Around the world with S/V Zephyr

The adventures of Bill & Tracy as they fulfill their lifes dream of sailing the world. We've dreamed of this for years and now is the time while the health is still good and there is money in the kitty to make it come true.

16 February 2018 | Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
14 February 2018 | Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
11 February 2018 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
10 February 2018 | Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
06 February 2018 | Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
26 January 2018 | 18 22.5N:-103 50.9W
26 January 2018 | 17 38.136N:-101 33.221W
26 January 2018 | 17 38.136N:-101 33.221W
26 January 2018 | 17 38.136N:-101 33.221W
24 January 2018 | 17 38.136N:-101 33.221W
23 January 2018 | 16 01.07N:-098 03.04W
18 January 2018 | Marina Chahue, Huatulco, Mexico
15 January 2018 | Marina Chahue, Huatulco, Mexico
14 January 2018 | Marina Chahue, Huatulco, Mexico
12 January 2018 | Marina Chahue, Huatulco, Mexico
10 January 2018 | Marina Chahue, Huatulco, Mexico
08 January 2018 | 16 09.960N::-095 00.010W
08 January 2018 | 16 09.960N::-095 00.010W
06 January 2018 | 15 48.517N::-093 37.521W
03 January 2018 | Bahia Del Sol, El Salvador

Being sick SUCKS!!!

16 February 2018 | Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Bill/sunny and warm
And so the "plague" continues. We're both on antibiotics and other stuff trying to get rid of what we have. Tracy gets better then worse while I just keep coughing and getting "stuff" out of my nose and throat. Not a pretty site let me tell you. While it looks like we may have different ilnesses, Tracy sleeps in the stern cabin and I on a bunk in the main salon. We don't want to share or intermingle what we have. We go out once in a while to get a few things at the local over priced market and then head back to Zephyr to hide out. We are keeping a really low profile so as not to spread it around. I went to a seminar yesterday here in Paradise Village about electrics on boats and made sure everyone in attendance knew I was sick and to make sure they stayed far away from me. No shaking hands nor hugs so everyone kept a pretty good distance from me. I'm scheduled to give a talk on Monday about our trip across the Pacific so cold(or what ever it is I have)or not, I'll be there. One of the reasons we came back early this year was to pass on what we have learned during our years at sea. It should be an interesting talk. While at the seminar, I met some people that have a boat like ours that are staying at the marina in La Cruz. She's going to put out the word that we would be able to come over to their marina and talk to all the cruisers there. There isn't a lot of communication between the marinas about these talks so it's more of a "listen to the grapevine" to find out whats going on.

That's about it for now. We are both laying low though I did go out early this morning and wash the deck of all the dirt and salt from our last trip. We got sick so soon after getting here that while everything on deck got covered and stowed, we never got to wash all the dirt off and get the salt residue off everything that was out there as well as all the blocks for our lines.

Off to see the doctor, etc.

14 February 2018 | Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Bill/sunny and warm
It's now Monday after a relatively quiet weekend. Being on "A" dock puts us closer to the big resort with all it's hotels and the activities that they have for people that are staying here. We think it's a "time share" type of resort as just about all the people that are staying here are our age or older. As it was in Huatulco and Zuhuatanejo, we are part of the "retired" crowd seeing many people our age or older. We've not seen to many younger people since we've been here. As we've traveled the world, we are used to seeing lots of much younger people in the places we've stopped but being Mexico and so close to the US and Canada, it's seems to be "the" place for many older people to take vacations. The marina we are tied to is just about full, a big improvement since we were here in 2011. We're considering keeping Zephyr here over the Summer as the rates are lower and the chances of getting nailed by a hurricane much lower than farther up the Sea of Cortez. We just have to make the decision as to what to do. Summers down here can be unmercifully hot where your air conditioner is your best friend.

It took a few days but I think Tracy has come down with her own cold. She's running just a bit of a fever and it resting in the stern cabin. I, meanwhile am sleeping in the main salon on one of the settees. I'm carrying tissues where ever I go and a bandana to cough into instead of spreading more germs every where we go. Hand sanitizers are also part of everyday life. While Tracy has avoided just about everything I've touched, the tight confinement of being on a boat make it pretty much a certainty that she will get it though she didn't get my last cold.

I'm now set to give a talk to fellow cruisers next Monday about our circumnavigation. What we took, what we wished we'd taken, checking in and out of countries, etc. I've got two hours so theres going to be a bunch packed in the talk.

Our neighbors took off two days ago to do some sailing and have just returned. Bad thing is that they still have to pay for their slip so it will be there for them when they return. Meanwhile, we are plugged into shore power, water and even cable tv(watching the olymics). I watching "Curling" as I'm typing this.

It's now Wednesday and our neighbors came back yesterday. Short trip out to have some fun.

Yesterday, Tracy was feeling so bad that we went up to the doctors office that the resort has(lots of old people in the place) and got checked out. She's got a respiratory infection of sorts and will be on meds for a while(along with me). She didn't catch what I have so at least I don't feel guilty about giving what I have to her. She got it on her own. Meanwhile we both sit here and cough and hack and go through tissue like it's going out of style.

We're set to give a talk next Sunday to other cruisers about our passage, especially about getting from here to Tahiti. We've got two hours to do it in and after that, we'll have to schedule another talk. Lots of ground to cover plus the question and answer period that will come after it. Not sure we can do it in just two hours as I've put together some pictures to show as well. It should be fun. We at least have a few days to recover.

As for todays picture, until we are well, it's about all we are up to but at least the olympics are on. While most channels are in Spanish, we have found some in English. Glad the marina gives us free cable.

Stay away from civilization!!!

11 February 2018 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Bill/sunny and warm afternoons
For the second time in the last few months, I seem to catch a cold when we go into a marina. I just started a new battle two days ago, starting with a slight baggy cough and now it’s gone into my head battling with my sinus passages. Sniffle, sniffle, blow, all day and much of the night. I’m now sleeping out in the main salon trying to keep Tracy from getting it but we both think it could be a loosing battle due to our closeness inside Zephyr. Hand sanitizers and lots of tissues along with NyQuil and DayQuil are my two best friends. We’ll see how long this one lasts but I’ll be thrilled when it’s gone.
Blue decided to jump ship this morning with Tracy finding her on the dock when she came back from the hotel. As soon as Blue saw her, she immediatley reversed her course and headed back on board. Now she’s grounded for a while and it’s not making her the least bit happy. She wines and meows and chirps trying to get us to let her out as Snowshoe(other cat) is outside and she just knows it’s unfair. When we let him in, Blue marches over and give him a quick left hook just to show she’s upset.
So, for the next day or three, I’ll be taking it easy and getting some rest. We were going to have a birthday party yesterday but it’s been postponed for a while.
The photo today is of the sun rise as we rounded the cape and came into Banderas Bay where Puerto Vallarta is located. A huge inversion is keeping all the pollution right up along the coast. We are not used to temps in the 60s and the sun not coming up till close to 0730.

Getting settled in in Puerto Vallarta

10 February 2018 | Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Bill/overcast and felt like freezing this morning.
It’s now Saturday and we’ve pretty well settled in with several trips to grocery stores as well as getting internet for the boat. Paradise Village offers internet but you have to walk up to the main hotel complex to get it. No idea why it’s not offered at the marina but its’s not. As was expected and has happened in other countries, Tracys Samsung phone just wasn’t new enough to work with their system so as has happened in numerous countries, we had to buy another phone. I think we now have at least 8 phones on board from the different countries where what we have just doesn’t work. Tel Cel offers “4G” but Tracys phone would only do 2G if we were in the right place. Start a search in Google, put the phone down and wait. You’ll get your answer in a while. Tracy is up at the hotel downloading programs and info she had in her old phone. The plans we are on are set at 4 gig for $25.70US and it’s good for 30 days. In South Africa, we could get 20 gigs for under $15US. It was the cheapest anywhere we went. We went through hundreds of gigs while we were there.

On Thursday I met with one of the organizers for the Pacific Puddle Jump group about giving a talk to the group of cruisers that are planning on setting off for where we have already gone.We may be giving a talk this Monday or on the 19 but no definite date has been set. We want to pass on what information we can to help other coming after us.

On Thursday, we caught a bus downtown to visit the local Costco and restock on their canned chicken and tuna, both stapes of our diet. We were down to our last few cans after finding some when we were in the Caribbean but that was quite a while ago. We bought a few other items and still need to find a supply of kitty litter to keep the kids happy and the boat smelling
better.We left Panama with well over 100 pounds and are down to our last 50 or so. It’s like kitty food, you can’t have enough food and litter because you never know when you will find more.

Yesterday, after a trip to the new local Super Market for more things and to see what they had, we had a nice lunch on board and then we went by cab(no buses go there)to the new WalMart and TelCel to renew Tracy phone plan and that’s when we found out that her phone was just too old for what is offered now. 2G, 3G, 4G!!!It seems crazy to us that while the phone is still perfectly good, it just won’t work with what is offered by phone and internet companies.

Banderas Bay has a morning VHF net every day at 0830 so on Wednesday, our first day in the marina, we got on and introduced our selfs and that we were just finishing our circumnavigation. Later that day, one of the other cruisers stopped by and asked us over for drinks and to trade stories. We ended up with a group of 8 all with stories to tell. It was a fun evening with lots of laughs and liqueur and stories.

We’ve been slowly getting adjusted to being in a marina with steady power and a place on shore where we can take HOT showers instead of the cool or cold ones we get on board Zephyr. It’s a nice place to spend some time with a huge beach plus swimming pools and a grocery store that charges more since it’s a tourist resort. We visited the store and walked out with no one thing. We knew other markets would give us more to choose from and at a better price. We’re not going hog wild with what we are buying as we expect to be putting Zephyr on the hard in about 4 to 5 months before we go home to Colorado. We’re trying to figure out a safe place where hurricanes won’t come and real havoc where we will be. We don’t want to be back in Colorado now secure in where we have Zephyr in storage.

As for the last part of our trip here from Zihuatanejo, it was another motor trip though we did get some motor sailing in during the few times the wind blew. We’d get up to over 7 knots when that happened. Just south of here is Cabo Corrientes, known for having fickle weather. Calm one minute and blowing like stink the next. The safest time to cross it is at night and that is just what we did as did a couple other boats at the same time. One going north and one south getting through there before it really started blowing. Tracy was below off watch as we crossed and was surprised when she came on deck to find we had already passed it. With her great planning skills and knowledge of the weather, it was a piece of cake.

While I’d called the marina before we left Zihuatanejo for the trip north, we got one of the few remaining slips. When we left here in 2011, it was only about 75% full and is now at close to 100% with a waiting list for certain times of the year. It’s well run, clean and even offers cable TV in every slip. We got our cable yesterday while we were at Walmart so now we can what what few channels come with English. We installed a TV when we were still up in Washington and can only use it when we have marina power.

We’ve had a couple of lights burn out over the last few weeks and I’m starting to run out of the compact fluorescent bulbs we have on board so I’ll be out searching next week for more. We still have for find new hoses for the stern head so I can get it up and running again. We know where it’s available but just have to get there.

That’s it for now. Oh, I forgot, we went to McDonalds on Thursday when we were in town. We both had Big Macs but they offered sliced Jalapeños, two types of salsa and a spicy mayonnaise out on the condiment counter. Of course there was no salt and pepper but let me tell you, when i was done decorating my Big Mac, it was like none I’d had before. Nice and spicy for my burned out taste buds—YUM!

As you can see from todays picture, Blue is THRILLED to be back in a marina again.

We made it around the world!

06 February 2018 | Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Bill:sunny and warm
At 0930 this morning, we pulled into Puerto Vallarta after leaving on April 9,2011 for the South Pacific. I'll write more over the next day or so and try and post some photos. No internet at the boat so I have to walk to the hotel to get it.
Nice being back where we left, six year, ten months and about 52,000 Miles.
Bill & Tracy

We've left Zihuatenejo

26 January 2018 | 18 22.5N:-103 50.9W
We pulled up our anchor yesterday about 0845 and took off for out last big jump for a while. Once we get ti Puerto Vallarta, it will finish our circumnavigation of the world!!! It only took about 6 years and 10 months to do it. We got into a positive current stream shortly after leaving Z town and were making over 7 knots for quite some time. We even had some decent winds so up when the mainsail and out came the big genoa at the bow and off we went. We geared back on the engine and pushed on. We've seen a few freighters and just one sailboat coming south probably to Z town for the Sail Fest. It hasn't even started and several of the events are already sold out. They started booking for some of the eeventa two weeks ago, long before it was to even start. Those that got here really early got in and those that are showing up now are frozen out. One of their big things it so take people out on "sunset" cruises. Word came over the radio a few days ago that the skippers were getting back to the harbor too late(after dark)and were to try and get back earlier. Well to do that would mean missing the sunsets they had paid to see. Just don't understand their reasoning plus they scheduled some event to start at 1800 before these people that volunteered to take these people out for the cruises can get back to enjoy the events. It's now the smoothest run fest. We should be in PV by early Tuesday at the rate we are going having covered 145 miles in the first 24. Total trip is about 365 so we still have a ways to go but the engine is purring along nicely and with luck we will have some more wind today.
Vessel Name: Zephyr
Vessel Make/Model: Shin Fa 458
Hailing Port: Denver, Colorado
Crew: Bill & Tracy Hudson
About: We've been sailing since the early 80's on lakes in New Mexico and Colorado and finally took the plunge and bought Zephyr.
We moved on board in April of 2008 and have been working and sailing her ever since. Up to Alaska and down to Mexico and across the Pacific to Fiji. From Fiji to the Philippines and down to South Africa for Christmas 2015. We've now made it to the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal. With [...]
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The electrical connection with switch for the new Spectra Watermaker.
Our new watermaker--it still needs the hoses run but we are getting closer to getting the job done.
La Panga Restaurant and Marina Palmira office
You put your trash out in trash cans by the curb.  Here, they put it in raised steel containers to keep animals out of it while awaiting pickup.
OK, sounds like a restaurant I want to try.  Nothing wrong with a skull on the sign.
Boats in Marina Palmira.
Bigger power boats in Marina Palmira.
More boats in Marina Palmira.
Marina Costa Baja
Looking West from the marina.
Looking North towards the hotel La Fiesta.
Boats at Marina Costa Baja.
We sat for quite a while just watching the sun go down and see all her changing colors.  Each night provided a whole rainbow of colors.
La Fiesta Hotel.  Nice place and just about empty.
Matt getting some relaxation at the pool.
They stroll the docks each day.
Along the sidewalk at Marina Costa Baja.
Looking down from above.  Boy, it
The view from the top of the mast of the marina.
Out into the bay.
The "Beach Club at the hotel.
More of the Marina and the hotel.
Pangas along the beach at Los Muertos.
The dingy dock at Los Muertos.
Looking out from the restaurant at Los Muertos.
Pelicans and the pangas along the launching ramp at Los Muertos.
The Sun glinting off the bay at Los Muertos.
What used to be the Giggling Marlin restaurant.  Now El Carbon.
Rock walls out by the dingy dock at Los Muertos.
One of the flying Manta Rays at Los Frailes.  Look closely.
More flying Manta Rays at Los Frailes.
The Eastern end of Los Frailes.
Ensenada de Los Muertos.
The ceiling of the restaurant at Los Muertos.
Blue goes hunting.  She knows there is something on the barbecue grill
With her toes spread, she is weaving on the life line.  The camera is still, she is not!
At anchor in Los Frailes.
The anchorage in Los Frailes.
At the pot luck dinner along the beach in Los Frailes waiting out the wind.  The wind won!!
Our new Fender Step.  It will make coming into dock much easier.
Our new Spectra 200T watermaker.  Now all we have to do is find the time to install it.
The Immigration Office in Ensenada, Mexico.  At least it is all in one building now instead of spread all over town.
The big flag by Baja Naval Marina.  An easy land mark to navigate to.
The Port Captain
The Mexican courtesy flag flying from our mast spreaders.
Celebrating crossing into Mexico.  The white wine had gone bad so we gave it to King Neptune instead.
Looking towards Ensenada Harbor.
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