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SV Why Knot- No plan, no schedule, no destination.
The passing of my life mate has ended the cruise of Why Knot. Thanks to those that followed her voyages. It gave us wonderful memories and a heck of a life
Dreams in Works
Who: Bear (Jo) and Bligh (Howell) Cooper and Scurv
Port: Port Aransas, Texas
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Our greatest challenge was to actually bring in the dock lines at our home port and get going. Next came the actual act of living aboard which is way different than weekending or the occasional extended sail. This is life avoiding causing your mate to drop stuff or run into bulkheads. This is having so much stuff aboard that one has to inventory. This is life without land transportation in strange places. This is meeting folks and hating to say good bye, then looking forward to the time when courses cross again, to the surprise of seeing them at some unexpected place.

Lake Worth Anchorage
06/07/2010, Lake Worth Anchorage


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DelRay Beach
06/04/2010, DelRay Beach


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Ft. Lauderdale offshore
06/02/2010, Ft. Lauderdale


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Dinner Key
05/28/2010, Cocoanut Grove


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Pumpkin Key
05/27/2010, Pumpkin Key


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Taverrnier Key
05/26/2010, Tavernier Key

Anchor down in very clear water. See

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Why Knot left Texas in January of 2010 bound for no particular harbor. We made ports of call all around the Gulf Coast to the Keys then north up the Atlantic Coast and to the Abacos.