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Ship's log for the circumnavigating Saint Francis 50 catamaran, "Swingin on a Star".

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Dragon Bay

18 January 2008 | Dragon Bay
We weighed anchor around 7AM this morning and headed out around southwest point of Grenada for Dragon Bay. Dragon Bay is a small Bay with just enough room for two or three friendly boats on moderate scope. The edges are very reefy and rocky. There are lots of nice open spots of sand to anchor in however and there's a good six feet of water pretty close in to the beach. That said I wouldn't get too close because the not so uncommon light morning westerly breeze may come ghosting in to set you on the sand while you dream.

Doris came in, turned around and left, and after checking out Happy Hill returned to anchor next to us. We later discovered that the 2007/2008 cruising guide they had claims that these two harbors are no anchor zones and that you are to pick up the moorings. There were no mooring in either harbor as of yet. Our 05/06 guide made no mention of restrictions and recommended both anchorages. It seems the mooring plans are still plans. After consulting some folks on shore they suggested we anchor in sand until the moorings arrive. We had both avoided the grass which was growing thick in the deeper water at the mouth of the harbor.

Stian had cut his leg up a bit in Tobago and after a doctors visit was prohibited from diving. This gave him the job of watching the kids while Tina, Hideko and I dove the point.

We did a short swim from the boat on the surface out to the reefs edge. From there we dove down to about 15 feet and began to follow the reef out to the point. At the point several huge chunks of rock seem to have tumbled into the sea creating a large barrier between the bays but with swim throughs and channels between them.

We swam out around the rocks to where the reef formed a wall heading roughly north south. We descended down to the sand bottom at about 50 feet and swam along the base of the wall. The reef is lovely and filled with fish. Tina spotted a turtle and a spiny lobster early in our dive. We ran across a huge spider crab and several other crustaceans, including various cleaner shrimp.

As we came up the reef from the sub-straight into the little bay formed by Mouliniere Point we arrived at the first of several underwater statues. This one was a table with a chair and a basket of fruit set in the sand. Sandy channels 20 feet or so deep run in between the coral heads in this area and the statues are placed in the sand at various locations throughout the reef. At the south end we found a large sandy patch with a statue six feet high and perhaps 15 feet in diameter depicting a large group of people holding hands. The statuary is fairly shallow as are the coral heads up near the cliff making this a great snorkeling location.

We worked our way back through the reef discovering several other impressive statues. As we reached the big rocks we were confronted by a huge school of Silver Sides with some Great Barracuda prowling about the perimeter. It is amazing to swim through a school of hundreds of small fish and watch as they twitch and change directions almost as of a single mind.

After the dive we cleaned up the gear and had a nice filling pasta dinner. August and Agnes seemed to be having a fun day topside and enjoyed the pasta. I think Agnes wore as much as she ate and unfortunately it was a red sauce, nothing a quick swim wouldn't cure though.

The weather was going to get stiff over the next few days so Doris needed to get going, as she was headed for Bequia to meet friends. We said goodbye to our friends from afar and promised to stop by in Bergen if we got the guts to sail that far north in Europe. I have been told by a few English folks that the cruising up in Norway and Sweden in lovely but you know what they say about mad dogs and Englishmen.

We had made a reservation with Port Louis Marina in the morning over the VHF on the way up to Dragon Bay. Tomorrow morning we would start our final big Swingin' on a Star improvement projects and needed to be on a dock somewhere with good access to a chandlery. Prior to the existence of Port Louis, the Grenada Yacht Club would have been the only option. This week, however there was a fishing tournament and the place was packed to capacity with sport fishers.

We motored the short way south to Port Loius and parked at the end of the new mega yacht pier across from a 170 footer and a few ARC boats. We were met by very professional staff on the dock who helped us tie up to the bollards that would be suitable for a 500 ton cargo ship. The Port Louis project was certainly moving along.
Vessel Name: Swingin on a Star
Vessel Make/Model: Saint Francis 50
Hailing Port: Las Vegas, NV
Crew: Randy & Hideko Abernethy
About: Randy, Hideko and Roq
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