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Around the world with S/V Zephyr
The adventures of Bill & Tracy as they fulfill their lifes dream of sailing the world. We've dreamed of this for years and now is the time while the health is still good and there is money in the kitty to make it come true.
Zephyr's Photos - San Carlos boat yard
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Under the stern berth dismantling the through hull so the rudder can get dropped.  Lots of screws, nuts and bolts, oh and grease.
Tracy in action with the mighty scraper.
Now she has blue/black toes.
Brackets removed but she doesn
Top pin on the rudder.
Once dropped, the polishing starts to get everything cleaned up.
Down comes the rudder.  It didn
The bottom of one of the deck hatches that is being fiberglassed over.  The steel mending place helped hold the plywood center panel in place after it broke loose about a year ago.  It was time to get them fixed properly.  I
Here are the two hatches all rebuilt side by side.  A nice solid piece of fiberglass they way they should have been built.
The Port side hatch.  Lots of epoxy and sheets of fiberglass.  For the $150 it cost, I can
All reinstalled and ready to be walked on.
Our propeller with the zinc attached to the end of it as well as two(two on each side) more just below it and one below it on the rudder.  One on each side of it also.  As stray electrical current passes through the water, it attacks these pieces of metal and leaves the far more precious stainless steel alone.
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