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Sailing with Tradewinds
My birthday present

I got a little head for my birthday.

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04/22/2012 | jane
OBTW-although we've not met, belated happy birthday. Photo gallery is terrific and fun to look at.
04/20/2012, El Milagro Marina

Well - we survived another Birthday. So glad they are over for another year. On Wednesday we celebrated Fernandos Birthday with a nice dinner of ceviche mixto - shrimp, octopus & conch. Really yummy! Laid low yesterday. Have been checking the weather. Doesn't look good to leave tomorrow. Winds are s'posed to pick up from the North. Will now probably wait until Monday. There are a couple other boats headed in the same direction we are. I Am sure we will bounce off of each other as we all are headed to Rio Dulce in Guatamala. Had some rain the last couple days. Today we are headed to the store to find drinking water, eggs & a few other essentials. This internet connection is as slow as dial up. I Am very greatful we have it. Not sure what we will have when we leave. We are doing well. Getting into the groove & meeting nice people. Will write again soon.

04/22/2012 | Cindy
Hey Kids. It's blowing pretty good here. Hope you are rocking and rolling along. Loving the blog. Keep it coming and have a blast!
04/22/2012 | Elaine Gauvin
Our sails are back, finally !!! Yeah!!! Just have to wait for the horrible winds we're having to settle down before we can get em up. Hoping we join you soon to show em off!!! Let us know before you sail away to the next stop.
I'll write more when I have a break. Happy belated Birthday, Fernando. You know that you've got the best birthday present, ever, sailing by your side. Love you both.
04/22/2012 | it's me - Nancy
it's blowing really good over here also. last night gusted up to 40 knots from the north. fun trying to get back on the boat with it knocking around like that. thanks for commenting. lets us know someone is reading this. lovin you!
04/17/2012, Isla Mujeres


I have never been that good with rules. I make a point to know what they are, what they mean, but more importantly how to bend, break or simply dis-obey them. Especially government rules!!! On Tradewinds we have three rules, and these rules must never be broken.
You see rules are best when you make them.
RULE #1 Do Not Hit Anything.
RULE #2 Always Know Where You Are.
Rule#3 Do Not Fall Off The Boat.

All other rules can be broken, belt, spindled, or mutilated or completely ignored.

Rule #1 Means don't hit anything...including the bottom of the ocean. Not much to misunderstand here.

Rule#2 has a much deeper meaning, and at first look may even seem metaphysical. There have been many times where I wasn't sure what time it was.......let alone where I was.

Rule#3 Jumping is perfectly OK.

In my upcoming blog I will try to explain what it is like always being at home, no matter where I am.

04/18/2012 | Terry
That is not Hinez catsup.

rule #4 always have Hinez catsup
04/19/2012 | Karen
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMMANDER!!!! I wonder how you will celebrate?? tee hee you two just keep on partying and loving life!!! you deserve it!
At Sea

1600 we leave the Dry Tortugas on a course of 227 degrees next stop 300 nm away Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
Each of us had a 4 hour watch, at the end of Nancy's watch which ended at midnight we noticed lightning and a squall coming toward us. About 1AM it hit us with full force head on 30-40 mph winds. Our sails were down and power was up as we srashed though the ebony night pitching and rolling in the rain and 14ft seas. At one point I saw a 14ft. wave coming down on us and I swear it had a huge claws and angry teeth.
Although we thought we were battened down below for what erver came our way, Nancy had her hands full. If it wasn't bolted down it was flying. Good news, we only lost the coffee and sugar containers which I bought at a yard sale for a buck.
Within 4 hours the skys became light again with the light of the moon, but the seas remained angry and confused. The wind shifted and we continued into 15kt winds and heavy seas. Tradewinds never went off course as she handeled every punishing blow with grace and determination.

04/07/2012 | jane (Nancy's amigo)
sounds like you experienced The Perfect Storm. I cannot imagine having that much of an adventure!

I'm so happy you are posting Fernando - even though we have never met, it is so exciting for me to live this adventure through the 2 of you. And the photos are fantastic.
day 1
04/04/2012, At Sea

First Day at sea
The leg from Key West to The Dry Tortugas started at 0700 our spirits were high with anticipation for a good wind from the East South East. Mother nature had other plans. We headed into a 8 knot breeze, no worries, we have a big-ass engine and 190 gallons of fuel. 1600 hrs at 7.3 kts average speed and 67 nm later we dropped anchor in the beautiful bay of the Dry Tortugas.

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