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Sailing with Tradewinds
Puerto Moreles

Our anchorage tucked behind the barrier reef is holding well in a steady 20kt breeze. We sleep to the distant sound of waves cascading over the shallow reef and the gentle rocking of the boat.
We wake to the rising sun sip our coffee and gaze over the water completely content with our world. Today's events include; cleaning below deck, taking the dinghy to the reef for snorkeling, then a dinghy ride to the city pier. Nancy's friend Vicki told us about a good cheap restaurant so we will check that out. We bought a bottle of rum for $3.70 in a small market, yea. In most restaurants a bottle of Sol beer is less $2. Most meals with drinks for two of us runs about $12. Puerto Morles is a quiet town, but as we look around workers were thatching new palapas in the town square and installing new mooring balls in the bay where we are anchored.

April 2012
Departed Isla Mujeres
04/27/2012, Puerto Moreles

We got wind we were waiting for to sail down the coast. Our heading was South 193 degrees and the winds were 15kts from the East 92 degrees. Going against a 2kt current Tradewinds spread her wings, healed to starboard and with smiles on our faces we SAILED to Puerto Moreles. With the engine just above idle we took our time, this leg took 6 hours. Once inside the barrier reef we dropped the big-ass anchor, the setteled in.
We dingyed into town which is about 200 yards accross the bay, found a great little cafe' where we dined on tamales and Sol beer for $9.

under way
04/27/2012 | vicki ortega
nance be sure and call Ruby she's dying to see you! and if you're in pto morelos you have to eat at david Lau's. valerie is the owner and she's wonderful the food is amazing and cheap xoxox
04/28/2012 | jane
the picture is great - can't tell which is more blue - sky or water. Assume your back is much better!
04/28/2012 | Eddie G
Good news from KW! Our superior military strength once again prevailed and the Conch Republic remains a farce to be reckoned with. We eagerly await the return of the S/V Tradewinds to our armada when your wanderlust has been sated!
Eddie G
Things are looking good

Nancy is feeling much better today so we will make plans to get under way.
We have made many friends in Isla Mujeres at the El Milagro Marina and hope to see them again, maybe at another marina maybe in some other country.

04/25/2012 | jane
So glad you are on the mend Nancy, and that you were able to get the medical help you needed. Course, I like Fenando's medications - pills and ?liquids?. O ya. Dennis used to cure colds with cheap wine!
Delay in Departure
Blowing like snot

Our plan was to leave today and head South, but that has changed. The winds have been from the West one day then North the next at 20 gusting to 40 so our new departure date from our happy new home of El Milagro looks like Wednesday maybe Thursday. The winds then will be from the East which will give us a beam reach on our SSW course. Nancy's back went out on Saturday and she's been in quite a lot of pain. We found a pharmacy to get pain meds which helped some. This morning on the cruisers net we summoned chiropractor Steve who gave her an adjustment. That was a few hours ago, and with a few beers and and few pills she is doing much better. We are spending today on the beach in lounge chairs under a nice palm tree watching the water lap the boats, and birds fly in a comfortable 15 kt breeze. The Dr. thinks with a day or two of rest Nancy will be back good as new. We will wait here for as long as it takes for her to recover as the winds will be in our favor for the next 10 days and we are only traveling for a day.

04/25/2012 | jane
wonderful shot! Thanks for sharing. Next you can ride a turtle, no?
My birthday present

I got a little head for my birthday.

Photo Gallery

We just added a new link to a photo album.
On the right side click on Photo Gallery.

04/22/2012 | jane
OBTW-although we've not met, belated happy birthday. Photo gallery is terrific and fun to look at.

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Sailing with Tradewinds
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