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Following a 4 year Cruise in Mexico, the Boren Family is living aboard in Morro Bay, CA for the kids to attend Morro Bay High School. Once that is done....who knows....
Back to Normal
Capt Rich
03/03/2008, 34nm From Ensenada

Lunch was grilled chicken, roasted potatoes with onions (white and sweet) and freshly baked cornbread. Frankly is was a galley masterpiece and that coming from someone not known for bragging!

The seas today have returned to light to moderate with winds below 10kts and life aboard has returned to what can only be called a gentle motorsail with easy motion. The entire crew took a hot shower and spirits are high with the weather predicted to hold for the remainder of our trip.

We will spend most of Tuesday 4th checking out of Mexico and resting in an Ensenada slip and then depart for a planed sunrise entry into San Diego.

We left La Paz on Saturday 23rd and to date have covered 878nm just short of Ensenada spending a day in Cabo and Turtle Bay, which isn't a bad schedule for a trip to weather with all but 36hrs being a cake walk.

We have only seen four other sailing vessels, but multiple Cruise and large cargo ships. Leaving Cabo at dawn, we could see the photo flashes from a passing Cruise ship as THIRD DAY was back lit with the rising sun and the famous Cabo rock entry with all three sails flying. Lori and I have always said we would rather be the subject of people's photos than taking them of others living their dreams, and as the flash bulbs went off, I couldn't help but smile for our dream is on the verge of becoming a reality.

Baja Bash 2008
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36 hour Wash Cycle
Capt Rich
03/03/2008, 78nm From Ensenada

After spending the first 36 straight hours out of Turtle Bay in a wash cycle consisting of 25kts of wind and 10-15ft seas it feels so good to have just taken a hot shower. The seas are finally "calm" (funny how that word becomes so relative) and I'm about to make the first real meal we have eaten in days. The last few days consisted of instant oatmeal and anything else that didn't require much time standing in the galley being tossed around. The crew is really looking forward to eggs, salsa, refried beans, and fresh tortillas from Turtle Bay. If I don't get them some real food soon, we may lose someone at Ensenada, which is now only 78nm away (15hrs at our current speed of 6.5kts).

I have a nice new "to-do-list" generated by this trip so far, but that's exactly what I was hoping for, as I'd rather take care of things now, then when we are out Cruising. We will make a pit stop in Ventura to throw some money at a few things in the Ventura Boat Yard.

On the plus side, I can now drain water out of the fuel system with in the dark, with my eyes closed with a Cruise ship bearing down on us, don't ask, but seeing that floating city getting closer is a great motivator at 0100hrs in the morning. We had "hoped" that our diesel in the tank would make it until morning before we started sucking in the water from the bottom of the tank, but "hope" doesn't always work over action, even on the sailing vessel THIRD DAY.

The worst part about yesterday is that I was in such a foul mood that I was a tad nasty in an email to one of the big reasons I have joy and happiness in this world, my wife. Saturday was the big yard sale where we tried to sell everything that we didn't want to store while out Cruising, and I received a note that it was a huge success and that two of my suits had been sold for $20 each. I thought I had asked that my suits/matching shoes not be sold, so in a move that would not really surprise those that know me well, I made an ass out of myself by getting upset at the suit sale and not thanking my lovely wife for having the yard sale while I was far away out at sea. I'm sorry dear, I wish I could take that email back. (Note to self: don't piss off the one person who has supported you in every crazy hair-brained thing you've done in the last 15yrs, you will feel like a complete boob when you wake up in the morning)

Baja Bash 2008
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Can it get any Better?
Capt Rich
02/29/2008, 10nm from Turtle Bay

We are currently 10nm from Turtle Bay making 5.5kts on a sea of glass with just enough wind off the bow to keep the sails full to stabilize the boat. Breakfast this morning was cook to order omelets, fresh tortillas, and your choice of Pineapple, Orange, or Strawberry/Banana juice (Rum optional). Our freezer is packed with Yellow Fin Tuna, so just how bad can it be?

Besides having to bleed water out of the fuel system and engine three times (I'm now good at it during the day and night), a helm that has a failing pulley, and that pesky back flowing head we just could not have had a better trip. The weather has been made to order for passage North up Baja.

We plan on taking on fuel in Turtle Bay, eating lunch/dinner ashore and then heading off to Ensenada, where we will clear out of Mexico and continue on to San Diego.

Baja Bash 2008
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