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Sailing with Tradewinds
Puerto Aventuras marina
06/21/2012, 20 14.610'N:86 44.444'W

Here'a a video of the entrance to Puerto Aventuras marina, you will see just how scarry it is to get in and out.

06/21/2012 | jane
approaching that entrance for the first time must be so heart-poundingly scary - but once though it, must give you such an incredible sense of accomplishment and "now I can do anything" feeling. Thanks for sharing!
06/22/2012 | jane
just finished watching the Video - home movies extraordinare! Fascinated by the clarity and beauty of the water and underwater scenes in your dive. Formations are breath-taking. Great b-day shots. I'm a "big" person, where do I get a "M" like that? And for how long will I sleep? Nice touch with the Gillian movie.
Excellent narration by the way - - - singing - - - let me think about that.
06/23/2012 | jane
we are weather trackers, and WHAT is going on in the Gulf? Hope you are safe and in a protected village/area/whatever. The maps showing up on our computers make conditions look potentially dangerous. Hope you are planning on staying put. and eating lots of tacos.. . . . and drinking lots of "big boy" M's. . . . and dancing the hootche, gooche. . . but hold off on the singing, please!

Do let all of us know that you will be sensible and safe!
06/23/2012 | it's me
All is well over here. It seems as if something is brewing on top of us, but that is a good thing. If it developed somewhere else & came here it would be another story. Lots of rain. 2 days worth! We have sunshine now! Yea!
just a little smile

As we sit nestled in our slip, the world seems to just go by. I guess that happens no matter what living room we sit in. If you just let it. There are so many different things we can do & Be to help one another & enjoy life. If we just sit & watch, we miss out on all the fun.

One of the easiest things to do is to share a smile. Maybe the person you are smiling at has misplaced his/hers. I have been there a couple times & when a perfect stranger gives me one of theirs, I remember to pass one of mine along.

Over here where there is a language barrier for most, it is so easy to see the Universal workings of a smile. We do stick out like sore thumbs here. Tall, tan, blonde............... Most people think we do not speak Spanish. So, if we want to instantly communicate - - - - - we smile!

Smiling is infectious; you catch it like the flu.
When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.
I passed around the corner & someone saw me grin,
when he smiled I realized I'd passed it on to him.
I thought about that smile then I realized its worth,
a single smile,
just like mine could travel round the earth!
So, it you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected.
Let's start an epidemic quick &
get the WORLD infected.

06/18/2012 | jane
Nancy this is just beautiful! We have a newly ordained priest (WAS an Episcopalian Minister), who saves "ideas" like this and works them into sermons. I will be proud to pass this on to him! Question - if I smile BIG in K.W. will I get picked up?????
06/18/2012 | Nancy
This is a life changing experience. Oh how fortunate we are!
06/18/2012 | Sue Hildebrandt
How true, I always try and smile and say thank you for a nice gesture like opening the door for me. Life is too short to have a sour attittude. Was just looking at the gallery of Chichen Itza again, what a great place, I took many of the same pics when we were there. Keep the posts coming, I so enjoy them. Sue
06/22/2012 | Rick in Key West
Great video, capturing the wild danger of the water. I never sailed through one that tough--can't imagine what Xkalk (sp) was like. Please, come home soon, preferably alive!
By the way, when I click on 'current position," it shows May 21....
Swimming with Whale Sharks

The whale shark which is neither a whale nor a shark but is the worlds largest living fish. It is a slow moving filter feeding fish which resembles a shark. The largest confirmed individual had a length 41.50 ft and a weight of more than 21.5 tonnes (47,000 lb)! Tradewinds weighs 40,000 lbs and is 44 ft in length. We swam within inches of these magnificent creatures. Many we saw were in the 35 ft range. Age estimates for whale sharks are as high as 60 years, but no one really knows how long this species lives. It feeds on plankton which it screen from water that is taken in with a versatile suction filter-feeding. It has no known predators as an adult other than humans, and is generally harmless.
Go to the gallery to see more images.

06/17/2012 | Monica
06/17/2012 | Catherine
Wow is right that is awesome! Your adventure keeps getting better and better!
We miss youall...same old same old here!
Love you guys,
06/18/2012 | jane
Neat photo of you in #4 Nancy. Blown away by numbers 3 and 5 and the other ones where you are soooooo close. How close to the boat were you? Diving in the Keys is going to be so tame for both of you. This photography of the whale sharks should definitely go in The Book, only toward the back!
06/18/2012 | Nancy
Hey Jane! Fernando wants to know if you would like to be editor of The Book? Love you!
New Photos in Food album
06/15/2012, 20 14.610'N:86 44.444'W

We went shopping in Cancun and had Yucatan cuisine. Don't know what kind of sauasge it was but we loved it.

06/15/2012 | jane
looks like Yucatan sausage to me! Looks good! Nancy, you ARE compiling a cookbook are you not?
06/15/2012 | It's me!
Jane - I've actually picked up a magazine with a bunch of recipes in it. The food is tremendous here. Hopefully we can replicate some of it.
06/16/2012 | jane
Great! Food that looks like ours (yams, rice, vegies) could be very interesting. Will you be manning (ahem 0 WOmaning the Buffet Table?
06/16/2012 | Melody
been following your journey, not saying much. cool to see Tulum from the water. we rehearsed at my house today , Rick, Justin, David and Karen is joining us. thought of you. much love to you both.
06/16/2012 | vicki
it's longaniza de valladolid, smoked sausage very delicious, served with sour orange, tortillas and beans. how'd it go with Rube Nance???? miss you guys
06/12/2012, Puerto Aventuras marina entrance

We people are called 'CRUISERS'.

We are just learning how to be a Cruiser. We have met some of these sea-going vagabonds who have been at it for years. They see us coming, watch us and know we get it. Sailing is not a game it is not for the faint at heart. This lifestyle is for the adventurer in all of us, but only a few actually have the huevos to do it. Every cruiser has their story. We all sit around after immediately bonding and we patiently wait to be the next to tell our incredible sea story. The nice thing is, that everyone wants to share which makes for truly a fun time of conversation and bonding. We are not talking cruise ship cruising passengers. That's another group all together. We're talking the Ole Salty Dog cruisers that we have had the pleasure of running into.

We all have an unimaginable story to tell and to be able to sit around and tell our incredible sea story means that we survived it. All of these sailing experiences seem to have something to do with running aground, dodging something at the last minute or the last great storm which came up out of nowhere. As Fernando would say, "complete boredom interrupted by instant drama."

We are sure there are many people who would think, 'yea sure, you guys are out there in your bikinis soaking up the sun, enjoying life.' Yes we are! We are also responsible (oh no!) for staying alive. Ahh shucks! Tradewinds is a seaworthy vessel perfectly safe and big enough to handle the great waves and huge open seas we have been in, but we don't want to be in anything bigger. We have been tossed and turned enough to understand the power of Mother Nature. It is called 'blue water sailing' and is not for sissies.

Would we change anything? Not on your life. We knew this would present its challenges. We have encountered many different fabulous stories to bring to the table and we Believe our story is just as dramatic, if not more so, than the Cruiser sitting on the other side of the conversation. Did I mention everything is covered in salt?

06/14/2012 | jane
what can one say? I thought you very gutsy to do this BEFORE reading about Cruisers. All I could think about what is being scared while tossed on the seas with the only option just to deal with it. I probably would have just drowned! It would be great to get together over drinks and/or dinner next Feb. and hear some stories!
06/14/2012 | Karen
Girl, I alays knew you were gutsy...but you have exceeded my expectations. So proud of you and happy for you. You are glowing...and it's not just the suntan!!! It's that blonde man beside you. Love and miss you
06/14/2012 | Rick from Key West
My God, what a greatly told adventure. Getting your dinghy crushed! The tiny villages, the diving. Thank you so much. You are doing what I thought of doing now, and did to a smaller extent in my 20's, so I am with you in spirit. Beuaty, free time, and danger--you bring me there. Just wish you had video of shooting a lionfish, Fernando.
06/14/2012 | Tracey
You guys are true Saling "Trailblazers"!!! Love and Miss you. xoxo

We will be adding to the album so keep checking

06/10/2012 | Ann Marie Wood
Nancy, soooo glad that you are enjoying retirement and your new lifestyle! Reggie and I are heading to Alaska for a month (very different environment) and are really excited to do some fishing and photographing of the wildlife. I'll keep following your blogs. Heading to KW in mid July with Roy/Louise and rest of family. Take care and safe travels, Ann Marie Wood
06/11/2012 | jane
geography has always been my weakest point. Help me out - where are in, say, in relation to Cuba? Are you on your way back? Trying to figure out your location has driven me to drink - yah, yah, yah!
06/12/2012 | Sue Hildebrandt
I have been catching up on your travels this AM. Was in Houston last week taking care of my Granddaughter. I so enjoyed the pic of Chicen Itrza. Fred and I were there a couple of years ago, just facinating the history of it all.

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