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Vessel Name: VALHALLA
Vessel Make/Model: 38' Northwest
Hailing Port: Seattle,Wa./SanCarlos,Son,Mx.
About: Murray & Cindy Omundson
About: Murray; 61 retired Carpenter,living the dream. Cindy; 45 Employed Construction Project Engineer
Recent Blog Posts
29 July 2008 | Seattle
I've been looking hard at AGM batteries to replace the old UPS batteries I have on the boat now. They will only take a partial charge and will not run the watermaker without running the engine. I want to add another solar cell to help recharge the batteries passively. I am going to attempt to construct a solar tracking unit for the cells. I am hoping with the consistency of the winter North wind that I can set the azmuth of the panels and adjust the angle of the passing sun. I have now 150 watts that are stationary and if I increase that by 100/150 watts and get better performance that may bring the needed ampacity. Can't wait to return in Oct.
25 May 2008 | San Luis Obispo, Ca.
Heading to Seattle via San Diego, SLO, and Portland. We have stopped at SLO for Britts 17th birthday on Tue. and will be leaving for the shitty North. Can't say as it makes