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countdown to freedom
Surfs up!
01/27/2010, Stone Island, Mazatlan

"Im gonna go touch that ass!" The Captain announces, as he heads across the beach.I looked up in a bit of shock.."What did he just say?" I asked our friend Jerry,who was sitting across from me. He shrugged. I half expected to see Elias heading towards some hot little senorita across the way. Thankfully, that was not the case. We are in Mazatlan still, but have moved around this spit of land, to a place called Stone Island.
I love it over here. I'm learning to surf, swimming alot and spear fishing. The air is so fresh and the beach is covered in quaint little beer stands and taco shops. Right off our bow, there is a fabulous little pizza joint called Benji's. One of the people that runs it is a young American surfer type, who gave up the rat race and lives here full-time. He is starting a family, with his lovely wife, and their shrimp pizza should win some kind of food contest.This very pizza is cooking in the oven as we sit relaxing in the sun, wondering what Elias is up to now.
It turns out, Benji is the ass in question. The donkey that lives out back. Elias, has this amazing relationship with animals. Especially pig-headed jack-ass's. Go figure. I just felt relieved that, Benji was the "ass" he wanted to touch.
Elias pets Benji, all of a sudden Benji is running down the beach.
Great. Wild ass. With my boyfriend in hot pursuit. At first I thought, perhaps Elias felt that the ass needed liberating. Actually, Benji was never tied up. I guess sometimes when Benji feels "frivolous"he visits his good friend around the bend. SHE happens to be a horse.
SO..Elias chases the ass...who is chasing ass...AND we follow for pictures, naturally.
In the gallery you will find a series of pictures that covered what happens next...PS Kimberly took these amazing and hilarious photos.
Until next time 

Waterballoon fight at 8 knots!
Even Warmer!
01/03/2010, Mazatlan/ the main land

"Sarah where have you been? We are under attack!!!" Elias shouts from the cockpit
"Yeah, Sarah we are at war!" Kimberly shouts!
I look blankly up the companionway...taking out my headphones and pausing my ipod...."Uh...what?"
Turns out we were not at war with a bunch of one eyed pirates...but instead..a few of our friends aboard S/V Tynamara.
Their family had thought up the idea of surprising us with a spontaneous attack...while underway,with full sails,at eight knots...! It was awesome...little did they know; we too have water balloons we put up a good fight, but in the end we were out numbered. They have two strapping teenage boys and a dad who has a pretty good arm. :) At that time we were crossing the Sea of Cortez to the mainland of Mexico. The wind was we ended up blowin into Mazatlan about 8 hours ahead of schedule. So, here we are in Mazatlan...its awesome. About 90 degrees outside and I'm currently eating a plate of nachos, having an ice cold Pacifico, watching my family bask in th sun and play in the pool....I'm going to jump in I'll talk to you guys soon! xoxo S

Rattle snakes, scorpions and beetles oh my!
Sunny in December!
12/17/2009, Espiritu Santu and La Paz

"Sarah, have you ever had rattlesnake tacos?" The Captain asks.
"uh,no.......why?" I don't even know why I ask about these things...
"Well let's go see if we can catch one. I hear they are really good eatin."
I realized the hunting gene was rearing its ugly head. I can only imagine if his buddy ,Clint were here. They would be wearing special deodorant and spraying snake pee all over themselves. Thankfully Clint is hunting elsewhere.
We were on the Island Espiritu Santu. It is a beautiful island north of La Paz. There are a few anchorages on the west side of this island and many different types of geological beauty as well. It reminds me of a little grand canyon in many places. Big boulders, cacti, and just lots beach.
At our first anchorage, Bahia Gabriel had the most beautiful lagoon. We saw about 6 stingrays (various species) many different types of birds, and lots of fish we wanted to eat. I couldn't believe how many yellowtail I see here; so close to shore.
We finally make it up to Ensanada Grande. My favorite. It was so beautiful there. This is where we decided to take our final hike of the trip,before returning to La Paz. We left the kiddies at the boat and went with our friend Jerry on an amazing hike. Where AMAZINGLY we found a rattlesnake!
No, we did not skin it and make tacos.
But of course the mighty Elias HAD to catch it. My only was,"o god please don't let it bite him.....Jerry and I are not carrying that big boy out of here!"
I found out that on much of the Island there are 'rattle-less' snakes and that many of them aren't aggressive this time of year, as they are mostly in hibernation mode. So,it was really cool to see one.
We finished our hike and Kimberly went on her hike with some friends. She caught a glimpse of two scorpions....she said that it was very cool. I was so glad she does not have the hunting gene...she let the scorpions go on their merry way.
We have now returned to La Paz to pick up our wind generator part and fill up with water. We are planning to head to the mainland very soon and will write with an update on that.I will also include some pictures in the gallery later this afternoon;when I get all the pics downloaded. Love you all!

Something fishy at the bird dock
still happy as a clam
12/06/2009, lovely La Paz

"Sarah,hurry and cast off my line...I am going to feed the pelican" says the Captain.
"What?" I say, slightly confused, but never surprised.
Off he went.
Turns out, right near our anchorage here in La Paz, there is a "foul dock" (birds reside there AND the word perfectly describes the stench) there lives among many,two broken-winged pelicans. Elias and Boo decided they would adopt them. After liberating our final two crabs and losing a new found caterpillar (which I'm sure is lying dormant in a creepy cocoon,somewhere aboard this boat :( ) I think they were feeling "petless" So, each afternoon they fish together and try to get food to their little buddies. One evening our good friend,Christy, from "Hello World" came over with a scrumptious delivery of her caramel/chocolate brownies and offered to dinghy Elias and Boo over for an evening feeding. All I could hear was a yelp...then hysterical laughter (I knew it was Christy ,her laugh is one in a million) I guess the one pelican was VERY excited and very hungry.....and tried to eat Elias's hand AND the fish. Hilarious.
I went for the feeding a couple days later and this very same pelican (who actually comes running when Elias calls) was so greedy for fish...he nabbed Pelican#2's fish at the same time as his own....and it got stuck in his throat sideways.If you've ever seen a pelicans throat up close you know it is nearly see just imagine seeing an entire fish in all its detail.I almost peed myself......again. Its just too much fun being part of this wacky crew.
We are currently motorsailing out of La PAz, on a beautiful sunny day, headed for Espiritu Santu ( an island about 4 hours north)
We visited a fund-raising festival this morning called, Subasta.
We contributed 80.00 pesos for the families of La Paz, to enjoy Christmas with. Savona and Kimberly make my heart melt with pride when they realize how lucky they are to live the lives they do...and how well they treat others who are less fortunate. We talked about all of our family and friends...thinking of you all around this wonderful season. We love and miss each and every one of you _/)_

The Great Escape
11/27/2009, Lovely La Paz

"Mommy, my cwab is gone..."
"What do you mean Savona? What do you mean gone?"
Well, after looking through Savona's 'crabitat' for about
10 solid minutes...I realized what she meant by gone.
Recently, as part of a homeschool project, in the marine biology
department, we decided to bring home two,adorable hermit crabs.
One we called Harold and the other Rambo.
As it turns out,Harold shouldv'e been named Houdini.
So,as with any emergency,the Captain was immediately alerted.
He was engrossed in his novel but still came running,headlamp in hand.
Savona started to cry.
I started to worry about a tiny hermit crab rotting in some dark corner of my boat.
Elias tried to soothe Boo.
Kimberly tried to stop laughing.
The good news is later that evening we found Harold.
We also found that hermit crabs can climb straight up walls.
We chalked it up as agreat discovery AND as a lesson to secure a new crabitat.
Harold was liberated on November 20th 2009 at Bahia Los Muertos.
Rambo was also showing some signs of disorderly behavoir,so we liberated him at the same time.
We found two more. We named them Tiny and Tony and so far they have been wonderful.
Savona took time online to find out what they eat and as it turns out it was a great project idea.
She did find out that sometimes they eat poop...and even though her Dad said he would be more than happy
to contribute to the cause, we have chose,for obvious reasons, to just feed them dinner scraps.
Now we have picked up anchor and headed to La PAz, where perhaps these fine little beasts can start a new colony
of their own.We plan on being here for don't worry I will write soon. To all our friends and family,
here is hoping you have a warm and wonderful turkey day xoxox..._/)_...

the weather here,is truly perfect
11/18/2009, Bahia Los Muertos

"Dad I hope you know there are giant squid here in Baja...and they only come out at night and they will swallow you whole," Kimberly reports. Normally, she can be a little gullible. She is actually, partially correct. There are in fact giant squid that do come out at night. However, they usually just bite..not swallow people whole. I don't care what they do...I'm not jumping in there to find out. So, the rest of the crew(surprisingly Savona too) decided they needed a closer look. So, there they are. Sitting on the stern step,in the dark, like ...Curly,Moe and Larry, with snorkel masks. Elias is first in, then Boo then Kimberly. Boo lasted for one quick peek at the bio luminescence, then she asked me to help her out because "jellyfish are stingin me evweywhere"
"Really hunny? oh well come on out" I say.
As I'm looking for remnants of the vicious jellyfish attack,I hear a yell and what I would describe as.... a man squeal.
Then Elias jumps out of the water ,shouting "THEY ARE STINGING ME!!"
I shine the head lamp on him...expecting of course to find perhaps,a squid bite,or a lump of hideous jellyfish stings.................
Nothing. "Sarah,they were biting me all over the place...really."
Kimberly is now out and they are all just standing there in the glare of the headlamp. Finally, the stinging,ghost beast is identified.
Water fleas.
Yes,water fleas.
I'm just glad they survived.

We are happily sitting in Bahia Los Muertos, which is about 60 miles south of La Paz. It is incredible here. There is a 4 star resort,that has no guests right now and for this reason,they invited us to hang out. There are free hot showers, fabulous beach chairs and hammocks,3 pools,a game room for kids, and a playground. Good fun. We also have the best snorkeling. We caught a Blue Marlin on the way into the anchorage,that was about 6 ft. long, but had to let him go. Fish like that are illegal here and pretty much to amazing to kill for me...but awesome to see none the less. A few boats we have made friends with along the way, have been here with us. It has been just too much fun. Today, we found an awesome hermit crab, who is now called Mr. Harold. I told Boo it could be part of a biology lesson for her, but that she would have to learn about the proper care on line. So now, Harold has his very own "crabitat" and its a pretty sweet pad..for a bachelor crab. I think we could stay here forever..__/)_

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