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Following a 4 year Cruise in Mexico, the Boren Family is living aboard in Morro Bay, CA for the kids to attend Morro Bay High School. Once that is done....who knows....
My First Beach Chair and Beer
Capt Rich
06/01/2009, North side of San Evaristo

I've been carrying them since we left Port San Luis and we came close to getting rid of them more than once, but today I finally made use of our canvas folding beach chairs! Steve and his two kids from SV Ocean Blue along with me and my two kids hit the beach for a few hours today giving our admirals some alone time back aboard our respective boats. While the kids played, we relaxed in the beach chairs with the added bonus of an ice cold Pacifico snuggled tightly in a cozy drink cooler. It was an image right out of a cruising magazine selling the virtues of cruising the Sea of Cortez. We arrived back aboard the boat to the smell of mashed potatoes in the galley as Lori handed me the pork loin for sacrifice on the burn-B-Que. An entire post, or series of posts, could be made on the evils of the Magma BBQ or "Burn-B-Que", as I've once heard my brother Mark describe my dad's BBQ back in Bakersfield. The little temperature knob with the inscriptions of Low, Med, and High, is simply a gag, similar to an exploding cigar, woopie cushion, or hand buzzer. It's marketed to boaters and made out of 316 Stainless steel and retails at West Marine for $265 (not including the rail mounts), but boaters and cruisers would do well to pass on the temptation of adding another piece of stainless steel "boat jewelry" that only known one temperature setting, Too High.

If it wasn't for the beer and restful time spent on the beach, I may have been irritated about the crimes inflicted on my port loin by the beast, but the sunset, beer and good company obviously calmed my nerves. Surely keeping the Burn-B-Que from it's deserved fate of a one way trip to Davey Jones Locker, instead of my highly anticipate $34 peso pork loin!

Cruising Mexico
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Scorpion Sting Drove Us North
Capt Rich
06/01/2009, But in true THIRD DAY fashion, only 2 miles!

It was either Jason's scorpion sting or the rolly night at anchor that drove us to pull up anchor this morning at 1130hrs and make the long and treacherous trip north. Our trip further north into the sea of Cortez, was only around a point 2 miles to the north in hopes of finding better protection from the night swell. Our international flotilla consisted of THIRD DAY and our Canadian friends on SV Ocean Blue. In true THIRD DAY fashion, we made the trip with our laundry close-pinned to the life lines but we did at least have the main sail up, just to confirm that we are a sailboat. On taps for today is a walk to the San Evaristo tienda for some tortillas and possibly fresh veggies and water activities for the kids. We checked Jason this morning to see if the scorpion sting gave him any super hero powers, but unfortunately, he reported now x-ray vision, or new powers, bummer.

Cruising Mexico
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Jason and the Scorpion
Admiral Lori with editing by Capt Rich
06/01/2009, He's ok now, but as he said, what a blog post this will make!

The following was written by Lori last night, as an email thanks to her folks for their assistance in coordinating the medical review of scorpion bites over the ham radio, so with a little editing for clarity, here is what happened in Lori's words.

"The Scorpion Incident", as is now called, has ended and the boats that came to our assistance here in the anchorage (SV Sea Venture and SV Ocean Blue) were just given the official stand down and thanks. The kids are watching Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail at the moment. I do not know if you could quite hear my sigh of relief from there.but you might have. Thank you for all of your help.

We were on the beach swimming and snorkeling with the family on Ocean Blue that we have been paling around with for the last few days. Jason and Steve (another 10 year old boy) were moving logs to make a raft to float off of the island. I heard J (Jason) scream and then turned to see a 2.5 -3 inch light yellow scorpion on his arm. I brushed it off but J kept screaming. The two boys were in the water swimming and the scorpion wasn't too happy about his nice log home now becoming a floating raft, so it must have climbed on J and then stung him in the neck.

We raced back to the boat as fast as our 3hp motor could go and as soon as I got back to the boat I pulled out all of my medical books and started reading. I was feeling comforted until I read my Current Emergency Medical Book-the updated version. It said that all of the scorpion bites were not bad except the small yellow 1-3.5 inch ones. UGH! I went to another boat to look at their books, while Rich was watching J and started to formulate our emergency plan. Unfortunately, it had no new information. None of the books had the timing of the onset of the symptoms, which would have been very helpful. We contemplated taking the boat back to La Paz but decided the 40 mile trip by boat would take too long. The fastest way to the hospital in La Paz would have been to hire a local to drive us the 40 or so miles on the dirt road.

There was a Poison control number for Arizona in one of my Medical books, which was supposed to be the only one with information on scorpions. Rich used the satellite phone to call it, but it was out of service. Rich then used the satellite phone and tried your home phone and then your cell, to see if we could get on the ham radio. Thank God you were home. Rich had talked to a local fisherman and described the scorpion to him and he said "No muerto", which we roughly translated to "No die", but with the description in the book we were getting ready to find someone to drive J and I to La Paz and Rich and Jason would follow in the boat. That, I am sure would have been an adventure in and of itself. Rich claimed that J had this whole incident happen so he could go back to La Paz and get some more cookies, as our stash is a little low. I personally wanted a margarita this evening but I am only having water.just in case there is something I should watch for tonight. I am tired now. Rich just got back from one of the boats that helped us so I will get off the computer now and let him so a send and receive on the SSB.

Love you and thank you so very much. I now have more white hair and now Rich has fewer hairs but J is fine and we will sleep well-no matter what the wind is.


Comments by Rich: [For about 45 minutes I was talking to Vern over the Ham radio as he was relying information to Fran who was talking to several different poison control centers and hotlines. What we were looking for was a physical description of the one toxic scorpion in our area, to compare with the one on Jason's arm, but that proved to be rather difficult. We ended up doing a phone patch to a friend of ours at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield who had access to the emergency staff and resources at the hospital and after reviewing the symptoms, or lack of them in Jason, we were able to determine that Jason was stung by just a run of the mill scorpion and not the toxic species. So after a stressful day that ended well, I told the kids the story of "the Scorpion

Cruising Mexico
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