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Following a 4 year Cruise in Mexico, the Boren Family is living aboard in Morro Bay, CA for the kids to attend Morro Bay High School. Once that is done....who knows....
Bashing North with JAM
Capt Rich
07/30/2012, SV Just a Minute off our Starboard Beam

I was down napping this afternoon when a surprising hail came over the VHF, we were being hailed by SV Just a Minute. The new owners have hired a delivery captain and are bashing the boat north to Ensenada. After 4 yrs of cruising the Sea of Cortez with Just a Minute, it was a familiar sight to see the catamaran over-take us and then leave us in it's wake just one last time. In all fairness to us, I know for the fact that Just a Minute is traveling light at the moment since our entire aft cabin and head is filled floor to ceiling with the Jam-ies personal gear and belongings. So with all that weight aboard I'm going to give us a handicap of at least 1-2kts.

On the good side, we are still on track to make Turtle Bay tomorrow and it looks like the light winds we were hoping for may stay with us through the night.

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Fish On Day 14
Capt Rich
07/30/2012, 25lb Yellow Tail and two Pelicans!

Ah...what a difference 24 hours makes. Yesterday at this time on Day 13 we were 6 hours out of Bahia Santa Maria and uncomfortable with the odd rogue wave sending spray on the pilot house front window. But today, the lighter winds (8-15) and MUCH calmer seas are making for a rocket ship close haul motor sail at 6knots. Of course by the time I hit the send button on the SSB radio to upload this blog post, the conditions could change and our little 3 boat flotilla could be crying the blues to each other over the VHF but as of now, 1300hrs on July 30th, things are going great.

To top off the day we just landed a 25lb Yellow tail and go along with the two Pelicans we hooked and released yesterday. So the question of what we take out of the freezer and defrost for dinner tonight has now been answered.

If all goes well (ha ha ha) we will have our anchor down in Turtle Bay tomorrow afternoon, if it doesn't go well, then we could either duck into one of the anchorages along the way or make a night entry into Turtle Bay. Having been there before several times by boat, a night entry into Turtle Bay with Radar really isn't a big deal.

Boat Problems: So far our list of boat problems has been surprisingly small with only a few things failing that I'll fix during our stay for the predicted blow to pass in Turtle Bay. The Alternator Belt slipping so I had to turn OFF the more 24/7 DVDs playing on the lower salon TV. And the Bow running lights...those darn thing are flashing like the GO lights at a drag race. far that's nothing!

Hurrah and Sea Raven are also doing well and we are traveling within 3-4 miles of each other during the day and then tighten ranks a bit more at night. Barbara on Hurrah has adopted us and is playing the mother role to keep an eye on fleet and make sure we don't drift too far apart, especially at night, since they don't have Radar.

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Day 13 But Half Way to Turtle Bay
Capt Rich
07/30/2012, Weathermen Lie

We are now close to the half way mark from Bahia Santa Maria to Turtle Bay. It hasn't been an easy trip, but no one has thrown-up or gotten sick and it really hasn't been that bad. The one thing we know for sure is that we MISS DON ANDERSON because all of the automated weather information we are getting has been completely bogus.

The sails have been up since we left Bahia Santa Maria and they are giving us perhaps 0.5 to 1.0 knot of boat speed as we bash close hauled into the wind and seas with the engine running at full RPMs.

I'm honestly too tired to wire more and Jason is just putting out the fishing gear. If he catches something what a better time to learn how to clean a fish than on the Baja Bash when Dad is too tired to mess with it!

Baja Bash 2012
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