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The adventures of Bill & Tracy as they fulfill their lifes dream of sailing the world. We've dreamed of this for years and now is the time while the health is still good and there is money in the kitty to make it come true.

25 September 2016 | Prickly Bay area
19 September 2016 | Prickly Bay
16 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada
15 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina, Grenada
12 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina, Grenada
09 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina, Grenada
09 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina, Grenada
05 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina, Grenada
03 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina, Grenada
03 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada
01 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada
01 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada
01 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada
30 August 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada
30 August 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada
30 August 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada
30 August 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada
30 August 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada
30 August 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada
27 August 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada

Getting caught up

25 September 2016 | Prickly Bay area
It's now Thursday and we have left Prickly Bay after a nice five days there. It definitely helped getting our sea legs back as this Bay can be quite rolling when the wind comes out of the South pushing swells into the Harbour. Last Saturday, our first day in was a mess with lots of swell pushing for most of the night making it hard to sleep after two months tied to a nice stationary dock in a marina.
Sunday was more Mexican Train Dominoes in the afternoon. Monday was a trip to Island Water World where I can bough a "Luci"light. These are a newly designed solar powered LED light fixture that you blow up. Eight hours in the Sun and you can get up to twelve hours of illumination. The one I bought has red, green, blue, yellow,cyan and even white. It will stay one color or rotate through them. Not that expensive and requires no external boat power to run.
Tuesday was another shopping trip in a van/taxi to the bank, Ace Hardware, Budget Marine and several different grocery stores. Leaves at 0930 and gets back about 1300.
Our masthead anchor light stopped working again so I opened the cabinet where the switch is and loosened and tightened each screw and it came back on that evening. No trip up the mast this time.
Wednesday was another trip back from Island Water World for a second Luci light but they had sold out. No surprise as they are quite popular out here. In the afternoon, more Mexican Train Dominoes and a dinner at the restaurant with some other cruisers we met when we got here.
This morning, we upped the anchor and took off about 1100 for the West side of the island so we could make the jump to Carriacou, a small island on the north end of the Grenada island chain. Supposed to be a slice of heaven. All laid back and beautiful. We are now at anchor in Happy Hill Cove about half way up the west side and will be making the rest of the trip tomorrow. It's another 28 miles, so no big deal. Winds are supposed to be perfect then but according to the forecasters, it will shift to more northeast by Saturday and since that's the way we want to go, we will only spend one night here. As it is, we're in a national part and got hit up by, one of the ranges for a $10US admission and mooring ball usage as no anchoring is allowed. One nights not going to kill us and we just had a nice big rain storm come through so it's a good thing we were nice and safe on a mooring ball when the winds came through the cover.
Tomorrow, on the move again. We should have Internet tomorrow once we get in so I can post this plus updates.

It's now Friday and we dropped the line to the mooring ball before 0800 and took off for the 28+ mile trip north to Carriacou Island. Winds were a bit quiet for the first part of the trip. Last night, as we came into where we thought we would anchor, the good folks of Grenada were merrily burning their trash in the dump that right next to the anchorage. We doubled back and took a spot upwind of the dump. Really glad we did as when we got up this morning, the wind had pretty much stopped and smoke covered the entire hillside ahead of us as well out onto the water. If I owned property any where near this place, boy would I be mad!!! Maybe air conditioning would have made a difference but I doubt it as the stench of all the burning plastic hung in the air. We both covered our faces with wet clothes as we motored past. Yuck!

We pressed on with the wind finally coming up to between 10 and18 knots. Bad thing was that it was about 60 degrees off the starboard bow so the Genoa sail was a bit pinched but drove us along at anywhere from 5 to 7 knots. Seas weren't bad but we hit some current as we made the jump from Grenada to Carriacou. A few waves splashed along the starboard side but no big deal. We pulled into Terryll Bay just about 1300 and dropped anchor in about 18 feet of water onto a combo bottom of sand, grass and old dead coral. After another great lunch, I strapped on my fins and grabbed my mask and went to see what we were anchored in. We'd dragged over some dead flat coral and started digging into the sand next to a bunch of grass. No problem. We were nicely set.
When I swam back to Zephyr, I found that the big cone zinc on the back of the prop was gone along with its screw that holds it on. Tracy grabbed me one from our zinc locker along with a screw and an Allen wrench and on went the new one.

Now diving on the anchor covered a couple of basics. Not only did I see how and where we were anchored, but I got the stinking sweat off my body! Tracy had already told me I was a bit "ripe" so this dunk lead to a full blown shower with even some shampoo and soap to help wash away what might have stayed once I was back on board. Now I'm nice and clean and sitting in the cockpit trying not to start sweating again. Good luck with that.

It's now Saturday and we've checked the weather for any problems east of us. Yep, you got it. There's a big disturbance on its way towards us with a 50% chance of it becoming a hurricane. We never even got to shore in Carriacou! We pulled up the anchor and started heading back to Grenada just in case it decided to continue its current course which would take it just north of Grenada. Not a good thing. We'll be back in Grenada and maybe Prickly Bay by night fall and have to make the decision by Sunday as to leave for Trinidad or not. If so, we'll check out of Prickly Bay first thing Monday (closed on Sunday)and hard south again. I'd just sent Power Boats on Thursday that it would be about a month before we showed up. Maybe not. If it does veer north and go away, we can always head for Charlotteville on Tobago. Supposed to be absolutely lovely. A big hint that something was coming this way was that we'll over a dozen cruisers that were anchored in the same Bay as up, pulled up their anchor and have already headed south just in case. A real case of "follow the leader". The last time we saw this(and disregarded it)was when we were north of Singapore nicely anchored. We saw a huge number of local fishing boats and even two Navy boats come in and anchor. We, stupidly, took off anyhow and got our butts kicked a couple of hours later. Not this time. I'll let you know when I get more information about what may or may not becoming our way. Sorry about the delay getting this post out but no Internet since we left Prickly Bay last Thursday.

We are nicely set back in Prickly Bay after an easy trip south. Plans are to check out of Grenada tomorrow morning and leave in the afternoon for Trinidad. An 80 mile trip so we figure to do it over night again getting in early Tuesday morning. Then make plans for the haul out. A big tropical depression is on its way straight to Grenada so it's a good thing we are getting out now. Should be here sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday morning. Everyone is watching the weather.

Over to Prickly Bay

19 September 2016 | Prickly Bay
Bill/sunny and hot
We dropped the dock lines this morning just after 0900 and took off for Prickly Bay a couple of miles west of Secret Harbour Marina. We paid our final bill earlier after our water and electric meters were read. Since we were just two days past our second month,they didn't charge us for them, just the water and power. Jerry, the "dock master" and security guard got everything read and took care of our lines as we left the dock. Tracy was on the dock up at the bow and took in the bow dock lines and slowly pushed us away from the docks. The wind had been on our port side most of the morning but switched to be coming over the bow just as we were about to leave so we just powered into it and out away from the docks. Nice and easy. We motored around the headlands and away from all the reefs the crowd the waters and made it in about an hour later.
Once in Prickly Bay,we motored around the bay looking for a place to drop our anchor. We chose a spot and dropped but a cruiser on a boat near us came on deck and yelled across the water that he thought we were to close so up came the anchor and we went looking for a second spot. About ten minutes later, down went the anchor again and we let Zephyr drift back and set the hook deep in the sand bottom. When I brought it up earlier,it was caked in nice lumps of sand and that makes for good holding. Once securely anchored, we started putting away more things on deck
I coiled up our five big docklines so they could be stowed in one of our deck lockers. I turned on our DuoGen wind generator and set it spinning in the ever present breezes that keep us cool. Tracy, meanwhile set about making some Tom KaGai soup that she learned how to make back in Thailand. Always yummy and even more so since one of the van/taxi drivers told us that he could get us fresh lemon grass, roots and all. We'd had a discussion about the grass a few days earlier. We'd told him about making soup with it. Since we wanted the roots and all, he thought we were,planning on growing it. Nope, just for soup. Now Blue, one of our cats had a different ideas for it. She saw the long stalks of grass and went nuts trying to get to it. She, as well as our other cat love to eat grass and nothing entices her off the boat more than the sight of fresh grass growing in cracks in the docks. Here, she had it right inside the boat and lots of it. Of course as cats will do, after eating some, she promptly threw it back up in a nice yucky mess. Ah, the joys of being a cat. I think she got more excited with the grass than the last time we brought out our supply of catnip.
We're now anchored in 36 feet of water with lots of chain out and a good stiff breeze happily spinning our generator, bobbing in the slight swell coming into the harbor, sitting in the cockpit enjoying it.
The picture is looking up from the docks at Secret Harbour Marina.

Some times spell checker doesn't get it right.

16 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina,Grenada
Bill/sunny and some breeze
Yesterday, we went to a cooking demo across the island. It's supposed to be about "native" cooking taught by two locals. Yesterday's class was for marinated chicken and bread fruit and potato balls.

These classes are tailored to foreigners, not a local other than the teachers were there. The "chefs handed out the recipes and then showed us the way to cook it. When we saw the recipe, it called for "Thai" chicken. Yea! We love Thai chicken. Great flavors and nice spiciness. Here comes the typo from Spell Checker. It wasn't Thai chicken. It was supposed to be thighs of chicken. Rats! In the end, they actually used chicken legs. Cheaper since it's less meat. They never gave out any recipe sheets for the bread fruit and potato balls. Oh well, it was a great way to get off the boat for an afternoon.
As of now, we are disconnecting from the marina here in Secret Harbour tomorrow and heading around the headlands to Prickly Bay for a few days and then north to visit another island and then down south to Trinidad for our repairs. We heard from Power Boats that they are accepting full responsibility for the accident and will get us made right. For once, an honorable boat yard. How refreshing!!!!

Getting ready to move again.

15 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina, Grenada
Bill/ Sunny and hot
We're getting ready for the short trip, like 3 miles, to Prickley Bay right around the bend. We need to get our "sea legs" back before we leave for Trinidad. For those of you that have followed our past few posts, you know about the damage we found on the keel caused by the lifting straps as we were leaving Power Boats down in Trinidad. Well that's going to require us to make the over night passage back to Trinidad. We've heard about a bay on Tobago called Charlotteville. Supposed to be a great place to spend some time and relax. Very cruiser friendly so we want to stop there on the way down south.

We heard back from Power Boats yesterday and with little surprise, they have taken full responsibility for the accident and want us to come back so they can get us hauled out and the repairs taken care of. As I've said in the past posts about Power Boats, they are a great yard that really caters for and bends over backward to cruisers. Most of the previous yards we've been in just aren't that way. Should something happen to your boat, it's just never their fault and won't fix anything. Power Boats promised us that we would smile when we left their yard being satisfied with what ever was done in the yard and they meant it. Now we just have to arrange our schedule to get back there. They say they are full but will find a place for us when we show up.

Yesterday morning, we spent tearing poor Zephyr apart. A couple of months ago, I took out the replacement gears for out DuoGen air generator from the big box they had been stowed in. Now it's time to finally replace them as we will be back off shore power and will need it to give us some amps as the wind blows. Could we find the gears we took out from their storage box? Heck NO!!! They had disappeared! Not the first time we've lost things in the boat. I still haven't found a SurFlo water pump I brought back almost three years ago. No clue where it made of too. After looking for several hours, I had to take the shuttle bus to Water World chandlery to see of I could find a new "O" ring for the fuel connector on the Tohatsu. As simple little "O" ring, no problem right. Were we're not back in the US where you can get just about anything. We'd already tried Budget chandlery, Ace Hardware and now it was time for Water World. As expected, it was a NO. Close but just to thick to let the fitting fit over the connector on the engine. Oh well, I already bought one at Budget as a back up and now it was time to pull it out. Worked just fine but I always like to have a spare incase it dies again in some out of the way cove on some out of the way island. All in good time, I'll find it. Meanwhile it sits in the top drawer of my chest, safe and sound so it won't get lost.

When I got back, Tracy had torn the place apart and was quite frustrated(not a pretty site). We kept digging, sometime doing the same place two times. In the end, we were down to under the stern bunk(where we had originally taken the past from). We lifted the starboard side of the berth and dug in. Down aways was a plastic bag full of other parts we'd been collecting. In the bottom of that bag was the gears we had been looking for. Neither of us had any kind of clue as to how it had gotten in there. The last time either of us saw it was when it was put on the workbench several months ago. We had the part and this morning, I took the head gear unit off the DuoGen, re read the instruction again(never hurts to read the owners manual)and went at it loaded with allen wrenches, a couple of types of grease(bearing take one kind and the gears use a different)a couple of rags to get off the old grease and a rag to set everything on on the salon table. About an hour later, it was all done. The old set of gears, while not bad like the last time I changed them were just making too much noise as the propeller spun. So with lots of new grease and some time and a few adjustments, she's up and running on the stern just fine. One thing about where we are, it's always has a nice breeze. Not to strong and not calm. She's nice and quiet so far. We'll find out how quiet she is the next time a blustery storm shows up.(See the picture)

This afternoon, we are off to a cove a few miles west of here for a cooking demonstration on Trinidad cooking. We went a couple of months ago and Tracy went once while I was gone. I'll let you know what they teach us.

Tubing down the river

12 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina, Grenada
Bill/sunny with a nice breeze
On Saturday, we took off on a trip up into the mountains for a tube ride down one of Grenadas rivers. The minivan/taxi showed up about 0830 and four of us piled in from Secret Harbour Marina and then we headed over to Prickly Bay and got one more. Next, to Whisper Cove Marina where we met up with the mini van/taxi driven by "Shademan"/Patrick who had organized the trip. In the end, there were 26 of us spread between the two vans.

Up into the mountains we went with the vans struggling along up and down the hills. In the end, we got there about 1030 and the first ten people lined up for the trip down the river. They only have enough tubes for ten at a time along with four "guides" that make sure everyone comes through safely and should you get stuck on a rock(happens all the time), they pull you off it and send you on your way again. The rest of us sat around and had some drinks while we waited. In the end, Tracy and I were in the third and final trip of the day with just six of us and the four "guides". It was a blast to make your way down the small river going in and around the boulders that fill the stream. The owners had obviously worked their way down the stream probably many years ago and reorganized the rocks to give the best path down the river. There hadn't been much rain in a while so the river wasn't that full but there was plenty to get us moving and keep us moving. It took about 45 minutes for the ride and then out of the water and up to the waiting bus and back to the compound where we started for lunch.

Lunch was a choice of fish or chicken(barbecued) along with a rice with black eyed peas, stewed pumpkin, salad and a glass of passion fruit juice to drink. All in all, the day cost a total of $180EC or $66.00US for everything for both of us. It was loads of fun and I got lots of pictures and videos of the trip.

On the way back one of the vans got a flat after hitting one of the pot holes in the road. If you look at the tires of just about all the vehicles on the roads here, most of their tires are bald or darn close to it. There is no snow requiring tread and they only really travel on some what paved(in bad condition) roads so tires with tread aren't really needed. We finally got back about 1600 and took the rest of the day off. It was really a nice way to spend a day.

The picture today shows Tracy covered from head to toe. No chance of sun burn nor bites from Mosquitos(Zika is here) and add on the crash helmet and she was good to go. Let's not forget the life jacket plus she had on scuba booties to protect her feet and the dark glasses for her eyes. You don't get much more prepared for everything than that.

Teak damage.

09 September 2016 | Secret Harbour Marina, Grenada
Bill/Sunny and hot
Here's a picture of the teak damage from the lift.
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