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Following a 4 year Cruise in Mexico, the Boren Family is living aboard in Morro Bay, CA for the kids to attend Morro Bay High School. Once that is done....who knows....
And You Thought
Capt Rich
03/06/2012, I laid around and did Nothing all day



5PM and I'm calling today a total success. Cut the galley top down to give us some great counter space where we can kneed dough without banging our arms and forehead on the overhang, all while selling and shipping two water makers and an alternator/pulley kit combo! So for a reward, I'm hitting the showers and heading off to dinner with the crew of SV Voyager and a few other cruisers. Of course the boat is now a disaster with tools and parts everywhere, but hey, you have to break a few eggs to make a chili rellenos right?

If I can keep up this pace for the rest of the month, Lori may not even recognize this old tub when she returns! Hey...stop that....I'm talking about the boat NOT Me!!!!

4th Yr. 2012 Cruising Season
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The Work Has Started
Capt Rich
03/06/2012, What will Lori say?

I know I said I would talk about the Guadalajara Food Tour, but since I'm on day two of a new diet, talking about food today wouldn't be good for me. So I'll delay that for a day until I've built up the strength!



Today it started, the project list I have for the month of March to work on while I'm alone with Lori and the kids back in the States. The first order of business is to remove 1/2 of the back splash on the galley island to open things up and give us some better counter work-top area, install a new sink and faucet if I can find one here in Manzanillo, and then sand, varnish, and paint the galley Island. We have already decided that when we are in La Paz in May we will hire Diego again with the goal of stripping and varnishing the complete upper salon, but having the crew off the boat will give me a good head start and besides who needs a working galley when I have the taco carts of Barra...did I mention my new diet is a Taco Diet?

Also on the list:

* Paint the forward Head
* Paint Jason's room (and perhaps toss some of the junk he has in there)
* Wire-in the Bow running lights that are now "temporary" going on 18 months!

The Big Project....Re-organize the boat lockers to finally try and recover from the way we moved aboard in two weeks by literally throwing stuff off of the old boat and cramming it in where ever it would fit. With the crew gone, I'm going to empty out all the interior lockers and then finally get my tools and spares spread form 15 lockers down to just ONE!!! This one task will free up so much easy prime storage space that Lori will love me for it. Sure I would have done it when Lori was here to supervise, but then again, how would I be able to toss some crap off the boat with her here?

4th Yr. 2012 Cruising Season
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Seen for the Frist Time
Capt Rich
03/05/2012, An Anchor Riding Sale in Mexico


It's currently blowing 10-15kts here in the Barra de Navidad Lagoon and I had my first sighting of a cruiser using an anchor riding sail today! Now more cruisers could carry them aboard, and I have seen a few ketch rigs use their mizzen sail as an anchor riding sail, but just how common are they out here in the real world if this is the first one I have seen living at anchor? Not very. In fact, when I look around at the 29 boats here in the anchorage without riding sails, they seem to be doing fine with just a little more storage space not taking up by the sail, more taco money in their pockets, and one less thing to put up and take down.

So all you cruisers in planning out there that don't have a riding sail custom made for your boats displacement and windage, you may be unprepared for anchoring by "Internet Cruising Chat Room Standards", but have no fear, you will fit in well out here in the real world, just so long as you don't anchor on top of your neighbor, which is whole different bag of woes for the cruisers with SAS (Separation Anxiety Syndrome), which we have seen plenty of out here.

Tomorrow I'll post about our Guadalajara Food a nut shell...I had some of the best Mexican food in my life during our stay in Guadalajara, so now I need to share the photos and mouth watering details!

Update 1700HRS
Email Question:

Do you think it could be an issue if the only boat in a busy anchorage had a riding sail and the other boats didn't? IE: Do you think this could increase the possibility of a collision if the other boats swung at a different rate?

It could if the anchored boats were too close....another good reason to give ROOM to your neighbor. When we are choosing an anchoring spot, we don't count on everyone swinging the same to keep us from a close encounter, but assume it will happen and pick our spot accordingly. Meaning we pick an anchoring spot by assuming the boats around us will swing into us while at the same time we will swing into them. (Don't laugh this CAN and does happen)

If someone anchors so that our swing circle converge and we don't like it, we rarely say anything to them honestly, because if we have to tell them something so basic to good seamanship and common sense we don't waste our time anymore. We simply start our motor and move. In fact one of our favorite times is when a cruiser dropped ridiculously close and then lowered their dingy and zipped away. We moved a few hundred feet away and when they returned they were clueless, telling us that at first they thought they were too close, but now after they settled in, they were farther away than they thought! We didn't have the heart to them we moved and had to fend their boat away to pull forward over our anchor. No Joke...we still laugh at that one!

4th Yr. 2012 Cruising Season
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