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Fresh from a 4 year Cruise in Mexico, the Boren Family is now adjusting to their new life back in the Chaos of the USA.
9 Weeks Later

Last Friday Sept 25th marked 9 weeks in the Port San Luis boat yard, or just about 4-5 weeks over our initial gustimate.

I guess we could complain about the added costs, but this yard is pretty cheap at $12/day for the first 4 weeks, $15/day for the second 4 weeks and no $20/day for the third 4 weeks.

Maybe I could complain about having to climb up the 10ft ladder seemingly hundreds of time a day as I work on projects, but since I haven't managed to lose any weight this summer, well maybe I need more exercise anyway.

Then there is the lack of shower and bathroom facilities aboard. Well we do have a old school porta-potty to use at night and some pretty clean bathrooms and showers are only 300ft away.

I know I should have something to complain about, it's what you do while living aboard "on the hard" as us boat dwellers call it, but honestly I can't really come up with something.

I don't think I will make it back floating again in September. Then I'm in Annapolis, Maryland for the first two weeks in October for the boat show, so the best we are looking at now is late October for getting back on our mooring in Morro Bay.

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Day 6 in the Boat Yard

We are now on Day 6 of living aboard up on jack stands in the boat yard in Port San Luis. So far the best thing about these last 6 days has been that we are about 25ft from the FatCats restaurant, so all day long the smells of the kitchen are calling to me.

 photo Haul out.jpg

Our last haul out was back in March 2011, so we were certainly due for some bottom paint and many of our through hull fitting were original to the boat back in 1977, so we are taking on the huge job of changing out all 17 through hull fittings. That's $1850 just in bronze fitting!

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3 Days, 3 Weeks and 3 Years
Capt Rich
07/17/2015, Port San Luis, CA

When I received an email this morning asking if we were still alive since I haven't posted a blog update in about 3 months, it got me thinking about just how fast time marches past. The three weeks we spent in Italy in June, gone. The nearly 3 years it has been since we sailed back to California (ok, motored back but who's keeping score), in now in the history books. The day to day schedules of not enough time combines it all together until it's all just a blur of was-going-to-do and should-have-done.

What marks time for us is change.
So when we motored out of Morro Bay last Saturday and headed for our Port San Luis mooring (what we jokingly call our summer home) we noted that it has been about 2 1/2 years since the boat had been out of Morro Bay. It feels like 2 1/2 months to be honest. Without the change, it was like time was standing still. The comfortable routine of the kids going off to school, Lori heading off to work and me tapping away on the computer and answering client emails and phone calls numbs my sense of time, masking it, hiding it. Routine is the killer of sensing time. The Lotus flowers of comfort and routine have thoroughly sucked us into the trap.
It's not an uncomfortable trap or one we regret being in, but it does feel like a trap especially after a change and realizing, " could it be we haven't left Morro Bay for 2 1/2 Years?" Why stray from comfort? If it wasn't for our haul-out for some boat work scheduled for Friday and now pushed back to next week of course, I would just eat another Lotus flower and enjoy the ease and comfort of Morro Bay living.

The next 30-45 days will be a change all right, but they won't be fun and easy. We will be living aboard in the Port San Luis boat yard up on jack stands with no working shower, head, or kitchen sink, and an 8ft ladder to climb up/down. Then there are the boat projects:
All new through hull fittings
Bottom Paint
Stripping off the deck and repainting the cabin top and applying KiwiGrip
Revarnishing the cabin floor
Redoing the ships fresh water system, IE ripping out the old and installing all new.
Since the Shower is out of commission, we might as well freshen it up with new epoxy based paint.
Then add in any surprised that we find during the haul-out and survey.

The routine will be broken for sure and just when we would want time to go fast, it's about to slow down to a crawl. That's called Irony otherwise known as boat ownership.

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