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Following a 4 year Cruise in Mexico, the Boren Family is living aboard in Morro Bay, CA for the kids to attend Morro Bay High School. Once that is done....who knows....
The Cost of Motoring
Capt Rich
06/10/2012, Where Size does matter

For all the talk of "Sailing" there is sure a lot of diesel being used here in the Sea of Cortez. That's not to say we don't sail every chance we get or that some cruisers rarely if ever motor from point A to point B, but the truth is most cruisers in the Sea of Cortez spend the majority of their time either motoring or motor sailing. (at least the truth as I see it, but I' could be blind and bumb) The wind of course is free, if you don't count the sail maintenance, but even with the cheaper diesel prices in Mexico, motoring costs Money, Pesos, Dollars, or as I like to measure it, Tacos.

The laws of Physics come into play where a heavier boat burns more diesel to plow it through the water. Our 15,000lb Pearson 365 would motor at 4kts burning about 0.5 gallons of diesel per hour, but our 55,000lb Hudson Force 50 burns just under 1.0 gallons of diesel per hour while motoring at 5kts. So some quick math tells us that with diesel in Mexico costing $2.91/gallon, it costs is $2.80/hr to motor. When I look at this from a standpoint I can relate to, that's a little bit more than the $28Peso Gina Burger here in La Paz!

Being a numbers guy, if we motor at 5kts from La Paz to San Diego the 1000nm trip will take us 200 hours, or cost us $560 in Diesel. The only problem is that when we go to fill up the boat in San Diego or Port San Luis, diesel won't cost $2.91/gallon but closer to $4.50/gallon. So that means we will be filling up our tanks in Turtle Bay along with all of our fuel cans and empty milk jugs we can find aboard! Besides when we install our diesel boat heater to survive the cold in Port San Luis, we will need all the cheap Mexican Diesel we can carry. Just the thought of needing a heater to stay warm is hard for me to wrap my head around as I sit here in a 89-deg boat cabin with a 12v fan blowing on me.

4th Yr. 2012 Cruising Season
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Back at Anchor in La Pause
Capt Rich
06/08/2012, The End Starts Here

According to our GPS Chart plotter, we dropped our 60lb Drag-Q-R anchor in the La Paz Bay in the exact same spot that we pulled it to leave about 5 months ago. We love and trust our 100lb manson supreme anchor to hold us firmly in place where our secondary 60lb CQR just looks like a toy dingy anchor in comparison when hanging on the bow of this monster boat. But more scary than using our CQR anchor is using our secondary rode of all 3/4" nylon with only 15ft of 1/2" chain on the end! It looks like a piece of dental floss holding our boat in place and you can see the uneasy looks we are getting from the anchored boats around us.

We have been using our secondary anchor and rode since we left Barra de Navidad. The reason we are using our secondary anchor and rode is that we are preparing on sending our 300ft of 1/2 chain up to Mexicali to be re-galvanized. Our friends on SV Just a Minute just had their chain re-galvanized and after two years of full time anchoring, our chain is a complete rusty mess flinging rust on me and everything around when we deploy and retrieve our anchor.

The other major project about to start here in La Paz is having Diego start stripping the teak in our upper Salon. He did such a great job on our exterior teak, we decided to turn him loose on the boat interior. Just how far he gets will be determined by our eventual La Paz departure date for San Diego, sometime in July. I have some other projects that need to be done before the 1000nm trip affectionately known as "the Baja Bash", like rebuilding the helm hydrolic pump, re-working our main engine fuel system, tighten the rudder packing, repair the torn mainsail, and tighten the forestay. Not really too much to worry about going in, it's the new projects you FIND while working on the other ones that you always worry about on a boat!

4th Yr. 2012 Cruising Season
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Foiled Again
Capt Rich
06/05/2012, But closer

Our 9th and final Sea of Cortez crossing attempt didn't quite work out as planned, but we did at least land on Baja, but the SE wind put us about 100nm north of La Paz. So No, we are not 1/2 way to Panama, but waiting for the SE wind to go away we can boogie down to La Paz in time for Lori's sister to come stay with us on June 11th. The weather is expected to turn soon, but for now we have no choice but to enjoy the clear warm waters of Baja.

4th Yr. 2012 Cruising Season
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