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18 February 2018 | Brunswick, GA
18 February 2018 | Brunswick, GA
18 February 2018 | Fernandina Beach
13 February 2018 | Altamaha River, SE Georgia
07 February 2018 | Isle of Hope marina
30 January 2018 | Isle of Hope marina
01 October 2017 | In the middle of the ICW
05 June 2017 | Exuma

Brunswick Bridge

18 February 2018 | Brunswick, GA

Departing Brunswick, GA

18 February 2018 | Brunswick, GA
Here's a couple of pictures from a few days ago departing Brunswick, GA in the early morning.

Good internet sure helps with positing pictures, but can be hard to find!

It takes planning!

18 February 2018 | Fernandina Beach
Sunny with morning and evening bouts of fog
We've made it Florida! We're on our second night in Fernandina Beach, we'd plan to leave for points south earlier today but missed our tide window and so did some shopping and chores. Nice little touristy town. This evening went from sunny 70's to dense fog in a few minutes, so the weather is still a bit fickle.

We've got some maintenance items to address before heading off to the Bahamas, but due to lead times it requires some planning to line up parts and help so things come together when you eventually arrive at the marina where you will do the work. While we're getting better at the long range planning - it's not quite come together yet:) But we're learning as we go!

Twists and turns on the ICW

13 February 2018 | Altamaha River, SE Georgia
Cloudy, cold, rainy, windy. Just like Seattle.
We're winding our way along the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway) on our trip south, headed to Florida. Slowly we're getting all the systems up and running, learning how to run the boat, and trying hard to stay out of the mud on the narrow waterways. The heater doesn't work and it's cold, windy, and wet.

Tonight we're near the Altamaha River in southern Georgia, anchored in between marshes. The wind has been blowing strong, last night we had gusts to 26 knots. The anchor holds well, but the nights are sleepless as the narrow channels don't allow much scope on the chain lest you swing into the bank. A bit nerve wracking for our first few nights out! The wind does power up the wind generator nicely, keeping the batteries well charged. It would probably look and feel the same in Holland.

Tomorrow we need to leave early to navigate the Mud River, which at high tide only gives us about 1 foot under our keel. I hope we make it:)

Still in Savannah

07 February 2018 | Isle of Hope marina
Sunny, windy, rainy, warming up a bit
I wouldn't say we're twiddling our thumbs... but we are kinda stuck here until the new house battery bank arrives. As it turns out Savannah's marine stores are a bit limited, but anything can be ordered. There's lots of sight seeing to be done and the never ending list of boat projects to tackle.

Maintenance... and time for other things!

02 February 2018
The last couple of days have been focused on getting parts, installing parts, and general maintenance. The usual drill of taking 10x longer to do simple jobs applies.... the new head arrived, but didn't fit the old mountings. The parts store didn't have all the filters needed. I know the tool I need is somewhere in the boat.... but where? How can you loose tools on a 40 foot boat?

Kam went bicycle riding with the loaner bike to visit the nearby Wormsloe historic estate while I changed engine oils and got the dinghy running. This evening we had a great run down the ICW for birding and sunset pictures, sunny but a bit cold. The 10 ft Achilles inflatable with 15 hp really moves along, especially in the calm river, until you hit the muddy bottom:)

Snugged in for the night with books to read. We'll be here into next week, waiting on batteries and other parts to arrive.
Vessel Name: Spindrift
Vessel Make/Model: Malo 40
Hailing Port: Pacific Northwest
Crew: Kamella and Ross
About: Off to see the world, meet new people, experience new things!
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