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Sailing 4 Sweetie
Sweetie for Sale
03/16/2012, San Carlos, Mexico

What do you do after a major retrofit/update and new bottom paint? Sell of course! we brought Sweetie back to modern over the summer, not realizing that in several months we would make the decision to sell, but at least she's in great shape for new owners. I have gotten lots of use out of my sewing station since installed over summer- big shout out to Tim on Kona for getting me through the finish line. I've got two quilts almost finished and love sitting down to work even when under way on calm passages. We're not giving up cruising, just looking for a catamaran that we can continue the adventure on.

With watermaker, solar panels, new battery bank, sailmail access on the ssb and fresh bottom paint, we've been very self sufficient over the last season. To see more photos and all the specs on customized "production" boat, see our ad on Yachtworld

03/16/2012 | S/V Jeorgia
Sweetie will make some new owner a happy camper.

Jose goes pedaling
12/30/2011, Isla Paridita

after calling out the crab eating crocs, Jose, the island caretaker took a shine to our pedal kayaks. He was fascinated by the concept and wanted to get a photo sitting in it. we did one better and showed him how to pedal away. Although he had never ridden a bike before, he took the the idea right away and was touring around the cove in no time.

crab eating crocs
12/30/2011, isla Paridita

Not quite pets, several of the crocs in the brackish lagoon will come when called. Lola and Lalo are the resident Largotos "small crocs" who love a crab treat. we kept a respectful distance for sure.

Isla Parida
12/29/2011, Panama

Our first Island in Western Panama. Isla Parida is surrounded by lots of reefs and rocks. Makes for great kayaking.

Christmas potluck
12/25/2011, Gulfito, Costa Rica

We've finally met up with other cruising boats in Gulfito, just around the corner from Panama. with seven or so other boats here, we are having christmas pot luck at the cruisers clubhouse. Our hosts Tim and Katie of Land and Sea have given us use of the barbecue grill, cutlery and joined in the celebration.

12/28/2011 | Denny
Pot luck with Tim, what a great way to say Merry Christmas
Beach Hike
12/10/2011, Drakes Bay, Costa Rica

Drakes Bay is our first really calm anchorage in several days. From Quepos south, it was pretty rolly, so we are happy to be in really calm waters and free wifi! Dingy landing is very easy at high tide. One of the hotels here keeps a small dock in the mouth of the river so no wet beach landings for us. Yesterday we saw a 3 foot crocodile swimming just off the dock as we were heading back out to the boat. Today we are hiking the beach route thru the jungle. it winds in and out of coves for all the way down the coast. We only walked about two hours in to a grassy point with swaying palm trees. Right out of the tourist brochures. The rain, however, was not part of the photo shoot, so we headed back a little soggier then we came, but as with everything in the heat, we dried quickly once back in town.

Just Hanging Around
12/10/2011, Manuel Antonio Park

Finally- we see the famed sloths of costa Rica. There are so many creatures here at Manuel Antonio Park. Hiring a guide is good idea, because they have telescopes to spy things such as tree bats and land crabs, who are good at camouflage in the jungle. we are also lucky to see squirrel monkeys, which are pretty rare and only located in a few areas of Costa Rica.

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