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Sailing with Tradewinds
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05/03/2012 | kelle
How lovely is all that! I am so happy for you both!
Puerto Aventuras

We arrived in Puerto Aventuras around 2:30. The entrance of the marina looked a lot bigger on paper. They all do! The transient dock, the book told us to hook up to, was full of boats & here we are with Tradewinds who does not like to steer without a lot of power. Fernando & I were scanning the small marina looking for a place to put her - fast. Fernando very expertly glided her into a slip that is parallel to the concrete pier without a glitch. I threw a line around a pole & made her fast. With the fenders thrown, we got her tied off safely without harm. YEA! A couple of the marina guys came to see if we were happy at this slip. We said - duh! We're here safe; there is electricity, water & a nice breeze. What else could we want?
This marina is very different than El Milagro. It is up scale, tons of condos all over the place, bars, stores & lots of restaurants. You can see the deterioration of the buildings, but they are trying to keep it nice. Grounds are beautiful. The bad rap Mexico is getting for their crime & hurricanes have really affected this area. The place is empty compared to how big it is. There are 4 or 5 pens of dolphins, manatees, sting rays & I'm not sure what else. They educate the tourists about the dolphins & yes, some do swim with them.
We are on the lookout for laundry facilities, & a little store to replenish eggs, salt, sugar, ice & a few other small things. My flip flops died. So if we can find a place, I'll look for a new pair.
All is well in Mexico! Come on over & give them some of your money. They need it.

05/01/2012, Puerto Aventuras Marina

Interesting! One of the differences between this trip & the Bahamas is, when you go from 1 place to the next, you see land. A lot of the land is still undeveloped. Beautiful white pristine beaches for miles. Then out of the blue is another town.
We left Puerto Morelos this morning & are on our way to Puerto Aventuras. Playa Del Carmen is off our starboard side, & for me, is unrecognizable. It was a sleepy little fishing village & is now bumper to bumper with Hotels & Timeshares. It is where the people ferry goes over to Cozumel. There are plenty of fishermen out here & parasailers, jet skis etc. YUCK! That's exactly what we are getting away from. Puerto Aventuras is also a developed area. We still have to do our Sarpe, which is a permit to leave the country, so we will do it there. Honestly I think it's just another way to spread the $ around.
Being out here on the deep blue is the most amazing thing. We are going against a 2 - 3 knot current & only making 5.5 knots an hour. Running at 1900 rpms, with sails flying to stabilize us. They seem to be helping a little. We're in about 50 - 100 ft of h2o. Not in a hurry, so it doesn't matter. Saw 2 loggerhead turtles! BIG! Fernando saw a sailfish in about 20 ft of water. It is so clear, you can see the bottom. So many different colors of water. So clean & crystal clear. We are very grateful to Be able to do make a trip like this.

05/05/2012 | robert
Beautiful shot Fernado
Remembering El Milagro

There were Peter & Wendy, Dave, Diane, Alex, Mia & Koa (dog), Clark, Ken & his wife, Jeff, Walter & John & Steve & Roberta. They were our dock friends in Isla Mujeres. Then, of course, the most important ones - Julio, Jaime, Rosie (who has the same birthday as Fernando), & too many other names to remember. They were the people who worked El Milagro Marina. Eric, the owner, came about mid stay & was very nice, friendly & helpful. This place makes you feel like you are part of the family. They welcome you with open arms & hearts & always have a smile for you. It was not the most fancy marina. In fact it was rough around the edges. But that's what made it so nice. They have bikes you can use, no charge. The showers are outside & open at the top to get the nice breeze in. How cool is that? They will do your laundry for you for very little & also have a dinner for everyone on Saturday nights. There are also rooms to rent that are very clean & spacious, for those of you who do not have a boat. Julio is the jefe (boss). He can help you register with the 4 different agencies. Immigrations, customs, health & agriculture. He can also give you advise when you go to the main land to register your boat. (It's just another way to get $ out of you. But at least now the boat is registered for 10 years in Mexico) It makes it very easy & as smooth as it can be. El Milagro Marina is definitely a place that makes you want to go back & visit again. Thanks guys! You made our stay very pleasant. We'll see you again soon.

Puerto Moreles

Workers in town square

Puerto Moreles

Workers thatching a roof in town square

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