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Swingin' on a Star
Ship's log for the circumnavigating Saint Francis 50 catamaran, "Swingin on a Star".
Marina Cay
03/24/2007, BVI

We got up early to get my parents over to the air port. They did a bit of their own mad packing and at 8AM we jumped in the dinghy for the trip over to trellis bay. It was actually a little more complicated than that.

Little Star is fairly famous for dousing my Mom on any sort of lengthy excursion. In fact all dinghies seem to douse my Mom. Historically she has had a wave break on her while loading the dinghy at the Baths, she has had the chop soak her solid on the way to numerous restaurants, and now confronted with a trip across the channel to the air port much discussion ensued. People were trying to figure out how to get the Marina Cay shuttle to pick us up (we were anchored out), how to hail a water taxi, how to get one of the guys on the Boston Whalers zipping back and forth to stop and pick us up. I even considered taking the big boat to the dock.

In the end it was Little Star or broke. Hideko and I ferried the luggage over first to keep it dry and Hideko waited at the dock with the bags while I went back for the parental units. This also let me scout out the shortest safe route with the least chop. It wasn't a bad ride over but my Mom did get a little wet just to keep appearances.

It was sad to see them go because most of their time on the boat we were in Japan. We had some food at the Beef Island Airport Cafe, which is surprisingly good, and saw them to the check point. And then there were four.

We motored little star back to the boat and took the rest of the day off with everyone just relaxing and enjoying the view of the North Tortolla Sound.

The British Virgin Islands
Exploring Anagada
03/23/2007, Anagada and Marina Cay

Hideko and I had never fully explored Anagada. It is a lovely island and out of the way, even for the British Virgin Islands. We decided to rent a car and see everything we could while our parents were with us. One of the great things about renting cars in the islands is that Roq can come. Folks just don't get uptight out here (well the tourists do I guess).

We drove through the settlement, checked out the flamingos and stopped by all of the great beaches. We had lunch at Flash of Beauty on Loblolly beach and spent some time looking around the Big Bamboo. We also visited Cow Wreck Beach, my personal favorite (Roq's too I think).

My parents were flying out tomorrow and by the time we got the car back (it was actually a pick up truck with bench seats in the back) it was four in the afternoon. A bit late but we decided to sail down to Trellis Bay so that we would not have to get up too early.

We had a nice trip down to the Bay but it was packed. We drove around the outside a little but I didn't want to even go in there it was so crowded. Plan B. We motored across the way to Marina Cay.

At this point it was just after sunset and a little late to find a mooring this time of year. Rather than bother looking we just anchored in the back of the mooring field. It was a nice anchorage and we all had a nice nights sleep.

The British Virgin Islands
Sailing to Anagada
03/22/2007, Anagada

It was fun to have a full boat again. We rousted the crew late this morning and grabbed breakfast at Leverick Bay. It took us until about 2PM to get ready to set sail.

We motor sailed out of the channel on the North side of North Sound and then sailed for Anagada, 14 miles to the north. It was a little overcast but we had 12 to 17 knots of wind on the beam. I left a reef in to keep things civilized but we still did 9 knots. We reached the outside marker that takes you into the Anagada anchorage at about 3:30 just as a squall was getting ready to hit.

We furled the jib and dropped the main right as the wind gusted up to 20 something and the rain began to come down.

Anagada is surrounded on every side, except some of the west, with shoal reefs. It is not a place to sail frivolously. I wasn't too excited about entering the anchorage with the rain coming down late in the day. Hideko and I had been here several times before so we decided that as long as we could make the buoys we would proceed.

We got into the anchorage without a problem and anchored between the government dock and Potter's By the Sea. The moorings were pretty well taken up. March and April are high season for the charter boat companies.

It was a little choppy in the anchorage but nice to be facing the mess on anchor rather than tied up a stern to it on a dock!

We made reservations at Potters (our favorite place here) and went ashore. Everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and we all had the obligatory Anagada Lobster. A great first day out with the parents.

The British Virgin Islands
The Abernethy's and Matsuzawa's Aboard
03/21/2007, Leverick Bay

Hideko's parents, Atsuo San and Yukiko San arrived today (the day after we did). We took the day to pick them up from the airport and get everyone settled in.

The British Virgin Islands
04/22/2007 | Jeff
Oh man Randy you're a brave, brave man. Both inlaws and outlaws together on a 50' vessel? :-)
04/30/2007 | Randy
Hey Jeff,

Quite a feat huh?! Swingin' on a Star proved up to the task. a great time was had by all. Great to hear from you. How's Itty Kitty progressing?

03/20/2007, Leverick Bay

Here's Mom enjoying the sunset in the cockpit. Hideko and I returned to Leverick Bay late this evening. We can't thank my parents enough for looking after things while we were gone.

Hideko's parents arrive tomorrow and the day after we're panning to sail up to Anagada for a night and then back to Tortolla where my parents will fly home.

The British Virgin Islands
Pop planning the sail
03/19/2007, Leverick Bay

Pops in the Saloon consulting the charts and/or a martini.

The British Virgin Islands
The Current Champ
03/18/2007, Saba Rock

Mom and Dad found my favorite spot at Saba Rock.

The British Virgin Islands

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