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Sailing 4 Sweetie
Beach Hike
12/10/2011, Drakes Bay, Costa Rica

Drakes Bay is our first really calm anchorage in several days. From Quepos south, it was pretty rolly, so we are happy to be in really calm waters and free wifi! Dingy landing is very easy at high tide. One of the hotels here keeps a small dock in the mouth of the river so no wet beach landings for us. Yesterday we saw a 3 foot crocodile swimming just off the dock as we were heading back out to the boat. Today we are hiking the beach route thru the jungle. it winds in and out of coves for all the way down the coast. We only walked about two hours in to a grassy point with swaying palm trees. Right out of the tourist brochures. The rain, however, was not part of the photo shoot, so we headed back a little soggier then we came, but as with everything in the heat, we dried quickly once back in town.

Just Hanging Around
12/10/2011, Manuel Antonio Park

Finally- we see the famed sloths of costa Rica. There are so many creatures here at Manuel Antonio Park. Hiring a guide is good idea, because they have telescopes to spy things such as tree bats and land crabs, who are good at camouflage in the jungle. we are also lucky to see squirrel monkeys, which are pretty rare and only located in a few areas of Costa Rica.

A visit from 3 P.A.C.K
12/05/2011, Naranjo, Costa Rica

We are so happy to see our friends Karl, Casey and Patrick from boat 4 P.A.C.K. Andrea had to work so couldn't come out to play :(. We caught up on the 4 years since we saw them last in Mexico. They are doing well living and working in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, while the boys go to international school there. The guys came over on the ferry and we picked them up and motored over to the great little island of San Lucas for the night. Good Times had by all. Sorry it was such a short visit, but we will plan for more when we return to Costa Rica.

12/18/2011 | Vicki Byers
Hi guys,
Glad to hear you are still in Costa Rica, there is still a chance we will have someone to sail with when we return. We are doing a land trip to CR on the 19th of Jan and then back to the boat to head south! Have a great time and let us know about all the great places to stop, Merry Christmas Vicki and Larry
Monster truck rally
12/01/2011, Isla Muertos, Nicoya Peninsula

Finally, Tony got his trucks out of the lazerette and we made a new home forward so he can play with them more. some driftwood and sand dunes and we've got a great road course to play on.

sea critters
11/30/2011, Costa Rica

Still great weather, no rain and visibility is ok. exploring some of the undersea life today.

11/24/2011, Isla Tortuga, Nicoya Peninsula

The islands here are beautiful, with great snorkeling and kayaking. We spent the morning in the kayaks, then got back to start the Thanksgiving duck. No turkey on board, no cranberry sauce either. Fortunately, I had a bag of stovestop stuffing mix from Jean of Mita Kuulluu. with some celery, carrots and oysters added to the stuffing, it was fantastic in the duck. Jean- I'll never diss stovetop again. Finished off with a pecan pie, some thankgiving movies on the DVD and christmas music to boot- we made the most of our first dinner alone. Besides missing both our families get-togethers, it just didn't feel like T-day without our buds Adam and Kris, with whom we've started a biennial tradition.

Monkey See, Monkey Do
11/22/2011, Curu Preserve, Nicoya Peninsula

Its been a while since our last post, my camera battery finally died after taking it snorkeling, so we're on a backup camera with limited functions. After being out island for about 5 days, we've run out of fresh fruit, so we hopped on a bus to Paquera, the nearest town and the caretakers at Curu preserve were great to give us a ride back in their pickup with our jerry cans and bags of produce. While touring the preserve, we saw capuchin and howler monkeys, deer, coati, nutria and a big spider that dropped onto Tony's hat while we were walking up a trail. we didn't stay around long enough to identify what kind of arachnid!

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