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Following a 4 year Cruise in Mexico, the Boren Family is living aboard in Morro Bay, CA for the kids to attend Morro Bay High School. Once that is done....who knows....
Happy Anniversary America and THIRD DAY
Capt Rich
07/04/2009, 233 Years for the USA and 1 Year for THIRD DAY

Today we celebrated the 233rd anniversary of the formation of the United States of America and the 1st year anniversary of living aboard THIRD DAY. We celebrated the 4th of July with 27 other boats in El Burro cove in Bahia Conception, complete with hot dogs and fireworks. It doesn't seem like it has been 365 days since we "officially" moved aboard, but in a way it goes to illustrate just how fast time flies. For people still dreaming without having put their cruise plans in motion, another year has passed. For those working towards the dream, you have another year less to prepare. Yet for those out living the dream, we have another year less of time out cruising. Time is the only constant, and it will pass away, and you with it, no matter how much more money you earn, how many more hours you spend at work, or how much time you dream of cruising, prepare for cruising, or are out cruising.

As we moved out of our house and placed the "For Rent" sign in our front yard, despite some warnings to the contrary, the world didn't end. The sun still rose in the east and set in the west, just as sure as empty political promises are forgotten once the swearing-in ceremony pop and circumstance ends. California was bankrupt when we left in October 2008 and a full year later, the State is still bankrupt, so what did we really miss back in the real world?

As we think back on the last 365 Days of living aboard we will do some thinking and writing about what we have learned, what we got right, and the even bigger list of what we totally got wrong. But for now, it's time to collect up on the multiple side bets that the crew of THIRD DAY wouldn't survive our first year of living aboard. Just like the fledgling United States surprised the world by surviving this experiment called Representative Democracy, so to the crew of THIRD DAY has raised some eyebrows. But then again, what's more of a chance happening: Nancy Pelosi as third in line for the Presidency of the United States, or Capt Rich keeping the crew of THIRD DAY together without mutiny for 365 Days?

[This post was made via ham radio. In a few days we will head north to Santa Rosila and I posted our current position on the tracking map.]

Summer in the Sea of Cortez 2009
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Triumphant Entry
Capt Rich
07/01/2009, or better luck next time.

When the large bull Dorado cleared the water and started tail walking on the water, I had a vision. We were bringing up the tail end of our three boat flotilla from Isla Coronados to San Juanico and with this large Dorado we would have a Napoleonic triumphant entry into the anchorage with the beast hanging from our rigging. We would feed the entire anchorage to the cheers and toasts of the crowds. Songs would be sung and stories told to young children about this day. Just as the victory wreath was being placed on my head, in my vision, I was thrown back to reality as the fishing line went limp. My prize had spit out the hook and returned to the briny deep taking with it my dreams of cruising immortality. My hero's welcome was instantly replaced by the sounds of my crew pointing out to me all the mistakes I had made in my brief struggle with the Dorado. In a vicious splash of sea water and flash of Dorado color, I had gone from a hero to a goat. Dinner would be home made pizza again, and it might as well have been prison rations of green bologna and stale bread compared to what could have been.

The San Juanico anchorage is a beautiful place, but a rather tight anchorage. We spent the night anchored in 11ft of water and had a comfortable sleep once I was able to get the image of the escaping Dorado out of my head. We will stay here today and do some hiking and SCUBA diving because the point is full of lobsters! In the morning we will pull the hook and 80ft of anchor chain and make way for Bahia Conception for the 4th of July Cruisers Party. Most of the boats we have seen in the last few days in the area have the same plan, so we can just follow the wakes north.

We can't deny that it is hot here, which gives us reason for spending as much time in the water as possible. It is, however, about 10 degrees HOTTER in Bakersfield than it is here in the Sea of Cortez. So given the choice, we can survive here swimming, snorkeling, and diving off the boat bringing back lobsters for dinner.

Summer in the Sea of Cortez 2009
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We Escaped Puerto Escondido
Capt Rich
07/01/2009, Anchored at Isla Coronados

It took us 22 days, but we finally escaped the clutches of Puerto Escondido yesterday morning and spent the night anchored at Isla Coronados. I don't really remember much about the trip because I spent most of it in the port sail locker, otherwise known as the Captains Quarters, trouble shooting the alternator and regulator. It would appear that our battery problem was a result of our alternator regulator failing. Having a spare alternator and regulator onboard, I spent the afternoon swapping out parts and isolated the regulator as the culprit. There's another problem solved and I'm glad we found it before we installed the new batteries and fried them as well!

Today we are continuing our push north in order to make the 4th of July party at Bahia Conception and will make it about half way there today with a stop at two day stop at San Juanico. We have heard lots of good things about San Juanico so we wanted at least two nights there before making the final 48 mile push to Bahia Conception on the 3rd of July. It would have been nice to have left Escondido a week earlier to make the trip more leisurely, but you can't have everything even while out cruising, that "schedule boss" always tries to keep you under his thumb.

I'm back to making blog update posts over the ham radio, so no photos until we next get internet access, whenever that will be. I did update our morning position on the tracking map.

Summer in the Sea of Cortez 2009
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