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countdown to freedom
When are we leaving?
08/07/2009, Still in Newport

"Never." Thats what the Captain says everytime he looks in the engine room. Or when he is hoofin up the dock straight for the marine store. Or when he comes home and his trusty crew, has done nothing but sit in our jammies, playing the LadyBug game, watching Hairspray and eating some of the cookies we've just baked. The truth is, we will leave when the time is right. Repairs will have been made, cupboards will have been pleasantly packed and the Captain will probably be recovering from a stress-induced coma....but the time will be right. One thing a boatfamily needs to pack alot of for these little adventures life gives us is 'patience.' So my advice,dear readers, is this: Slow down. In this life we don't always have to rush. Weather windows may close but they will soon be open again. Oh, and ALWAYS stop long enough to bake cookies _/)_

07/29/2009, Newport,Or has been a long road. We are working diligently each day. Eventhough our boat looks like a constant construction zone, we are trying to keep positive about how great it WILL look :) We always tell our friends,"... we can't hang out today, we are working on the boat.." I know our friends think, 'what can they possibly have left to do?' Well, the answer is LOTS guys.
Now, if you are a current boat owner, you know exactly what I mean. If you aspire to own a boat well....get ready for endless projects! It's so crazy how a seemingly simple project takes two days...and usually some profanity. I'm excited to say the wind generator, the solar panels and the cockpit light (which I installed :) ) are all functioning properly. The engine, however, is still keeping Elias awake most nights. He has done a top end rebuild, due to a cracked head, on our Nissan Chrysler SD22. It has been about a month and 1/2 and the engine looks prestine. The actual starting and running is a wee bit different. It did start for the first time the other day,after El Capitan changed out a glo-plug...but unfortunately, it was short lived. So, if any of you have any deisel-engine knowledge please feel free to input. Because just like directions when we are lost, Elias will never stop and ask.

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Countdown to Freedom
Who: Cptn Elias;1st Mate, Sarah; 2nd Mate,Kimberly and Swabbie Boo
Port: Newport, Oregon
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