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S/V Tiger Voyages / AUKAI "The Seafarer"
Willits CA to Coos Bay, OR
Trapper... overcast and cool
08/11/2009, Coos Bay, OR elev -42 ft

A great day on the road -- went over 1000 miles since leaving SD.

The CA Redwoods are still one of the most magical places on earth.. and I mean anywhere. Big Sur, Hawaii and the Redwoods are America's treasures. Sure, there are more, but these are my personal favs. If you haven't been yet, get to it... times running out:)

Of course the coastline of CA and OR are Spectacular. A great view around every corner. The pic is from Hwy 101 S. OR coast.

On into Eugene area tomorrow or Wed... big party plans at the V-Bar for the coming weekend.

Will be catching up to friends in the area for a while then to the coast to see my friends in Depoe Bay -- looking fwd to playing music with my "brother from a different mother" Michael Dane at the Hag. A wonderful human being and a great musician / vocalist. Love playing backup to his slack key guitar. Can't wait to see all the Hagster's and Hagette's and the Dances with the Stars bunch (you know who you are) LOL

Will also get up to see the Jellison's on Vashon Is and on up to Sequim WA to see TD. Got some folks that I want to play dobro with up in WA as well.

Is this gonna be cool or what! :)

08/11/2009 | Gracie
Such a beautiful picture. Every dogs dream- endless beaches and blue skies. Have fun at the V-bar. I miss my buddy-- Love ,Gracie PS- Remember- you had me first.
Santa Cruz to Willits, CA
Trapper... clear and hot!
08/09/2009, Willits, CA elev 1381

Got out of SC around 1400 and continued up HWY1, thru San Francisco on 19th St. The only way to go as it puts you right on the Golden Gate Bridge and you avoid the majotity of downtown traffic.

This, of course, ties right into Hwy101 where I will spend the rest of this trip until cutting inland around Florence, OR to head for Eugene / JC and the notorious V-Bar, home of good times and damaged livers :) Will be very cool to see my good friends Chub and Lynn and the rest of the great folks around the area. Probably get there mid-week.

I like the little logging town of Willits -- clean, quiet and just a good feel to it. The Super 8 motel here is a good bargain and Gribaldi's Restaurant is right down the street. They have been serving up great meals since the 1940's and I remember eating there as a kid when my folks would pack us up and head out on their roadtrips.

As you probably know, I always bring several dozen of my "CALIF***INFORNIA" hats with me. Selling like hotcakes and that is covering my bar tab LOL.

About 250 miles today -- gonna go play my dobro for a bit and crash. On to Eureka and points north manana. Will try to find Buth Cornelius in Garberville as I go thru in the morning.

Be safe, be well, be happy,

a hui hou

08/09/2009 | Bear
Glad to see your cute smile with that dobro !! So happy the road is being good to you . Safe driving and wave at the Skunk Train for me. Its fellows were right in front of my house when I took the dog out moments ago. Lv ya- Bear
08/10/2009 | Neal
Waaaaaas up !
Glad to see the adventure continues. If you make it to the Sound look us up, we are on the big island next to the small island surrounded by the wet stuff.
ps: Nice blog.
The adventure continues
Trapper...clear and cool
08/08/2009, Santa Cruz, CA

After departing Buellton yesterday, continued up Big Sur - -spectacular as always-- and camped the night at Riverside Campground. A former Marine buddy and his wife are the camp hosts there and it was great seeing them again. Got high centered in the River Inn bar at dinner tho and I think that event might have been the cause of my spotting Sasquatch MUCH later after returning to camp:) Got a late start this morning as we hung around the coffee pot too long

Continued up the Sur and arrived Santa Cruz around 1400 or so. Met up with my buddy John and some of the regulars at the Crows Nest. Had a great dinner then checked into the "lovely" Continental Inn on Ocean St. Nice place but seriously overpriced. I do not recommend it.

Breakfast with some friends manana then on up the coast. Hope to get up around Healdsburg to play some music with another reso player.

Thanks to all for the comments -- I will update soon.

Damn I love roadtrips! :))

a hui hou

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