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Swingin' on a Star
Ship's log for the circumnavigating Saint Francis 50 catamaran, "Swingin on a Star".
05/03/2007, Leverick Bay

Captain Bob ownes this beautiful Hans Christian 48. He does charter day sails out of Leverick Bay in season. He did more than 75 day charters this Winter at around $750 each. Not a bad vacation.

He hauled Bravura today in Spanish Town and flew home to California. As hurricane season nears more and more of the fixtures begin to disappear.

The British Virgin Islands
Nassau Grouper
05/02/2007, Alice in Wonderland

Saw a few nice Nassau Grouper today. This guy posed for me. The biggest Nassau I'd ever seen swam by on the same dive. I tried to get close enough for a photo but he did that underwater grunt thing and blasted through the coral.

The British Virgin Islands
Ginger Steps
04/28/2007, Ginger Island

Ginger Island has some great dive sites. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite. Ginger Steps is great as well. In a tough north swell with a big east wind Alice's Backstep is a great spot. This shot is of the reef on one of the Ginger Steps. As the name implies, the reef comes up from the 80 foot bottom in three big steps, each of which has nice ledges and crevices for all of the critters to hide in.

The British Virgin Islands
Blast from the past
04/17/2007, Diving the Rohne

So I'm interning on this dive boat and I hear this distinctive voice. I look over and I see Doug Grindstaff a friend I worked with almost 15 years ago in Los Angeles.

I walked over and said, "Doug?!". HE looked at me like I was a weirdo. I have a military hair cut now and the last time Doug saw me, not only was I 15 years younger but I had hair half way down my back.

We both couldn't beleive it. We caught up a little bit and then did the dive. Everyone was turning green due to the big swell. Unfortunatly some of the divers ended up feeding the fish and we had to scrap the second dive.

Doug and his friend came over to visit later in the afternoon before they flew home to LA. It was a great out of the blue experience.

The British Virgin Islands
Dive BVI Shop/Leverick Bay
04/09/2007, Leverick Bay

Corey runs the Leverick Bay Dive BVI operation. We dove with Corey and some of the Dive BVI old guard several years ago when we first visited the BVI.

The British Virgin Islands
Dive BVI
04/08/2007, Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

I started the Divemaster program today with Dive BVI in Leverick Bay. Our friends Fred and Cindy work here so it should be a lot of fun. My instructor will be Marc Povey who is very experienced and knowledgable. Sea Cat (seen here) is the primary dive boat for the Leverick Bay operation which services the entire North Sound. Dive BVI is based on the other end of the island in Spanish Town, with Leverick Bay and Marina Cay outposts.

The British Virgin Islands
The Matsuzawa's return to Japan
04/06/2007, Saba Rock

It was a sad day. Hideko's Mom and Dad had been with us for two weeks and it was time to say goodbye. Their flight out of Beef Island departed around noon so after a light breakfast we got them ready to go.

We took a dinghy ride over to the Bitterend and waited for the North Sound Express. Hideko went with Atsuo San and Yukiko San to help them get to the Air Port which is only a short walk from the ferry dock in Trellis Bay Tortola.

After watching them go I motored back to Swingin' on a Star where Roq was minding things. I got aboard and began to rumage around for lunch when I heard Kelp Fiction hailing us. Fred and his friend Pete from Canada had picked up the mooring right next to us.

Fred had a day off so we all went out to the reef at the edge of Eustaia Sound and snorkeled around a bit. Afterwords we caught up over a beer.

Hideko showed up in the afternoon on a launch from the Bitter End. I had somehow missed her hail on the VHF. When she got back I was drinking beer with Pete and Fred. That was a bust. Hideko forgave me though because she's the best.

As the stars came later that night we talked about all of the great times we had with all of our parents. This will have to be the first of many such visits.

The British Virgin Islands

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