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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
IEMANJA's Photos - in Durban November 2011
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...are they sisters?
peacock show-off in front of our window
the hike in Highmoor - not in Scotland
Highmoor hike in Kamberg / Drakenbergs
the Drakenberg range is the highest in South Africa, up to 3.500 m
the bushmen
rasterman in the making
getting sorted out for the ride at the "Spotted Horse"
never on a horse before but Kati watched enough "Bonanza" to get the idea
something different to sailing!
all the pretty horses
Laura - youngest to ride around the world?
Jani our guide
the horse is called "Superstar", the rider "Crazy Joe" (selfshot - mach mir das Pferd...)
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