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Swingin' on a Star
Ship's log for the circumnavigating Saint Francis 50 catamaran, "Swingin on a Star".
Swingin on a Star's Photos - Roq
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Dad carries me if there
10 - Sandy Island, off of Cariacou, Grenada: #10 Sandy Island, off of Cariacou, Grenada. This is a great little island with lots of perfect sand, grassy areas, small palms and even some old dead trees. There
Embarassing Photos: Sometimes Mom and Dad take embarassing photos
Hot Dog: It is hot in the tropics. Papa shaves both of us with a #3 clipper to stay cool.
Dog Hammocks: There never seem to be any.
9 - Botanical Gardens, Saint Kitts: #9 Botanical Gardens, Saint Kitts. Like, France, Saint Kitts requires you to see a vet before you come ashore, even if you have all of your papers in order. They have a Veterinary school here so vets are not too hard to come by. The BGarden is a great pee but stay away from the forts, they don
8 - Tintamarre, Saint Martin: #8 Tintamarre, Saint Martin. It is a lot of hassel to clear into a French island if you are a dog. We stayed long enough that it was worth it, and Tintamarre is a must pee if you do.
Dirty Dog: I don
Guard Dog: Sometimes I have to guard the boat. Sleeping in the cockpit counts, right?
Drain Plugs are Good: My Dad forgot to put the drain plug in my boat.
7 - Cow Wreck Beach: #7 - Cow Wreck Beach, Anagada, British Virgin Islands. This is a great beach with nice coral for snorkeling and good grassy dunes for peeing.
6 - Caya de Muertos: #6 Caya de Muertos, Puerto Rico. This nice island just off shore from Ponce has a great Spanish Lighthouse from the 1800s you can pee on. If you
5 - Escondido: #5 Escondido (El Valle), Dominican Republic. You might get wet landing on the beach, but the pee spots here are well worth the effort.
4 - Big Sand Cay: #4 Big Sand Cay, Turks and Caicos. This place is top rated if you like to pee on sand (don
Nap: Sometimes you have to take a nap after a hard day of sailing.
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