Swingin' on a Star

Ship's log for the circumnavigating Saint Francis 50 catamaran, "Swingin on a Star".

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Cane Garden Bay

26 March 2007 | Tortolla
Three nights in the same anchorage in the BVI is sort of sacrilegious so we figured that we'd better move on today. Hideko and I had some morning chores to take care of before we could depart.

When we arrived a few nights back another boat let us know that our starboard running light was out. We cracked it open and discovered that the bulb was fine but the contact just wasn't making contact. It is an Aqua Signal unit and after a little positive bending with the needle nose things were working again. I wish boats were as reliable as cars. Our boat is a little more than a year old and we are never caught up on our repair list. Getting parts and service is also tough in the islands.

Our next project was to go into town and get a fishing license so that we could catch dinner. In the BVI a fishing license lets you catch fish on a line and that's about it. No lobster hunting of any sort, no spear fishing, no conch.

When we had our chores wrapped up we hauled up the anchor and headed out the cut by Monkey Point. We had a very mellow light wind sail down the coast of Tortolla to Cane Garden Bay. Atsuo San and Yukiko San drove the boat most of the way. We picked up a mooring in Cane Garden Bay and dinghied over to the dock on the beach.

We had started ordering conch fritters everywhere we went to see who had the best in the BVI (The Conch Shack in Provo is still the International Champ). The blue place on the beach in Cane Garden was the champ. We had a nice dinner there and went back to the boat to play a few rounds of bridge before turning in for the night.
Vessel Name: Swingin on a Star
Vessel Make/Model: Saint Francis 50
Hailing Port: Las Vegas, NV
Crew: Randy & Hideko Abernethy
About: Randy, Hideko and Roq
Home Page: http://swinginonastar.com
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