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Swingin' on a Star
Ship's log for the circumnavigating Saint Francis 50 catamaran, "Swingin on a Star".
12/14/2007, In front of Power Boats

Doubles are a Trini breakfast favorite. You only get them at the little road side stands, one of which is in front of the Power Boats yard. A Double is basically two (hence the double) small flat pancakes smattered with chick peas, a tangy green sauce, and (if you're up for it) a seriously fiery red sauce. Very tasty.

Trinidad and Tobago
Boards Up
12/12/2007, Peake Dock

The inside of the Peake dock is a little more protected but can be tricky to maneuver in and out of. Boards and two screws 20 feet apart make things quite a bit easier though.

Trinidad and Tobago
Christmas Candle Light Concert
12/09/2007, Port of Spain

Randy and I attended the Trinidad annual Christmas Candle Light Concert tonight which was held in the President of Trinidad's front yard (it is a big yard!). Randy and I took the Jessie James Members Only taxi service with 6 other cruisers to go to the charity concert.

It took about 40 minutes to get to St. James (a suburb of Port of Spain) where the President lives. It is across from the Botanical Gardens and a huge National Park where many people were playing soccer. We bought charity hot dogs and popcorn and sodas and candles and still only managed to spend about $20 US dollars.

When the concert started everyone lit up their candles. It was kind of wild. The chairs were very close together and there were lots of kids with candles sitting right behind ladies with long hair. Some kids were melting their candle holders for fun. By the end of the evening no one had caught on fire which I thought was remarkable.

As it got darker the audience with all of their candles made a spectacular sight. It was really beautiful. The first half of the show had kids performing carols and fun island Christmas tunes. The second half of the show was more of the local professional talent many of whom were tremendous singers. There was a Venezuelan influence in some of the songs with wonderful Latin rhythms. Every few songs the audience was asked to sing along. It was a marvelous evening and a nice chance to absorb some of the local Christmas flavor.

Trinidad and Tobago
The Farmer's (Green) Market
12/08/2007, Port of Spain

There are many "Green Markets" in Trinidad and Tobago, where local farmers sell fresh produce. The weekly trip from Chagaramas run by Jesse James takes you to a very large market with a tremendous selection of fresh fish and produce. In Tobago you can only get fresh produce at the green markets, the grocery stores only carry packaged products.

Trinidad and Tobago
12/07/2007, Tropical Marine

We had dinner with the crew of Pegasus today. Pegasus is a Saint Francis 48. Daniel and Natasha will be taking her up island in a few days. She is a beautiful boat and very similar to the 50. Daniel and I spent the evening talking boats in excruciating detail (excruciating to everyone but us of course).

We ate at the restaurant at Tropical Marine. The restaurant has various barbeque specials on different evenings. We went for Rib Eye and Shrimp night. Hideko has tried Shark and Bake night, which seems to be a highlight of Trinidad cuisine. Hideko loved it so we may have to come back for that one, although a beach on the north coast is supposed to be the best spot to do shark and bake.

Trinidad and Tobago
12/28/2007 | Pabs
Hideko, What does Shark taste like? Don't say chicken.
Peake's Haul Out
12/04/2007, Peake

The Peake travel lift can haul fairly large catamarans as well as large mono hulls and motor yachts.

Trinidad and Tobago
Peake Yard
12/03/2007, Peakes

The Peake Yard is very large and much cleaner and nicely organized than many I have seen.

Trinidad and Tobago

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