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Sailing with Tradewinds
Saturday May 26th

Saturday 26th
We just got back from another dive. What a great way to start a day. There was another couple, the dive master (Mauricio) & the 2 of us. We started at 90 ft. then graduated up to hang the majority of the time at 45 ft. The reef over here is still in pretty good shape. The purple fans, brain corals & conchs are huge! We have also seen quite a few lion fish so Fernando is killing them off as best he can. We never seem to get enough of the underwater world. Today we were down for an hour & did not want to come back up. There is so much to look at. We saw a couple logger head turtles & 1 of them was about 30 inches around. We drifted about 2 miles. The current was actually stronger the deeper we were.
We decided to do the Cenote dive on Tuesday. As we understand it, we will leave by van & drive to the location. We then do a 1 tank dive, come up for lunch & then go back & do the second tank. We are both really looking forward to this. This will be our 1st fresh water dive. Mauricio was telling us this area has the largest underground rivers in the world. Cool! We will tell you all about it afterwards.

Playa Del Carmen

Wednesday 23rd
Today is my Moms Birthday. Happy birthday Mom!
We went to Playa Del Carmen via taxi & spent the day with an ex nephew & his wife. Jose Antonio & Patty Iniguez have a restaurant named El Gran Taco, where you can get the most delicious food! We got there in time for breakfast. I had 2 chicharron in salsa verde (pork rind in green sauce) tacos & Fernando had 3 mixed pork tacos (which included pork stomach) & a chicharron. With the restaurant being busy, Patty was gracious enough to accept Jose taking us around Playa to find some things. We were able to locate fuel additive & rust remover, both items from the States. When I knew Playa, 30 yrs ago, I think there were only 2 main roads made of brick. Now it is a thriving metropolis that I do not recognize. 2 Walmarts, Sam's, shopping malls all over the place. Ahh, how commerce takes over. Jose was telling us that the place has tripled in size since they moved there 9 yrs ago. After getting dinner (chilies rellenos & stuffed jalapenos) to take with us, we made the taxi ride back to Puerto Aventuras. Playa is about 10 miles up the road & it was a $20.00 taxi ride. Not bad considering taxi prices in KW.

05/31/2012 | Cindy
I was in Playa Del Carmen in the mid 90's. There was one road in to a little sleepy village with one hotel and a few shacks, nothing to see there but more beautiful, undiscovered nature.


You hear from people. "Someday I'm going to........." or "Someday I'll...........
For Nancy and I, today and every day since the 3rd of April...... is"Someday." As we are sailing to somewhere in the Western Caribbean Sea, we look at each other, giggle a little and say, "this is someday". Happy Someday, to you dear. Here's to all the sailors who have sailed the seas before us, and here's to all that have said; someday I will..........but never did. Someday is a date on the calendar if you put it there. When we decided we were going to make our 1,400 nm voyage, we didn't say some day let's do that. We put a date on the calendar in bold with a note that said: 'nothing will be so important that we cannot go'. 'Someday', is the bulls eye of the future of where and what you want to be. 'Someday' cannot exist on it's own. 'Someday', needs a date. A companion that will never budge, never change. It is not a moving target, this date. It must be strong because many things will try to rub you out like you never existed. We put our date, April 2, 2012 in stone, and let no one try to change that. After about a year planning and having that date as our departure date, we shoved off on the the 3rd. Close enough to be calling today........... 'Someday'.

05/26/2012 | jane
Absolutely breath-taking! WHEN, not if, you pen these memories into a book, pictures of Nancy in a grass skirt please!
everybody sing along

"The weather started getting rough
the tiny ship was tossed
if it wasn't for the courage of the fearless crew
Tradewinds would be lost."

05/21/2012 | TJ
only persons over 55 know the words and the music!!!
05/23/2012 | Cindy
Fantastic stories. I want to go to all the little villages you described so well. What happened to the dinghy? Must have missed that one! Miss you both bunches!
Puerto Aventuras again

We left Xcalak at 07:30 traveling 78 nm to the Bahia de Espiritu Santo in seas that were quite reasonable for a change. We did have a couple light showers that actually cooled it down a little, gave Tradewinds a rinse and presented us with an awesome rainbow. We got there after 10 hrs to throw anchor in a depth of 15 ft. The winds, at that time, were very light & coming from the east. When we woke the next morning, we had clocked around & were pointing to the northwest. We wanted to make Puerto Aventuras (74 nm) before dark & were on our way by 6:30. The morning was beautiful. We had calm seas, but we were going straight into the wind again. There were some thunder heads in the distance that looked as if we would have spotty showers like the day before. Well ------------- those thunder heads became solid & we were in for another rough ride. 6 long hrs of being beat up by the sea later; we made it to Puerto Aventuras. The good thing with the storm was, along with the current pushing us north, it gave us a good easterly wind to fill our jib. Arriving here on a rainy Sunday is not the best timing in the world. When calling the marina on channel 16, no one answered. No one! The book says it is monitored 24/7, but no. Channel 79 was quiet also. So ------- we were on our own as far as getting into the marina. This entrance is very narrow with break-walls on either side. Fernando lined her up & went for it. It was definitely a bit scary as the waves tried to broach us. But keeping it at full throttle, he pulled it off and snaked our way in without hitting anything. YEA! There were a couple guys on shore who caught our lines for us & we were safely tucked back into the spot we had left a week & ½ earlier. It is so nice not to be rocking back & forth & we have A/C once more. We will stay here for a while to investigate what we did not find the last time, but without the tender we will explore on bikes. Maybe do a cenote (well) dive.

outa here!
Nancy & Fernando

Friday 18th
When we leave here, our choice is to turn left (north) or right (south). After many discussions, we have decided to turn left. There is a lot to see here in Mexico & we will eventually head back to Isla Mujeres to hang out at El Milagro & do some diving with the Whale Sharks. Without a dinghy, we are quite limited as to what we will be able to do, so hanging at a marina will be the easiest. After spending some time there, we will be heading home. We have wedding plans to make & do not want to put it off too much longer.
We won't have internet for a couple days so I wanted write this today. Tomorrow's weather looks as if we can get underway. It's supposed to be 8 knots from the east as we go northeast. We are finding contradicting forecasts on different websites. Our plan is to just take an average & hope that's what happens. So - we will probably make it back to Bahia de Ascension the 1st night & then back to Puerto Aventuras the 2nd day, where we will have internet again. If we do not leave here tomorrow, we will post again. Until then ..............................

05/21/2012 | jane
I must have missed an installment - wha hoppen to da dinghy?
Happy you are safe and taking care of each other!
05/25/2012 | Sue
I was reading post of 5/18 and saw the part about a wedding. COOL Nanct congrats to both of you. /Can't wait to see you when you get back.

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