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Around the world with S/V Zephyr
The adventures of Bill & Tracy as they fulfill their lifes dream of sailing the world. We've dreamed of this for years and now is the time while the health is still good and there is money in the kitty to make it come true.
05/29/2016 Some painted, some not.
05/29/2016 Epoxy paint is on!
05/29/2016 Almost painted
05/29/2016 Some work and some play.
05/28/2016 Forestaysail stay plate.
05/28/2016 Our boxes.
05/28/2016 All the epoxy paint is on!
05/28/2016 Almost painted.
05/28/2016 Cracking the whip!
05/27/2016 The boxes and handles on the Tohatsu
05/25/2016 Grey decks
05/25/2016 Hanging the boxes.
05/25/2016 Tracy doing the boxes
05/25/2016 Back to the boxes and the hull--AGAIN!
05/24/2016 Box ready to go.
05/24/2016 Ground off blisters.
05/24/2016 Work progresses.
05/21/2016 The waiting line.
05/21/2016 A beach on the east coast of Trinidad.
05/21/2016 Another Brazil nut picture
05/21/2016 Picture of a Brazil Nut pod
05/21/2016 The last couple of days and a "Taste of Trini" tour.
05/19/2016 Bottom almost ready, etc.
05/16/2016 Ceiling panel gone.
05/16/2016 The "domino" principle in boat repairs.
05/14/2016 Poke a little, grind a bunch.
05/14/2016 The teak is GONE!
05/12/2016 Some good and some bad for the day.
05/12/2016 Underside of the plate.
05/12/2016 The second deck prism and Tracy's birthday
05/10/2016 Three new posts.
05/10/2016 A missed post from a few days ago.
05/10/2016 Never saw soup like this.
05/10/2016 Not the sharpest tool in the shed!
05/09/2016 Less teak means less leaks through the deck! Yea!!
05/07/2016 We didn't need the rain.
05/05/2016 Iguanas!
05/05/2016 Teak rail expansion joints
05/05/2016 The first week in the yard.
05/03/2016 Deck prism plate.
05/03/2016 The stern deck
05/03/2016 Puff, over the side.
05/03/2016 Day four on the stern deck, etc.
05/02/2016 Ready for a new core.
05/02/2016 A better picture
05/02/2016 It's more fiberglass day.
05/01/2016 The hole is covered and maybe even sealed.
05/01/2016 A nice big hole!
05/01/2016 Just the prism plate remains
05/01/2016 The prism just lifts right out!
05/01/2016 Out comes the deck prism!
05/01/2016 More rain of course
04/30/2016 Tarps to cover it all.
04/30/2016 Teaks gone!
04/30/2016 MaxProp getting greased.
04/30/2016 Teak decks gone, day three.
04/29/2016 Power Boats, day 2
04/28/2016 The work has started
04/27/2016 On the hard.
04/23/2016 Up the mast I go.
04/22/2016 And the rains came!
04/21/2016 Nylon versus Metal
04/20/2016 Trinidad is burning!
04/15/2016 Cookng class?
04/14/2016 Electrical again!
04/13/2016 quotes and tradewinds
04/10/2016 We've fallen under a bad influence!
04/08/2016 Getting to Grenada
04/05/2016 A long trip
04/05/2016 photo test
04/05/2016 Checking out
04/04/2016 Getting things done
04/02/2016 Getting "land legs".
03/29/2016 Into Trinidad!
03/28/2016 One day left
03/27/2016 position updates corrected.
03/27/2016 Heading for Trinidad.
03/25/2016 I've been declared a bio hazard zone!
03/23/2016 The Duo Gen broke
03/22/2016 This is getting old!
03/21/2016 Forget gooseneck.
03/21/2016 More squalls and a new problem
03/20/2016 Approaching the equator.
03/19/2016 Broken halyard,etc.
03/18/2016 Motoring
03/18/2016 Motoring
03/17/2016 We're in the ITCZ!
03/17/2016 We're in the ITCZ!
03/15/2016 More wind finally
03/15/2016 A slow day
03/13/2016 Gybed again.
03/12/2016 Boy, this is a long trip
03/11/2016 Anpther day, another 100 miles or so.
03/09/2016 Making better time
03/08/2016 Fixing the mainsail.
03/08/2016 Torn sail
03/07/2016 Now heading west slowly
03/07/2016 Things are changing
03/05/2016 this is a test post,
03/05/2016 A hot shower!
03/05/2016 Another day closer
03/05/2016 Lost posts
03/05/2016 test post
03/01/2016 Still on course
02/29/2016 Moving right along
02/28/2016 Left St Helena this AM
02/27/2016 Out of here tomorrow.
02/26/2016 All Checked out but not leaving yet.
02/25/2016 Touring St. Helena
02/24/2016 Exploring and paying fees.
02/23/2016 Into St. Helena
02/22/2016 The winds have died
02/21/2016 One more day to St.Helena?
02/19/2016 Getting closer to St.Helena
02/17/2016 Wing and wing
02/17/2016 Wing and wing
02/15/2016 Day three, moving right along
02/14/2016 Day 2 Heading westward for St.Helena.
02/13/2016 on our way to St Helena
02/12/2016 Having fun and getting ready to go
02/07/2016 settling in in Walvis Bay
02/06/2016 Touring Walvis Bay, Namibia
02/06/2016 Touring Walvis Bay, Namibia
02/06/2016 Touring Walvis Bay, Namibia
02/05/2016 Into Walvis Bay
02/03/2016 Heading out again.
02/01/2016 Hauling water and getting some good luck.
01/31/2016 A new sail bag and other stuff
01/30/2016 Meals in the evening and on passage.
01/29/2016 Luderitz part 17
01/29/2016 Luderitz part 16
01/29/2016 Luderitz part 15
01/29/2016 Luderitz part 14
01/29/2016 Luderitz part 13
01/29/2016 Luderitz part 12
01/29/2016 Luderitz part 11
01/29/2016 Luderitz part 10
01/29/2016 Luderitz part 9
01/29/2016 Luderitz part 8
01/29/2016 Luderitz part 7
01/29/2016 Fuel and eating out
01/28/2016 Luderitz part 6
01/28/2016 Luderitz part 5
01/28/2016 Luderitz part 4
01/28/2016 Luderitz part 3
01/28/2016 Luderitz part 2
01/28/2016 Some photos of Luderitz Bay
01/28/2016 Passing the Queen Elizabeth Part 3
01/28/2016 Passing the Queen Elizabeth Part 2
01/28/2016 Passing the Queen Elizabeth
01/28/2016 Zephyr at the docks
01/28/2016 Pictures of Saldanha, SA
01/28/2016 Into Luderitz, Namibia
01/26/2016 Still motoring north to Namibia
01/25/2016 Heading North along the African coast
01/24/2016 A perfect sailing day!
01/22/2016 Heading North for Luderitz, Namibia tomorrow!
01/21/2016 Some more jobs done and off to the grocery stores.
01/20/2016 A short stop for repairs
01/18/2016 on our way, finally!
01/17/2016 Finally, tomorrow we are out of here!
01/16/2016 The pain in checking out and the fun of a wine tour.
01/12/2016 Charts and other things
01/10/2016 This wind may never stop!
01/09/2016 Still windy but keeping busy
01/06/2016 Fuel day
01/05/2016 Finally onto the dock!
01/05/2016 The trials of getting a rental car and then doing errands
01/02/2016 Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow!!!
01/01/2016 Getting settled and ringing in the New Years.
12/30/2015 We made it past the Cape!!
12/28/2015 Almost to the Cape of Good Hope!
12/27/2015 Almost to the Cape of Good Hope!
12/24/2015 Tomorrows the day. We are out of here!
12/23/2015 Clearing out, etc.
12/22/2015 Getting checked in.
12/21/2015 More wind.
12/21/2015 It's a waiting game now.
12/20/2015 A forest of boats
12/19/2015 We could have lost her.
12/19/2015 Into Durban!
12/17/2015 We are out of here tomorrow--finally!
12/14/2015 Just another small delay(maybe).
12/13/2015 Here we sit and here we stay.
12/12/2015 Missed the first window but another is coming on Tuesday(maybe)
12/10/2015 Off on a one day safari!
12/08/2015 "Flight Plan" filled out and filed.
12/06/2015 I got robbed because I was stupid!
12/03/2015 It was a LONG day!
12/01/2015 It was a long day.
11/30/2015 Started and stopped.
11/29/2015 Some work and some play today.
11/27/2015 It's in!
11/26/2015 She's back with lots of goodies.
11/23/2015 She's coming back!
11/23/2015 This is what happens---
11/21/2015 Staying busy of course.
11/15/2015 Off to the mall.
11/14/2015 It's not just the two of us on board.
11/11/2015 The jobs just keep on coming.
11/09/2015 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.
11/06/2015 The perils of not wearing shoes.
11/02/2015 The storm continues
11/02/2015 Projects and here comes THE storm!
11/01/2015 More jobs and the "Beer Fest"
10/29/2015 Tracy is gone, now it's back to work.
10/27/2015 It's raining and she's stripped.
10/25/2015 More jobs getting done with some relaxing going on too.
10/23/2015 Settled in.
10/21/2015 Getting settled in and a few chores
10/21/2015 Trashed impeller
10/20/2015 Into Richard's Bay, the hard way.
10/18/2015 On the last jump for Richards Bay
10/17/2015 It's another busy day.
10/15/2015 Oh what a day on anchor!
10/15/2015 Current versus reality
10/14/2015 We will be here a few days.
10/13/2015 Crossing the Mozambique Channel -run for it!
10/12/2015 Crossing the Mozambique Channel day 8
10/10/2015 Crossing the Mozambique Channel, day 7
10/10/2015 Ceossing the Mozambique Channel, day 6
10/07/2015 Crossing the Mozambique Channel day 5
10/06/2015 Crossing to South Africa, day 4
10/05/2015 Crossing to South Africa,day 3
10/04/2015 More day two. Crossing to South Africa.
10/04/2015 On to South Africa day 2
10/03/2015 We are on our way to South Africa!
09/30/2015 Close your thru hulls!
09/29/2015 touring the anchorage
09/27/2015 Another day moving south along the coast of Madagascar.
09/27/2015 On to Point Maromony, Madagascar
09/25/2015 Heading further south along the coast.
09/24/2015 Up the river we go.
09/23/2015 Into Honey River day 1
09/22/2015 Jobs are done and it's time to move along.
09/22/2015 Almost ready
09/19/2015 Almost out of here.
09/17/2015 more odd jobs that need doing.
09/15/2015 Filtering fuel and getting more.
09/14/2015 Row, Row, Row your boat!
09/13/2015 Pig Roast, etc
09/11/2015 The last few days.
09/09/2015 My catamaran virginity
09/07/2015 Finished the circumnavigation of Nosy Be.
09/04/2015 Moved again. North side of Nosy Be
09/03/2015 Moving along again
09/01/2015 More photos
09/01/2015 More photos
09/01/2015 More photos
09/01/2015 Picture of the rocks
09/01/2015 Side trips on Puff.
08/29/2015 helping out a local
08/26/2015 jerry cans
08/26/2015 broken board
08/26/2015 broken board
08/25/2015 Moved just a bit
08/24/2015 Its so quiet, it's spooky.
08/23/2015 We are off for Russian Bay.
08/22/2015 Off for Russian Bay.
08/21/2015 What worked and what didn't or broke.
08/20/2015 First thoughts of Madagascar.
08/18/2015 Still getting thrown around.
08/16/2015 Under power and getting closer
08/16/2015 Sort of stuck.
08/14/2015 A black and blue trip.
08/14/2015 A black and blue trip.
08/13/2015 Half way there.
08/11/2015 Day one. On our way.
08/11/2015 Day one. On our way.
08/10/2015 We are out of here
08/09/2015 Waiting for the weather window
08/05/2015 Getting closer to checking out of the Seychelles.
08/01/2015 A question for sailors out there and a leak found and fixed.
07/31/2015 Up the mast and into town
07/29/2015 Back to town and defrosting the freezer
07/26/2015 Repairing the mainsail and other things.
07/25/2015 Robberies in the Seychelles.
07/25/2015 Back at Anse A La Mouche
07/23/2015 Island hopping
07/20/2015 Somethings just don't keep
07/19/2015 A few more jobs done.
07/19/2015 On the move again and the DuoGen saga
07/14/2015 Over to town, twice in two days.
07/11/2015 Inspecting and cleaning the bottom
07/10/2015 Such the "Cat Magnet"
07/09/2015 Off to new anchorages
07/09/2015 It's so quiet!
07/06/2015 Rocking and rolling
07/05/2015 Independence Day Part 2
07/05/2015 Our July 4th in the Seychelles
07/03/2015 In they come
06/28/2015 The Eden Isle Boat show and filling jerry cans.
06/27/2015 Another busy day.
06/23/2015 A cool cloudy day
06/22/2015 they are almost gone
06/21/2015 a good day to stay on board
06/20/2015 At least we were entertaining
06/19/2015 Back to the islands
06/17/2015 The last few days.
06/15/2015 And the bugs came, etc.
06/15/2015 Heading back
06/13/2015 we have left the harbor.
06/12/2015 It's drying out!
06/09/2015 review
06/09/2015 Finally a break!
06/08/2015 And the rain kept coming!
06/07/2015 Dry season? Really?
06/06/2015 Boy, it sure likes to rain here!
06/05/2015 laundry done just in time for a squall.
06/05/2015 out of order
06/04/2015 Laundry day, etc
06/04/2015 Getting settled in in the Seychelles
06/04/2015 Settled in part 2]
06/04/2015 part three of checking in in the Seychelles
06/02/2015 Finally in the Seychelles!!!
06/02/2015 Finally in the Seychelles!!!
06/01/2015 heading in at night
05/31/2015 not there yet but closer
05/31/2015 not there yet but closer
05/31/2015 We get hauled out tomorrow.
05/30/2015 westward no!
05/29/2015 It's not nice out here.
05/28/2015 Another day.
05/27/2015 speeding along, finally
05/27/2015 speeding along, finally
05/26/2015 Alone again
05/25/2015 Another boat at Night!
05/25/2015 A sunny day
05/25/2015 still heading west-sort of
05/25/2015 still heading west-sort of
05/25/2015 Bad spinnaker
05/24/2015 Pop goes the spinnaker
05/24/2015 a confused sea
05/23/2015 And the rain continues.part two.
05/23/2015 We just keep moving along
05/22/2015 Another night passes
05/21/2015 moving along
05/21/2015 continuation
05/21/2015 Sorry, forgot the photo
05/21/2015 it's coming!
05/20/2015 still moving--slowly west
05/19/2015 still heading south.
05/18/2015 we have left the Maldives!!
05/16/2015 We have left the Maldives!
05/14/2015 Not a potato to be had.
05/14/2015 The Great Potato Famine of Adduu Atoll
05/13/2015 The rains finally let up!
05/13/2015 And the rains came!!
05/11/2015 The winds are changing.
05/11/2015 Oh, what a blow!!
05/09/2015 Glad we moved.
05/09/2015 I'm a "Snubber Snob"
05/09/2015 Mantus Chain Hook.
05/09/2015 Line Master Snubber by Falcon Safety
05/09/2015 Wichard Grip Hook
05/09/2015 Chain hook
05/08/2015 Now back to work.
05/06/2015 We moved just a bit.
05/02/2015 Back again!
05/01/2015 Will this verbal assault ever stop?
05/01/2015 Into Adduu Atoll
04/29/2015 Happy Anniversary to us!!
04/28/2015 Out in the middle of no where again.
04/25/2015 More photos!
04/25/2015 More photos!
04/25/2015 More photos!
04/25/2015 More photos!
04/25/2015 More photos!
04/25/2015 More photos!
04/25/2015 More photos!
04/25/2015 More photos!
04/25/2015 More Photos!
04/25/2015 More photos!
04/25/2015 More photos!
04/25/2015 A GREAT reef and more
04/22/2015 Off to the next atoll
04/21/2015 Mixed weather and two trips to the village
04/20/2015 Into Veymandoo
04/18/2015 We got POOPED!!!
04/16/2015 Off we go again.
04/14/2015 On to the next big atoll
04/13/2015 On to the next atoll
04/10/2015 Moving along
04/08/2015 Huhumale and Male review
04/06/2015 Into Male
04/05/2015 Oh so flat!
04/03/2015 A great place to stay for a while.
04/01/2015 Into the North Male Atoll
03/31/2015 On to the next atoll
03/29/2015 A whole three miles today!
03/27/2015 We have left the atoll
03/26/2015 We have left the resort
03/24/2015 Touring the resort
03/23/2015 correction and back to the "resort "
03/22/2015 we've split up
03/22/2015 more islands and even some sailing!
03/19/2015 Fuel filled and off we go.
03/18/2015 Onto more islands
03/14/2015 The weather folks got it right for a change.
03/13/2015 Onto the next anchorage in the Maldives
03/11/2015 checking in,
03/10/2015 Into the Maldives!!!!
03/09/2015 lost post
03/08/2015 still heading northwest but under power
03/07/2015 Slowing down again
03/06/2015 conditions have changed
03/05/2015 Becalmed so far.
03/04/2015 Westward ho!
03/03/2015 Another day, just like the rest
03/03/2015 Just another day underway
03/02/2015 An interesting night and other things
03/02/2015 We need help with Open CPN AIS
03/01/2015 Change in course part 2
03/01/2015 a change in course
02/28/2015 Moving right along.
02/27/2015 No wind--no hurry
02/26/2015 We push on--slowly
02/25/2015 The spinnaker is up!
02/24/2015 A really slow day
02/23/2015 Slow day of no wind
02/22/2015 We're gone--slowly!
02/22/2015 We are out of here anyway.
02/21/2015 It took the wind out of our sails--literally!
02/20/2015 We should be out of here today.
02/19/2015 it worked!
02/18/2015 This is a photo test
02/18/2015 We have escaped the Crab Trap!
02/17/2015 Back in the water tomorrow
02/14/2015 The real reason we came back.
02/12/2015 in the yard
02/11/2015 Not pulled out yet
02/10/2015 Not what we expected.
02/09/2015 Closer to the boat yard
02/06/2015 The "plan" as it stands right now.
02/05/2015 The wonderful world of Pork!
02/04/2015 Who doesn't love potato chips?
02/01/2015 Things just got worse.
01/31/2015 Back at Yacht Haven
01/30/2015 heading farther south.
01/29/2015 we're heading back for Yacht Haven!
01/28/2015 fix a prop and snorkel
01/25/2015 out to Ko Miang
01/24/2015 iridium test post
01/23/2015 ready to go!
01/22/2015 Off for the Indian Ocean tomorrow!
01/17/2015 Time has flown by this week
01/12/2015 Off to the Cat Doctor
01/09/2015 Back to Singapore!!!
01/02/2015 On the move and back to Yacht Haven.
12/31/2014 Back to Ennie.
12/30/2014 Ennie, Meenie, Miney, Mo!
12/29/2014 Don't trust the weather forecast
12/28/2014 Internet--finally
12/27/2014 Working and playing while at anchor
12/25/2014 A hectic last few days.
12/18/2014 Officially into Thailand again.
12/14/2014 That was a long day!
12/12/2014 We're out of here.
12/12/2014 What a day under sail.
12/10/2014 Still waiting for the box
12/08/2014 Waiting for the box.
12/05/2014 Back to Sin's Electrical on Langkawi
12/02/2014 Post #3--all caught up.
12/02/2014 Another "new" post now that we have internet
12/02/2014 Now we have internet-here come the posts
11/26/2014 Settling in for Thankgiving
11/25/2014 Another day--some fun, some work
11/23/2014 A missed post
11/23/2014 Outboard fixed and other projects
11/22/2014 Rant with advice.
11/20/2014 Staying Busy as always
11/17/2014 Into Rebak Marina
11/16/2014 A fun sail into South Langkawi
11/14/2014 On our way again.
11/11/2014 A nice day and a friend over for dinner
11/09/2014 Getting settled in and a few chores
11/08/2014 Into the marina.
11/06/2014 A hectic afternoon in Penang
11/05/2014 Looking for a Garmin nav program
11/05/2014 Almost to Palau Pinang
11/03/2014 Late morning post as we make our way north
11/03/2014 Finally got really slow internet
10/31/2014 Two day delay at our choosing.
10/29/2014 A long day being a tourist
10/27/2014 Laundry day--again
10/26/2014 Power to the boat stops.
10/25/2014 A new alternator fixes the problem
10/24/2014 Into Admiral Marina in Port Dickson.
10/23/2014 A LONG second day.
10/22/2014 We made it out!!
10/21/2014 Tomorrow is the day--keep your fingers crossed!
10/20/2014 Just because it's new, it doesn't mean it works.
10/18/2014 The Gods have finally smiled on us for a change.
10/15/2014 The Gods have spoken--again!
10/14/2014 The parts have arrived--finally!
10/13/2014 We almost got our parts.
10/13/2014 Teak--almost there
10/10/2014 Teak, day three
10/08/2014 Teak--after
10/08/2014 Doing the teak rail
10/03/2014 It's getting old!
10/01/2014 One day at a time
09/25/2014 I finally caught it!
09/24/2014 Connecting the wire to the mast.
09/24/2014 Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's up the mast I go!
09/24/2014 Update on yesterdays post.
09/23/2014 "Yacht in Transit" bureaucracy.
09/20/2014 Defrosting the freezer.
09/19/2014 Inflating the life raft when we really don't need it.
09/17/2014 Not sure we will ever get out of here!
09/16/2014 Oh, it's a holiday?
09/15/2014 Life raft gone
09/13/2014 Laundry and other stuff
09/12/2014 Clean, stow and throw
09/11/2014 Super Soaker from Mother Nature
09/10/2014 Getting closer
09/08/2014 Break down in communications
09/06/2014 Drone?
09/06/2014 An electrical bug a boo
09/05/2014 An average day and a GREAT day!
09/03/2014 Staying busy
08/31/2014 Just another day
08/30/2014 Sitting at the computer
08/27/2014 Research and saying good bye to a friend
08/26/2014 Let's party!!
08/25/2014 In it goes
08/23/2014 Getting along with it.
08/19/2014 In for service
08/18/2014 Laundry and working the brain
08/17/2014 Nose back to the grind stone.
08/14/2014 RIg checked and ok'd plus other stuff
08/11/2014 Installation day
08/09/2014 What's going on out here
08/05/2014 The new roller furler
08/04/2014 Down she comes.
08/03/2014 Dock party and ribs for lunch
07/31/2014 Coffee and a new phone
07/29/2014 Furler on order
07/27/2014 It gets worse in Sabah on Borneo
07/26/2014 Time to put it away.
07/23/2014 Off to Celcom
07/21/2014 Maybe it's not just us?
07/19/2014 Emptying the bucket
07/16/2014 SSDD
07/14/2014 Living abroad
07/13/2014 Getting back in the grind
07/10/2014 Back on board Zephyr
06/30/2014 RUN, RUN, RUN!
06/29/2014 Home again.
06/25/2014 Relaxing in a hotel room awaiting the plane.
06/22/2014 Bilge done, now on to the engine leak.
06/19/2014 Off to the dentist and down into the bilge.
06/17/2014 The last few days.
06/13/2014 Off to the computer shopping center.
06/11/2014 Another hot day at the marina
06/11/2014 Repairs are underway
06/09/2014 Getting on with it.
06/07/2014 Say what?
06/05/2014 Spoke to soon part 2
06/04/2014 Spoke to soon.
06/03/2014 Getting settled in and jobs on board
06/02/2014 Back to Puteri Marina
06/01/2014 Seventy down and forty to go.
05/31/2014 An easy day.
05/29/2014 A trip to town
05/28/2014 Into Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Malaysia
05/27/2014 Into Port Klang for a night
05/25/2014 Ten miles from shore in 20 feet of water!
05/24/2014 Fishing in SE Asia
05/22/2014 Back in Malaysia again.
05/18/2014 On the way again.
05/18/2014 More rain and still on we go.
05/17/2014 Some rain and some gusty wind and then nothing.
05/15/2014 Day 1
05/12/2014 All checked out
05/10/2014 Cooking class
05/08/2014 The the beach
05/07/2014 How to drive in Phuket,Thailand
05/06/2014 Sight seeing
05/05/2014 Their first day here.
05/04/2014 Happy belated anniversary
05/02/2014 Friday
05/01/2014 Patching continues.
04/30/2014 It's like a bomb went off.
04/28/2014 Few more small jobs done
04/27/2014 Settled in
04/24/2014 Oh, so spoiled!
04/22/2014 I had to do a rewrite
04/20/2014 The skinny on Yacht Haven Marina, Phuket, Thailand
04/20/2014 test 2
04/20/2014 Boy is it HOT here!
04/19/2014 Our first days in Phuket, Thailand
04/19/2014 test
04/13/2014 Into Yacht Haven Marina, Thailand
04/11/2014 On the way back to Langkawi
04/11/2014 Phi Phi Le on steroids
04/10/2014 A fine island
04/09/2014 Not as pretty an island
04/08/2014 Out of the marina
04/07/2014 Into Telaga Marina and now leaving
04/03/2014 Finally into Langkawi
04/02/2014 Fuel, taxi's and moving on
03/30/2014 Into another marina for two days.
03/29/2014 61 miles farther up the coast
03/28/2014 Hazy in Malaysia
03/27/2014 Admiral Marina
03/26/2014 An unplanned stop in Port Dickson.
03/25/2014 Seventy miles farther up the Malacca Strait.
03/24/2014 Now at anchor!
03/23/2014 Checked out and ready to go
03/22/2014 Where do mosquitos fo during the day?
03/21/2014 Problem solved--we're out of here tomorrow
03/20/2014 More in Singapore and a possible delay
03/19/2014 You don't have long pants on!
03/18/2014 Run, run , run.
03/17/2014 You can find anything in Singapore.
03/16/2014 Rain, taxes, and a BAD movie.
03/15/2014 Back to work but with a nice lunch out.
03/14/2014 Today, we are "tourists"
03/13/2014 Just another day--Jobs and errands
03/11/2014 Another trip to Singapore and Malaysian cabs
03/10/2014 Off to the market and a new delicacy found.
03/09/2014 Cruising=Fixing boats in exotic locations.
03/08/2014 Yesterday
03/07/2014 Our first trip to Singapore.
03/05/2014 Working on the outboard
03/04/2014 A few jobs done and off to the Night Market.
03/03/2014 Our first trip to JB--Johor Bahru
03/02/2014 Getting settled in and jobs on board
03/02/2014 War games at Puteri Harbor Marina.
03/01/2014 Into Puteri Harbor Marina
02/27/2014 Surf's up!
02/24/2014 Still waiting but close
02/24/2014 Trapped by the tides.
02/21/2014 Still here.
02/21/2014 Good decision to stay put.
02/21/2014 Stuck here for a while.
02/21/2014 a day at anchor.
02/21/2014 Could we have been more wrong?
02/18/2014 Thursday Morning
02/18/2014 A waiting game now
02/18/2014 Farther south.
02/17/2014 On the move again.
02/12/2014 Scrapping the barnacles
02/12/2014 A day of adventure.
02/12/2014 Checking back into Malaysia.
02/12/2014 A day off.
02/11/2014 Approaching Tioman Island
02/10/2014 Heading for Tioman Island
02/09/2014 The Game of Frogger.
02/09/2014 It's Sunday and all is well.
02/07/2014 Let's play Dodge Boat!
02/07/2014 End of day 2
02/06/2014 Day 1
02/05/2014 We're out of there.
02/05/2014 All checked out of Brunei!
02/04/2014 Another delay-- anyone surprised?
02/03/2014 Premarital sex in Malaysia.
02/02/2014 Now if Mother Nature will just cooperate.
01/31/2014 Passports and delayed again.
01/29/2014 Our passports have arrived!
01/28/2014 School discipline in Malaysia
01/27/2014 Sunshine has returned!
01/26/2014 Lots of rain
01/25/2014 It finally happened.
01/23/2014 What's making that noise?
01/22/2014 Another slight delay.
01/21/2014 The new pump installed
01/21/2014 The broken priming pump
01/21/2014 How do you like your Tuna?
01/19/2014 Finally a break in the bad weather.
01/17/2014 Our fuel tanks are full.
01/16/2014 The storm has passed but there is another on it's way.
01/15/2014 A curry recipe for a rainy, blowy day.
01/14/2014 Now it's blowing AND raining!
01/13/2014 Yet another day on board
01/13/2014 On board for two days
01/11/2014 Observations
01/09/2014 Update on Mercury parts
01/08/2014 But I had the "Official" map!
01/06/2014 We may be here a bit longer than planned.
01/04/2014 Down to six lives, or is it five now?
01/02/2014 Off to "The Mall"
12/31/2013 A long hard day.
12/30/2013 We're all checked out.
12/29/2013 into Labuan, Malaysia.
12/28/2013 Closer to Labuan Harbour
12/27/2013 How not to spend Boxing Day.
12/25/2013 A wasted trip back but a Merry Christmas
12/24/2013 Merry Christmas!
12/24/2013 Back where we were.
12/23/2013 We left and will be going back tomorrow.
12/22/2013 Last minute prep
12/21/2013 Just a bit longer.
12/18/2013 Staying longer and a sad passing.
12/17/2013 Mari Mari Cultural Exhibit.
12/15/2013 Into the tanks we go!
12/14/2013 More jobs getting done.
12/14/2013 My thanks.
12/11/2013 I need everyones help with our blog
12/10/2013 Into Kota Kinabalu
12/08/2013 The hook was down
12/07/2013 We've left Kudat
12/06/2013 Underway again-finally
12/05/2013 Back in the water after 27 days.
12/04/2013 Up in the slings
12/03/2013 Tomorrow is the day.
11/30/2013 The rest of the day.
11/29/2013 Frustration is setting in!
11/28/2013 Happy Thanksgiving
11/27/2013 It had to happen eventually.
11/26/2013 Added more photos.
11/25/2013 My feet will never be clean again.
11/23/2013 Grinding out the blisters. Gee, what fun.
11/22/2013 The work continues
11/21/2013 Another trip to Kota Kinabalu
11/18/2013 Another photo album
11/18/2013 Projects and back to the hospital.
11/16/2013 Delayed
11/16/2013 Another photo album--caving at Balabagan Island
11/16/2013 Two new photo albums.
11/15/2013 Driver's Education is dead in Malaysia!
11/14/2013 Azizah made it out and we got more projects done.
11/13/2013 Projects day
11/12/2013 Road trip
11/10/2013 Not how I wanted to end a day.
11/09/2013 It's the little things.
11/08/2013 Pulled out
11/07/2013 Into Kudat
11/03/2013 The caves part 2
11/03/2013 Hiking in Borneo 101
11/03/2013 Searching for another dive spot.
11/02/2013 A busy day in paradise.
11/01/2013 Everyone has one.
10/31/2013 Into Balambangan Island
10/30/2013 Into Banggi Island
10/27/2013 Here a reef, there a reef, everywhere a reef!
10/27/2013 The dive that didn't
10/27/2013 A slight detour.
10/26/2013 We've leftr Sandakan, Malaysia.
10/23/2013 Up the mast and into town
10/21/2013 New photo gallery
10/21/2013 Getting checked in--sort of.
10/20/2013 Into Sandakan, Malaysia
10/18/2013 on the move again.
10/17/2013 In the middle of somewhere.
10/16/2013 On the way again and a hard day yesterday.
10/14/2013 We left Mabul
10/13/2013 More photos!
10/13/2013 Another day in paradise.
10/12/2013 Diving at Mabul
10/12/2013 And the storm came(at night of course).
10/11/2013 OMG!! We are actually sailing!
10/10/2013 Past Semporna
10/10/2013 We're back on the move again.
10/09/2013 Last minute things to do.
10/08/2013 Fuel day
10/07/2013 Well, that was exciting!
10/06/2013 another album
10/06/2013 new photo album
10/06/2013 Barrels out in the sea.
10/06/2013 Clear water!
10/06/2013 Almost lost Puff
10/05/2013 Into Tawau, Malaysia
10/03/2013 Another day of motoring
10/01/2013 Forty miles closer to Malaysia
10/01/2013 Clearing out of Indonesia
09/30/2013 Into Tarakan.
09/29/2013 Not quite half way to Tarakan.
09/26/2013 Back for just a night.
09/26/2013 Our roller furler is dead!
09/26/2013 Trip to Jelly Fish Lake on Maratua Island.
09/25/2013 The wind just keeps on coming.
09/24/2013 We're out of there(Derawan)
09/21/2013 Dragging the mooring again!
09/21/2013 Dead body?
09/19/2013 Oh Sh-T!!!
09/15/2013 And the winds came.
09/15/2013 Another part to bring along--an IMPORTANT PART!
09/15/2013 We made it!
09/13/2013 Heading for Tarakan
09/13/2013 We made it.
09/12/2013 Where has all the wind gone?
09/11/2013 Finally some wind!
09/10/2013 Heading west finally
09/09/2013 Rally is off.
09/09/2013 A Great day to motor
09/08/2013 On to Sarangni Islands
09/07/2013 We have left the marina!!!
09/06/2013 Tomorrow is the day.
09/05/2013 Almost time to go.
09/03/2013 They are gone.
09/02/2013 Monday to town again.
09/01/2013 Super Moth at Abreeza Mall.
09/01/2013 Our faithful shuttle/taxi
09/01/2013 A soggy cat
09/01/2013 More chores done
08/31/2013 Sweaty progress and a wet cat
08/29/2013 Hey, where is my wallet, and other stories.
08/28/2013 It's back on board--finally.
08/27/2013 More chores done
08/26/2013 The past 36 hours.
08/24/2013 They are off, we are not.
08/22/2013 Another glitch.
08/21/2013 Effects of the flooding in Manila
08/20/2013 Addendum to the last post.
08/20/2013 Confusion at Immigration
08/19/2013 More doctors and more tests
08/18/2013 Off to the Katayawan Festival
08/17/2013 Off to see the eye glass store.
08/16/2013 What's been going on and trips to the doctor.
08/11/2013 We've got power!
08/10/2013 working on the outside hull teak
08/09/2013 battery update.
08/08/2013 Second post of the day.
08/08/2013 our bottom and more.
08/07/2013 Batteries?
08/07/2013 Power update.
08/06/2013 Hard at work
08/03/2013 update on Peyton Place and more
08/03/2013 Our own little Peyton Place
08/02/2013 Off to the Malaysian consulate
08/01/2013 Electrical update and more.
07/30/2013 He left here perplexed.
07/29/2013 Back to the city
07/27/2013 Apparently the norm.
07/26/2013 We are out of the rally.
07/26/2013 We've got power--sort of.
07/25/2013 Yesterday and today.
07/24/2013 A day on the cheap.
07/23/2013 Still no power
07/22/2013 Observations
07/21/2013 Still no power but closer maybe.
07/20/2013 Back to the city
07/18/2013 The exploration continues
07/17/2013 Back to the city
07/13/2013 Off to the mall
07/12/2013 No electricity and no diesel fuel.
07/11/2013 Into the Oceanview Marina on Samal Island
07/08/2013 A night in Sigaboy.
07/08/2013 End of day 5. Almost there.
07/06/2013 The end of day 4-- Davao ho.
07/05/2013 Day three-storms they are a coming.
07/05/2013 Tracy's post.
07/05/2013 Day 2 and into day 3.
07/03/2013 day 1
06/30/2013 Getting ready to go again.
06/18/2013 Back at Sam's Tours
06/16/2013 Out again
06/16/2013 Boy can it rain here.
06/14/2013 Out in the islands--finally!
06/05/2013 The last few days
05/31/2013 Confusion is running rampant.
05/22/2013 What we have found in Palau so far.
05/20/2013 I'm now officially old.
05/19/2013 Into Palau.
05/17/2013 In tomorrow
05/17/2013 Winds from the west.
05/16/2013 Too close for comfort.
05/14/2013 not much happening.
05/13/2013 Another day down.
05/12/2013 Time shift and storms
05/05/2013 We leave today
05/03/2013 Almost ready to go!
05/01/2013 The "doctor" is on the boat.
04/29/2013 Out to Ant Atoll and back--cr-p!
04/22/2013 Teka Nova is here and Jun is back
04/20/2013 Some good from bad and some bad from bad
04/19/2013 Not fixed yet.
04/18/2013 Sea trial--part one.
04/16/2013 Break in and clean up
04/14/2013 We're there!
04/10/2013 Credit where credit is due.
04/09/2013 Oh Cr_P! Here we go again.
04/09/2013 The last couple of days.
04/08/2013 Here we go again!
04/04/2013 What's up with that?
04/03/2013 One step forward, two steps back.
04/01/2013 Work in progress
03/29/2013 It started!!
03/27/2013 Not today
03/26/2013 Jun is sweating bullets!
03/26/2013 Still won't start
03/25/2013 Wouldn't start
03/24/2013 Almost there!
03/16/2013 Two and a half months later
03/14/2013 And we continue
03/08/2013 Another week gone
03/04/2013 A week later
02/26/2013 The mechanic is on site--finally!
02/23/2013 And the jobs start again
02/21/2013 Back in Pohnpei
02/20/2013 Almost home
02/12/2013 The running continues
02/09/2013 Running like mad.
02/06/2013 All is well
02/03/2013 More jobs off the list and some "tourist"fun.
01/25/2013 The "shiny bits' and back to town.
01/20/2013 Getting caught up.
01/17/2013 It's all out.
01/15/2013 More AFU'd
01/14/2013 AFU!!!!
01/13/2013 The last few days
01/08/2013 Our journey to Pohnpei
01/03/2013 All is well.
01/01/2013 engine
12/30/2012 Worked on the engine today.
12/29/2012 Heading for Pohnpei.
12/27/2012 all is well on board
12/25/2012 on the way to Kosrae, day 1
12/23/2012 We're out of here.
12/18/2012 off to see Tepuka Island
12/17/2012 When will we get out of here?
12/15/2012 Update
12/10/2012 Big delay.
12/06/2012 Stuck in Tuvalu.
12/05/2012 Made it in yesterday morning.
12/03/2012 One week
11/30/2012 Friday, day 4
11/29/2012 Day 2 into day 3
11/28/2012 On toward Tuvalu
11/26/2012 We're out of here!
11/19/2012 The lunch menu
11/17/2012 Bigger delay
11/14/2012 Slight delay
11/13/2012 As of now, it's Thursday
11/12/2012 Maybe Thursday?
11/10/2012 The man who can't go home.
11/10/2012 It's getting close to leaving
11/05/2012 Another trip the the medical center.
11/05/2012 Black Diamond Head Lamps!
11/05/2012 mail and projects
11/02/2012 Playing tourist & bus etiquette
11/01/2012 Our outboard
10/31/2012 Second post of the day. One just wasn't enough.
10/31/2012 Two posts back to back
10/27/2012 Getting there plus a trip to the Emergency room
10/22/2012 More things done and on the net.
10/21/2012 Our first couple of days.
10/19/2012 Made it in during day three.
10/18/2012 Cloudy and rain and wind.
10/17/2012 on the way to Am Samoa
10/15/2012 Long post so take a seat.
10/07/2012 Finally heading out to an anchorage
10/03/2012 Soggy in Tonga
09/28/2012 Cleared Health Inspector.
09/22/2012 Still at the dock.
09/22/2012 We made it.
09/22/2012 Back under motor
09/21/2012 Motor motor motor
09/19/2012 Day one 125 miles
09/18/2012 There's no turning back now.
09/17/2012 Tomorrow?
09/15/2012 "T" boned!
09/13/2012 Getting money changed in Fiji
09/10/2012 And so the rains came.
09/09/2012 Maybe Thursday?
09/05/2012 Here we sit and wait.
09/04/2012 More rain.
09/03/2012 A surprising discovery in Suva.
08/31/2012 Veggies!
08/31/2012 Passing the time.
08/29/2012 What's up.
08/21/2012 In our hands!
08/20/2012 Not yet--tomorrow afternoon maybe?
08/18/2012 Small electrical problem--again!
08/17/2012 The Holy Grail has been found!!
08/14/2012 Patience makes the cruise go smoother
08/13/2012 Our first Sevusevu Ceremony
08/12/2012 The next jump
08/11/2012 A special night
08/10/2012 Off again
08/04/2012 Another day, more jobs done.
08/03/2012 Back in Vuda Point Marina==again!
07/30/2012 Essential Equipment on Zephyr
07/28/2012 Back to Musket Cove--again!
07/25/2012 Oh, it can blow out here.
07/22/2012 Don't push it.
07/21/2012 Sitting out the rain and the wind
07/20/2012 Baking again and not in the Sun.
07/19/2012 On to another anchorage
07/18/2012 Moving again.
07/17/2012 They have no real clue.
07/14/2012 A great time at Musket Cove
07/12/2012 Now you see them and now you don't.
07/10/2012 Passing the time.
07/09/2012 We're cheaper!
07/07/2012 Here's what's left of the bearings inside the DuoGen
07/07/2012 We escaped again.
07/02/2012 It's different out here.
07/01/2012 Back in Vuda Point Marina
06/26/2012 Trying to get out of here--again!
06/23/2012 It's Saturday in the big city.
06/20/2012 Back to Lautoka
06/19/2012 Near perfection
06/18/2012 Moving right along.
06/16/2012 Weather makes us stay put.
06/15/2012 Off to Mana Island
06/15/2012 The "storm" has passed.
06/12/2012 A couple of hours later.
06/12/2012 We're not going anywhere.
06/11/2012 The days just keep on passing by.
06/07/2012 Oh, I have such talent.
06/07/2012 The little motor that could
06/04/2012 Off on an adventure
06/01/2012 At anchor and damn those Chinese!
05/28/2012 A death at the marina.
05/18/2012 Wonder what that switch is for?
05/15/2012 Kitty overboard!!!
05/14/2012 Back in the water finally.
05/11/2012 Painting is done-almost
05/08/2012 Finally on dry land
05/07/2012 Oh Oh
05/06/2012 Almost out
05/06/2012 The highest high to the lowest low-numerous times.
05/04/2012 It's in-finally!
04/29/2012 Getting closer
04/27/2012 We're almost done with the heater!
04/25/2012 Almost done.
04/24/2012 And so it starts--Project Water Heater!!!
04/20/2012 WARNING!! Rant to follow!
04/13/2012 Time passes by and the work continues.
04/10/2012 Clearing up
04/03/2012 Nadi Closed!
04/02/2012 Dodged a bullet!
03/30/2012 Flooding!
03/29/2012 Where the heck is Noah and his Ark when you need him?
03/28/2012 Our trip comes to an end.
03/23/2012 Oh c--p!
03/20/2012 Here the old filter system.
03/20/2012 Out with the old and in with the new.
03/19/2012 It's back(and other things)
03/15/2012 Now it's gone.
03/15/2012 One more down.
03/08/2012 Projects, busses and colds.
03/02/2012 It's back on!
02/29/2012 And off it comes!
02/27/2012 Picture of the bent bow roller
02/27/2012 DuoGen finally off and other projects.
02/25/2012 Another hot and humid day.
02/24/2012 And the list gets shorter.
02/23/2012 Another job down
02/20/2012 And work continues.
02/15/2012 Mortgages in Fiji
02/14/2012 Still recovering.
02/13/2012 Under the weather.
02/09/2012 It's back!
02/08/2012 More rain coming.
02/07/2012 And I thought it was bad here.
02/06/2012 In between storms
02/04/2012 Here comes the wind.
02/03/2012 Getting prepared for what may come.
02/02/2012 It pays to be vigilant even in a marina
02/02/2012 Here it comes again!
02/02/2012 Still raining.
02/01/2012 Well that was fun---NOT!!
01/31/2012 Weather update
01/31/2012 And the rains come again.
01/29/2012 It's coming!
01/26/2012 Parts of a cutter rig sailboat.
01/26/2012 Finally some Sun--and humidity.
01/24/2012 The rain may be over.
01/23/2012 Rain, rain, and more rain!
01/21/2012 Back at Vuda Point Marina
01/15/2012 At Mana Island
01/15/2012 Back in Musket Cove
01/11/2012 Heading back out again!
01/10/2012 OMG, it's HUGE!
01/07/2012 Musings about Fiji
01/07/2012 Finally letting up
01/06/2012 It's still pouring!!
01/05/2012 Bureaucracy at it's finest.
01/03/2012 I'd put it off for over three years!!
01/01/2012 Another year gone and we're still out here!
12/27/2011 Blog addicts!
12/26/2011 Christmas day and afterwards
12/23/2011 What's happening here.
12/21/2011 Another day in paradise
12/20/2011 Time and tasks move on.
12/17/2011 Testing multiple photos
12/16/2011 Small jobs on a hot day.
12/14/2011 Our rack of ribs.
12/11/2011 Moving
12/11/2011 Lines everywhere.
12/09/2011 Back in the grove and oops.
12/08/2011 New photo gallery
12/07/2011 Back to the Vuda Point
12/01/2011 Being prepared and just got lucky!
11/29/2011 Into Musket Cove
11/28/2011 The news you find out here
11/25/2011 Splice photo
11/25/2011 Is it world wide?
11/25/2011 Photos
11/25/2011 Another day in paradise
11/24/2011 Happy Thanksgiving!
11/21/2011 Busy busy busy
11/20/2011 Part two.
11/18/2011 My trip--part one.
11/16/2011 What a shock!
11/11/2011 Another day in Paradise
11/11/2011 Count down begins for trip back
11/06/2011 A restful Sunday
11/04/2011 A cool day inside
11/02/2011 Arrival day for Bill
11/01/2011 All alone in Fiji sort of....
10/28/2011 On the road again.
10/27/2011 Off to Nadi, Fiji
10/25/2011 Getting the paperwork settled and more
10/22/2011 try try again.
10/22/2011 Getting settled in.
10/19/2011 Finally into Fiji
10/14/2011 And the brakes got applied.
10/12/2011 Moving right along--Too fast!
10/11/2011 On the way to Fiji!!
10/03/2011 Paradise found!
09/29/2011 Away from town
09/28/2011 In and out
09/24/2011 Lets get caught up again!
09/18/2011 Partying with Gigi
09/15/2011 Plans keep on changing
09/09/2011 Settling in in Tonga
09/04/2011 Mother Nature just won't play fair.
09/03/2011 Day 5. Not much out here.
09/02/2011 And the voyage continues
08/24/2011 On the way again.
08/24/2011 Here fishy fishy.
08/24/2011 Keepng busy.
08/24/2011 More wind
08/24/2011 The afternoon snorkel.
08/24/2011 And the wind just kept on coming.
08/24/2011 Take two.
08/17/2011 Another day--more projects.
08/17/2011 A busy day.
08/17/2011 Odd jobs all over again.
08/16/2011 Some Sun and some rain. A normal day.
08/16/2011 The race is over--we made it!!
08/14/2011 The race is on!
08/13/2011 A better day for sailing.
08/13/2011 A better day for sailing.
08/12/2011 And so the winds died.
08/11/2011 Banking and bureaucracies.
08/11/2011 On our way to Suwarrow
08/09/2011 Time to leave French Polynesia
08/07/2011 Getting closer to leaving
08/04/2011 Water, Water, Water
08/03/2011 Here's the east side of the mountain.
08/03/2011 Exploring Bora Bora
08/01/2011 Bora Bora in the clouds
08/01/2011 The winds have let up!!
07/31/2011 The kids at play on their Hobis
07/31/2011 Bread day on Zephyr
07/30/2011 Day 3 in Bora Bora
07/28/2011 Second post of the day. One just wasn't enough.
07/28/2011 Getting caught up. Two posts!!
07/25/2011 More photos.
07/22/2011 Still here.
07/22/2011 A short hop and in we go.
07/21/2011 We're off again.
07/20/2011 Will the wind never stop???
07/19/2011 New photo album of Tahiti and beyond.
07/18/2011 How to get lost in one easy lesson
07/15/2011 An easy overnight
07/12/2011 It's been a while.
07/05/2011 Up into the mountains!
07/03/2011 Time in Papeete
06/21/2011 Price comparisons
06/21/2011 Getting settled in.
06/15/2011 We made it.
06/14/2011 On the way again.
06/05/2011 Plans chage again.
06/05/2011 Dinner ashore.
06/05/2011 Some work and some play.
06/05/2011 Still stuck here
06/05/2011 And the storm came!
06/05/2011 We've headed North
06/01/2011 Up comes the anchor and off we go--again!!
05/27/2011 Still at the village of Rotoava on Fakarava.
05/27/2011 Safe and sound
05/24/2011 Out on the water again.
05/21/2011 A short hop
05/16/2011 Another day in a soggy paradise.
05/16/2011 A hike along the beach.
05/16/2011 Up the West coas to Anaho Bay
05/14/2011 We've moved.
05/09/2011 Settling in.
05/06/2011 Playing tourist for a change.
05/06/2011 Follow up
05/06/2011 We made it!!!!!!!
05/05/2011 Day 26 The last day out.
05/04/2011 Day 25 Two more to go.
05/03/2011 Day 24 Still out here but getting closer.
05/02/2011 Day 23 Almost there!!
05/01/2011 Day 22 Boy what a storm last night!
04/30/2011 Happy Anniversary!!
04/29/2011 We're Shellbacks!!!
04/28/2011 Day 19 heading for the equator--finally
04/27/2011 Day 18 and on it goes.
04/26/2011 Day 17. Motoring and squalls
04/25/2011 Day 16--Rain rain go away!!
04/24/2011 Day 15 more of the same.
04/23/2011 Day 14 Out for two weeks!!
04/23/2011 Day 14 Out for two weeks!!
04/22/2011 Day 13. Suggestions and things that work.
04/21/2011 Day 12 Our first squalls
04/20/2011 Day 11
04/19/2011 Pooped!
04/18/2011 All done with our Spinnaker.
04/17/2011 Another day of slow wind.
04/16/2011 Day 7
04/15/2011 A tough 24 hours
04/14/2011 Day 5s report.
04/13/2011 Day 4
04/12/2011 A tough morning.
04/11/2011 Day 2
04/10/2011 Finally on our way!
04/10/2011 We're finally out!!
04/08/2011 Closer!
04/08/2011 23 hours and counting
04/07/2011 Newest time table.
04/03/2011 Back at the marina again!!!
04/01/2011 Setting off tomorrow.
03/31/2011 The "off" switch
03/31/2011 The fix is in. Now it's something new.
03/27/2011 The culprit is found.
03/26/2011 Still stuck at the dock!
03/25/2011 Here we go again!!!
03/23/2011 Here's the look of our "NEW" teak.
03/23/2011 Getting closer to going and a list of some of what we have done.
03/17/2011 Here's the reason why.
03/15/2011 We're just fine
02/24/2011 Three big ones
02/20/2011 A little bit of Alaska
02/12/2011 Mast bling
02/11/2011 Life in Paradise
01/29/2011 Reality of a cruiser way of life.
01/23/2011 Catching up.
01/11/2011 Finally into Nuevo Vallarta
01/02/2011 On the mainland now
12/26/2010 It's not all work.
12/25/2010 Catching up
12/16/2010 Mother Natures joke.
12/13/2010 Two stops in one day.
12/12/2010 Anoter rollie passage.
12/11/2010 What day is it anyway?
12/09/2010 Now South of Puerto Escondido
12/07/2010 Into Puerto Escondido
11/30/2010 We're out in the harbor again!!
11/28/2010 SPLASH!!!
11/26/2010 Tomorrow we launch!!
11/21/2010 The last few days.
11/16/2010 Straightening up
11/15/2010 A second post yesterday
11/14/2010 Back to work.
11/14/2010 This is not a normal through hull!
11/11/2010 Mexican 0900 not US 0900
11/10/2010 Not another day in paradise.
11/09/2010 Stow or throw--that was the question.
11/08/2010 More off the list.
11/07/2010 We've got gas.
11/06/2010 Boy, it's cold this morning!
11/06/2010 We've got power all over!
11/05/2010 Another day down.
11/04/2010 The kids are HAPPY
11/03/2010 Boy does my body hurt!
11/03/2010 Moving on board today
11/01/2010 We're back
10/29/2010 Work presses on
10/28/2010 She's moved and ready for work.
10/27/2010 We're in San Carlos!!!
10/25/2010 Into Tucson
10/22/2010 Off tomorrow
10/19/2010 The USDA strikes again.
10/17/2010 Yeah, we're still here in Colorado!
09/25/2010 The plans may be changing.
09/10/2010 We're back in Miami
09/05/2010 What's a sailor to do when they get land locked?
08/26/2010 oops.
08/26/2010 Diesel Class at Mack Boring
08/18/2010 A year since we left.
08/17/2010 Home stretch
08/14/2010 Cut and trim. So it goes.
08/13/2010 On it goes.
08/10/2010 Time marches forward.
08/07/2010 Additional "friend" to view.
08/07/2010 And so it goes.
08/05/2010 Trim update
08/04/2010 It just gets worse.
07/31/2010 Trim is in-sort of.
07/30/2010 New navigation computer.
07/30/2010 Lake Granby
07/28/2010 Off to Lake Granby
07/26/2010 We're done--sort of
07/18/2010 It's HOT and the painting continues.
07/14/2010 First month down--busy busy busy!
06/29/2010 Some new links
06/26/2010 Yesterday sucked
06/23/2010 Part two
06/20/2010 Catching up on the last month
05/19/2010 Back in San Carlos again.
05/19/2010 Heading back South.
05/16/2010 A bit farther North.
05/13/2010 Out from San Carlos
05/11/2010 Back to San Carlos
05/08/2010 A very short hop.
05/06/2010 We've left Guaymas
05/04/2010 Odd jobs and getting ready to cast off again.
05/02/2010 More photos and up the mast.
04/30/2010 New Photo Albums
04/30/2010 Running all over
04/29/2010 Our Second Anniversary!!!
04/27/2010 A push farther up the coast.
04/22/2010 Still here.
04/22/2010 A fast five days.
04/17/2010 About to leave.
04/15/2010 Jobs, jobs jobs.
04/13/2010 Tourista all over again
04/11/2010 Into Topolobampo
04/09/2010 Motoring along
04/07/2010 We're leaving tomorrow
04/05/2010 Another year down
04/01/2010 A short move to a marina.
03/30/2010 Fans and a small move.
03/28/2010 We're in town.
03/27/2010 Day two. Moving right along
03/26/2010 Our journey.
03/26/2010 Back on the water again.
03/25/2010 About to set off for Mazatlan
03/21/2010 The jobs begin.
03/20/2010 Back in La Paz
03/17/2010 A small move today
03/11/2010 Odd jobs.
03/11/2010 Exploring and playing.
03/11/2010 Headed South again
03/08/2010 A pleasant day.
03/08/2010 Wow--what a sail
03/05/2010 Passing time.
03/02/2010 A nice slow sail South.
03/02/2010 A tough move.
03/02/2010 Heading South under spinnaker
03/01/2010 A visit to Salinas
02/28/2010 We've moved on to a new cove.
02/23/2010 relaxing
02/23/2010 Trapped on Board again.
02/23/2010 And the winds blew!
02/20/2010 Exploring on shore.
02/20/2010 Thar she blows and thar she doesn't.
02/19/2010 A really slow sail.
02/17/2010 Sunny and bright.
02/17/2010 We're out of here.
02/14/2010 Added another photo album
02/13/2010 And the winds just kept on blowing
02/10/2010 Shadow is still with us.
02/08/2010 The spinnaker is up!
02/05/2010 We're moving onward again.
02/05/2010 Beautiful weather.
02/05/2010 Oh, what a lovely day.
01/31/2010 A special eveing.
01/31/2010 Rain rain go away.
01/31/2010 Weather change.
01/31/2010 A slight move.
01/31/2010 Moving again
01/28/2010 What a day for sailing!!!
01/26/2010 Provisioning and getting ready to get out of here.
01/24/2010 New photos
01/24/2010 The wind is back!
01/23/2010 It's gone!
01/22/2010 Wind and rain.
01/22/2010 Update
01/18/2010 The last two days.
01/18/2010 Out from San Evaristo.
01/13/2010 Cruising Guides for the Sea of Cortez
01/13/2010 Taks and moving.
01/13/2010 Change of plans.
01/12/2010 A blustery day heading North.
01/10/2010 We're out of here
01/08/2010 Still at it.
01/08/2010 Back on the move.
01/07/2010 The installation continues
01/06/2010 Tracy's Two Cents
01/06/2010 Planning and installation
01/01/2010 New photos
01/01/2010 Now at Marina Palmira
12/30/2009 Trouble in paradise.
12/24/2009 Matt arrived!
12/21/2009 DAY 597 & some of 598--some work and some play
12/20/2009 More pictures
12/19/2009 Day 596 Into La Paz!!!
12/12/2009 Day 593 & 594 We made the jump!
12/12/2009 Still here on day 591
12/12/2009 Day 590 Some work and some play.
12/12/2009 Gatting closer
12/11/2009 Day 587 Our final day in Cabo San Lucas
12/10/2009 Day 586 Steering is fixed
12/08/2009 the continuation
12/08/2009 Day 585 We're not in Kansas anymore Toto.
12/08/2009 Into Cabo
12/07/2009 The past 48 hours.
12/01/2009 Day 581 Check the autopilot and a beach walk.
12/01/2009 Day 580 Sail so far to make so little ground.
12/01/2009 Day 579 A short hop.
12/01/2009 Day 577 & 578 Mother Nature doing what Mother Nature does best(as far as Zephyr goes.
11/29/2009 Day 576 Getting closer to "Mag Bay".
11/29/2009 Day 576 Getting closer to "Mag Bay".
11/28/2009 Day 575 Wind and rest
11/26/2009 Day 574 Some sail and some motor.
11/26/2009 Day 573 Happy Thanksgiving!!
11/26/2009 Day 572 Still heading South and into Turtle Bay
11/22/2009 On our way plus jobs
11/22/2009 Through day 571. Sailing South
11/22/2009 Trying new things on the post.
11/21/2009 Day 568 part two
11/21/2009 Day 568 More odd jobs and a tour of the town
11/21/2009 final test
11/20/2009 More part 2
11/20/2009 More on Ensenada
11/20/2009 Checking into customs in Ensenada
11/17/2009 Just a test 2
11/17/2009 Just a test to see if it works.
11/17/2009 Just testing the SSB radio for posting a post.
11/17/2009 We're finally shoving off!!
12/31/1969 Will this verbal assault ever stop?
Bill & Tracy in Tahiti
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