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Fresh from a 4 year Cruise in Mexico, the Boren Family is now adjusting to their new life back in the Chaos of the USA.
Rich with the Video Camera Again
Capt Rich
01/06/2015, Talking about RO Membranes

It may be more than you ever wanted to know about water maker RO Membranes, but the truth is the more you know about RO Membranes the better you will be at selecting the right water maker for you and maintaining the water maker you may already have.

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Merry Christmas 2014
From the Crew of THIRD DAY

SV THIRD DAY all Decked out

While sitting at the desk working I saw the blue hull of the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol boat landing on THIRD DAY through the port hulls. Now of course my first thought was:

"oh no, what have one of the kids done now? Was Jason planning through the mooring field again?"

My fears were only increased when I saw two nicely dressed official looking ladies also in the Patrol boat with clipboards. Well it turns out they were from the Morro Bay Beautiful community organization and had hitched a ride out from the Harbor Patrol to award us First Place in the "Best use of Lights Category"!

It was the first time they said the award was given to a boat, but since we lived aboard their only real concern was how to get out to us to give us the award, but the harbor Patrol solved that for them. I do have the say the new LED lights do look pretty good and use barely any power! In honor of the Dad from "Christmas Story" I'm calling it my "Major Award" just without the leg lamp! But given I'm a guy that loves to eat, I'll take the gift certificate to Karla's Kitchen...a fisherman's favorite place, and you know what that means...Chicken Fried Steak the size of the plate baby!

It's hard to believe this is our 7th Christmas while living aboard a boat, but as Lori and I keep long as it's fun...we will keep doing it.

Everyone have a blessed Christmas from the Crew of THIRD DAY.

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Another Water Maker Video
Capt Rich
12/08/2014, Rich was playing with the Camera Again

I had a choice today.
1) Work on end of year company paperwork.
2) Come up with a way to mess around all afternoon.

It was an easy choice, so I spent the day messing around with the video camera and filmed a few water maker short videos for our YouTube channel.

Link To New Water Maker Video

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