hat for me and raindeer antlers for Connie then went out in the rain (it had lessened but not stopped) and delivered some Christmas wishes and cookies to our new friends here in Roatan. I should go on record here as saying that the world famous crunchies are not actually Connies but my sister Sue's recipe. I have no idea how good they are this year as I have a temporary crown that may not stand up to a crunchy.
Connie is preparing our traditional Christmas feast which we are going to eat tonight as there is a buffet tomorrow. We have a turkey, yams, and green bean casserole including onion rings for the top. Tonight will be a more traditional Christmas movie like Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby.
We were unable to send out any Christmas cards this year (last year we were in Nashville for the birth of Owen so we sent them then, but there is no Postal system here nor do we have any cards.) For friends and family who read the blog you know what has been happening to us. But I miss the Christmas letters especially the humorous ones that tell us what all of you have been doing, so if you have an email version of your Christmas letter send it to us at our gmail account.
Have a Merry Christmas to all

12/24/2011 | Simon Holmes
Safe Travels. Happy Christmas...Spending Christmas in Lahaina
Holiday baking
Sunny and windy
12/22/2011, French Harbo

Holiday baking. Note the drill is back in action for cookie dough mixing. Note the open galley window. How many of you are doing your holiday baking with the windows open! Connie made her world famous chocolate crunchies and all the ingredients were available in the store including the correct cereal (special K) and butterschotch chips. We have to give Roatan high marks when they have all the ingredients for a family favorite. The only issue is that after almost 24 hours the chocolate covering is not quite hardening back.
Went to the dentist today for a cleaning and to have this broken tooth looked at. Found an American trained local man who speaks perfect English and with a new practice is running 'specials'. Said he can do a crown for $250 which when we did have dental insurace would be more than that after the deductible!. Connie pointed out that with a temporary crown I couldnt eat any chocolate Crunchies! I hope she gains ten pounds!

Now we are trying to organize some Christmas movies. We have Holdiday Inn and White Christmas and thats all. I was making a case for Die Hard I and Die Hard II both of which take place on Christmas Eve but Connie wasn't buying?? We used to have Its a wonder ful life and The bishops Wife among others but they are on VCR tapes and no longer playable.

Enjoy your holidays

12/22/2011 | Stephanie
Andrew makes the same arguement about Die Hard ;) He wanted chocolate crunchies the other day. We had all of the ingredients on hand except special K, so he used animal crackers. Not quite the same but still good.
12/22/2011 | Andrew Merritt
Merry Christmas guys. I just wanted to step in and say Die Hard is without a doubt a Christmas not just movie a classic. My first Christmas party I had at my house it was the movie I had on. Love ya guys. Feel free to call Christmas morning.
12/22/2011 | Sue Mast
wait! whose world famous chocolate crunchies? To get the chocolate to harden, just put them outside or in the garage like we do. (just kidding) I am glad that all the ingredients are there to make a very merry Christmas. Sorry you can not have any Jim.
Dive five
12/20/2011, French Harbor

Went for dive 5 on Monday moring early. My friends on Sognare have a nifty dive camera that makes great still but really great movies. However I dont have the band width to download movies just now so something to look forward to.
This eel actually will follow you around which is a little unsettling because that is not there normal behaviour. They rarely leave their hole and 'fish' from their hole, however some dive groups are obviously feeding them to make a "great " experience for the tourists. Sorry I am a bit of a purist and don't think we should feed wild animals but that's just me.
Monday afternoon we visited Sailors Run to view Jeff's solo trip around Cape horn. In 2008 he made a voyage from Peru to Buenes Aries via Cape Horn.
Three storms of 60kts or more 45 days for 5600 miles all alone.
Great story. Sailors Run has been out from Long Branch WA for 13 years! and they have more travels left in them.

12/21/2011 | sue mast
please do not stay out 13 years! We miss you. Have a very Merry Christmas.
Dive Four
Sunny with squalls
12/18/2011, French Harbor

Saturday I went for my fourth dive of the Roatan stay. I went with a coupld from Australia anchored near by so I am diving with a buddy. Connie will not dive but only snorkel.
There are dive operations everywhere with resorts and scuba centers. People fly in from literally all over the world to dive this area. Within a quarter of a mile of our anchored boat there are dozens of dive sites complete with mooring balls. Instead of paying top dollar for a dive experience, we just hop in the dinghy zip out to the spot, tie on to the mooring ball and then dive a wreck or a wall or both. I am not wearing a wet suit because you dont need one although many people wear them. I put this pix in so you wouldnt get confused and think I was the diver with the dolphins

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