Sailing 4 Sweetie

16 March 2012 | San Carlos, Mexico
30 December 2011 | Isla Paridita
30 December 2011 | isla Paridita
29 December 2011 | Panama
25 December 2011 | Gulfito, Costa Rica
10 December 2011 | Drakes Bay, Costa Rica
10 December 2011 | Manuel Antonio Park
05 December 2011 | Naranjo, Costa Rica
01 December 2011 | Isla Muertos, Nicoya Peninsula
30 November 2011 | Costa Rica
24 November 2011 | Isla Tortuga, Nicoya Peninsula
22 November 2011 | Curu Preserve, Nicoya Peninsula
07 November 2011 | Bahia Huevos, Costa Rica
05 November 2011 | Sta Elena, Costa Rica
04 November 2011 | Bahia sta Elena, Costa Rica
29 October 2011 | San Juan Del Sur, Nica
29 October 2011 | San Juan Del Sur, Nica
28 October 2011 | SJDS, Nicaragua
27 October 2011 | Puerto Corinto, Nica
26 October 2011 | El Tigre, Gulf of Fonseca

Beach Hike

10 December 2011 | Drakes Bay, Costa Rica
Drakes Bay is our first really calm anchorage in several days. From Quepos south, it was pretty rolly, so we are happy to be in really calm waters and free wifi! Dingy landing is very easy at high tide. One of the hotels here keeps a small dock in the mouth of the river so no wet beach landings for us. Yesterday we saw a 3 foot crocodile swimming just off the dock as we were heading back out to the boat. Today we are hiking the beach route thru the jungle. it winds in and out of coves for all the way down the coast. We only walked about two hours in to a grassy point with swaying palm trees. Right out of the tourist brochures. The rain, however, was not part of the photo shoot, so we headed back a little soggier then we came, but as with everything in the heat, we dried quickly once back in town.
Vessel Name: Sweetie
Vessel Make/Model: 1988 Hunter Legend 45
Hailing Port: Channel Islands
About: Tony and Shannon
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Port: Channel Islands