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countdown to freedom
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Crew: Cptn Elias;1st Mate, Sarah; 2nd Mate,Kimberly and Swabbie Boo
Hailing Port: Newport, Oregon
About: We are a family of four, living on board our beautiful 42' Mapleleaf in Newport, Or. We are currently cold. Ha Ha.The hearty crew includes Captain(know it all) Elias :) 1st Mate (who's usually right) Sarah :) 2nd Mate Kimberly (aka Drama Queenie) and finally Swabbie Boo(who is a Drama Queenie in Training) We have been planning our sailing adventure for about 8 years. We bought a house some years ago with the intentions of "selling everything" and setting sail. Well, after all this time we fixed it up, found a boat, moved aboard and just a week ago someone has offered to buy our house!! That's right, this year (hopefully for the Baja-Ha) we will take off. So, we will stay here for this summer and do some minor repairs on our boat, work to save money and probably have our regular, slightly disfunctional but totally hilarious family disturbances. Yeah baby!
Vessel Make/Model: Mapleleaf, 42 ft.

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Countdown to Freedom
Who: Cptn Elias;1st Mate, Sarah; 2nd Mate,Kimberly and Swabbie Boo
Port: Newport, Oregon
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