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Swingin' on a Star
Ship's log for the circumnavigating Saint Francis 50 catamaran, "Swingin on a Star".
Dive Instructor
05/17/2007, Maya Cove, Tortola

After a bunch of diving and studying I have made it out of the dive tunnel. I am now a dive instructor and can actually dive for fun again. Whew. I have a new respect for PADI dive instructors, it is no simple task to become one.

Hideko and Roq were very understanding as the program ran about 12 hours per day and then I had homework. Hideko even made different kinds of bread for me to take on the boat for everyone each day (Bananna Bread, Lemon Cake, etc).

Now for a bit of rest and then we'll be looking for a window to cross to Saint Martin.

The British Virgin Islands
05/23/2007 | Pablo Ramos
CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a dive instructor!
05/23/2007 | Randy
Thanks!! Now I can teach you to SCUBA. Look out.
05/24/2007 | Pablo Ramos
Dude! Is that a Jellyfish on yo head or do you need another haircut?
Andy and Ian
05/14/2007, Sail Caribbean Divers

The IDC finished today. It was a great program. We get a day off and then it's on to the two day Instructor Evaluation.

Two Staff Instructors, Andy and Ian, assisted Mike with the program. Andy, Ian and Mike are each as talented as they are entertaining.

The British Virgin Islands
Sail Caribbean Divers
05/08/2007, Hodges Creek Marina, Tortola

The only place you can go through the PADI Dive Instructor Training in the BVI is at Sail Caribbean Divers. Mike Rowe is the Course director and founder of the dive business. Mike and his crew do a great job and have a very professional outfit. SCD handles all of the diving for Sun Sail and many of the cruise ships. They also have a Dive Shack on Cooper Island.

The British Virgin Islands
Hodges Creek Marina
05/07/2007, Maya Cove

Maya Cove is a very protected anchorage. The only problem is that there's no place to anchor. It is packed. The Hodges Creek Marina here is the Sunsail base for the BVI and it is amazing how many boats they squeeze into this place.

Outside of the marina there are some mooring balls so we picked one up on the way in. You are really close to all of the boats around you in the mooring field but the water in the cove is flat calm in any wind so it is alright.

I had my first full day of the IDC today. The IDC is the PADI SCUBA organization's Instructor Development Course. It is a pretty serious affair and I am really enjoying it so far. A lot of work though, so back to it...

The British Virgin Islands
Leaving Leverick Bay
05/06/2007, Virgin Gorda

Wow, long time no post. We have several old posts that need to go up and hopefully soon. I have been working on the Divemaster certification here with Dive BVI. We have had a great time learning and spending time with friends (Fred, Cindy, Marc, Mike and many others). Now that my Divemaster is complete we're on our way to Tortolla where I'll start the Dive Instructor program. Two more weeks at the grind stone and then on to Saint Martin!

The British Virgin Islands
Stealer VI
05/05/2007, Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

While Divemastering on Dive BVI's Sea Cat I met a couple of brothers on an Oyster 56, Stealer VI. Very nice boat and a great cruising family. They sailed from Whales with the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) in the Fall of 2006. It was one of the roughest ARCs in recent years but they seemed no worse for the wear. Richard and Chris were prepping the boat for shipping after the rest of the family had flown home. It was great diving with them and we hope to see them in the Med in the years ahead.

The British Virgin Islands
Mega Mike
05/04/2007, Leverick Bay Watersports

Mike (former chef) runs Leverick Bay Watersports. Mike rents skiffs, Run Abouts (with around 150 hp), kayaks and hobbies. The watersports shack is right next to the dive shack on the dock and Mike has become a good friend over the months we've stayed here. I spent a lot of time being the victim when I assisted during his Rescue Diver course. He was happy to get back and volunteered to be the tired diver for my Divemaster tired Diver tow. I was not happy about this as Mike is about the biggest guy on Virgin Gorda.

The British Virgin Islands

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