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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
My encounter with Chagos' sharks
16 March 2011 | Chagos - Peros Banhos - Ile Diamant

Yesterday Jules, a 7 year old french boy, and I took a mini yellow kayak and wanted to paddle around the island. First we drifted around and then started to paddle, when suddenly a big wave crashed onto our small yellow kayak and then it capsized! We clambered back onto the boat, then suddenly realized that the boat was upside down. We both put in all our strength to turn it over. Finally we managed to turn it over with a bit of help from a wave. Jules said “Emily it's your turn to paddle” So I got in front and began. 1 minute later we saw a shark coming towards us - it was a Black Tip reef shark but we still were pretty scared! It was about 1mtr long and very curious about the strange yellow thing. We rowed as fast as we could and then- oh then Jules lost his hat!!! He jumped in the clear water without thinking and soon came swimming back, not with the hat but yelling “THE SHARK! THE SHARK PASSED BY AND SWISHED ME ON THE HIP!!!” I helped him up, which meant I'd had to sit on the other side and... Splash! We were both in! Jules and I were helpless we just tried to get up and capsized the boat again! Finally we did make it back on the kayak, we both did NOT care that it was upside down again! We paddled until we got to the now soaked hat. We shouted all sorts of words like:


We both rowed to were we could stand when my brother and 2 other french boys came and rescued us. THAT WAS SO CREEPY AND FUNNY!!!!

March 2011, written by Emily M