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Sailing with Tradewinds
day 1
04/04/2012, At Sea

First Day at sea
The leg from Key West to The Dry Tortugas started at 0700 our spirits were high with anticipation for a good wind from the East South East. Mother nature had other plans. We headed into a 8 knot breeze, no worries, we have a big-ass engine and 190 gallons of fuel. 1600 hrs at 7.3 kts average speed and 67 nm later we dropped anchor in the beautiful bay of the Dry Tortugas.

The Adventure Begins
04/01/2012, Oceanside Marina

We are ready!!
Tradewinds is ready, loaded with 280 gallons of fuel, 300 gallons of fresh water, the freezer is full and all her holds are packed. The Perkins 354 CUID 165 HP turbo diesel motor has fresh fuel filters, oil. She is ready too.
Our excitement is almost impossible to contain and the weather prediction is for 8mph from the East for the next week.
Our first stop will be the Dry Tortugas about about 70 miles on a heading of 260 degrees from Key West. It is a cluster of seven coral-laced islands and home to Ft. Jefferson National Monument. Ponce de Leon discovered these islands in 1513 in he legendary search for the fountain of youth. He named the Islands 'Las Tortugas" for all the turtles that live there. Incidents of piracy and numerous shipwrecks prevailed four centuries ago. It was not until 1821 that the state of Florida became part of the US and the pirates were driven off.
We will depart the following afternoon for the 40 hour crossing to arrive in Isla Majeres Mexico in the morning on the third day.

Our next post will be from Mexcio.

04/02/2012 | jane
right back at you Nancy. I now have THE address. Tks.

Really enjoyed your description of the D.T.'s. Have ben there and appreciate the beauty and history of Fort Jeff.

Not sure who is the patron saint of sailors, but know that St. Brendan watches over fishermen and that is close enough for me. I will ask him to keep you and Fernando on a straight, smooth course through the Gulf Stream.

Have a glorious time, oh you engaged one!
04/03/2012 | christine hoover
Good Luck to both of you!
04/03/2012 | Mandi
Have a beautiful time:) I love you and miss you:) Fernando I'm so happy to have you apart of our family:) Take care of each other!Love you, Mandi,Neil, Paige, Ainslee and Wyatt(when he arrives)
04/05/2012 | Karen
I miss you guys! Can't wait to hear about your adventures! You looked wonderful sailing off around Smathers Beach on Tuesday! Loving you Karen
04/10/2012 | Colette
Hola dear soon to be Mrs Fernando! Your blog and pics are amazing - I feel like I made the trip with you! Fernando's description was so vivid! Looking ofrward to that pic of you at CCC! Love Colette
Asking the big question


Champagne anyone?



03/31/2012 | Doug M
Congratulations! Enjoying your blog.
04/01/2012 | Heath
Congrats aunt Nancy Mel and I love you guys Have lots of fun
04/02/2012 | Liz
So much congrat's. What a beautiful moment. Lots of love to bother of you.
Let us know how you are now and then

Love ya Liz
04/02/2012 | Liz
OK I meant both of you. Maybe I was thinking of Fernando as a brother LOL
Engagement party
03/31/2012, on Tradewinds


04/02/2012 | Lisa
Congratulations dad, I am so happy for you. Be safe.

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Sailing with Tradewinds
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