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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
departure St. Helena
09 February 2012 | at sea
Hi all, this morning we left St. Helena to sail to Ascension Island, 700 nm to the NW. St. Helena was a very remote and therefore special place to visit. The people are very friendly, relaxed and talkative; it must be one of the last places on earrth without mobil telephones. The more than 500 year long history as a stopover place in the South Atlantic and Napoleon's imprisonment is very interesting but nowadays the 3.500 inhabitants are mainly busy adminstrating themselfs - almost all people are working directly or inddirectly for the (British) Government in a museum village atmosphere. They just started to build an airport which is scheduled to open in 2015 - that will bring big changes to the island. We have again crew on board: Annemarie, a retired swiss biology teacher, is joining us until Brazil. She came to St. Helena last monday with the "Pachamama" / ToptoTop expedition but as they are staying for longer and she wants to be back in Switzerland beginning of March, we could offer her a ride. Annemarie is an experienced sailor who we met first 4 1/2 years ago in Fiji when she was also crewing on the "Pachamama". It was a hard farewell this morning, when we all had to say good-bye to Sabine, Dario and their 4 children, again we wonderful time together. We are planning to stay only a few days at Ascension and from there will sail onn to Cabadelo in NE Brazil (between Recife and Natal).

A SE wind of 12-15 kn is pushing us with 5-6 kn forward and all is well on board. Cheers + AHOI! the Iemanja crew
10 February 2012 07:12:43Z
Liebe Lemanja Crew, Hallo Arne, während meiner Frühstückspause hatte einmal wieder Zeit in Eurem Block zu stöbern. Mein lieber Herr Kokoschinski: soweit entfernt vom Land. Nah ja ich weiß nicht was schwerere ist: mit Wind und Wellen zu kämpfen oder mit Windows 7. -15,2° Kälte, Schneeschieben, auf für den kranken Nachbarn. Zumindest ist die Alster zugefroren und ein prima große Glitsche. Wann wollt ihr in Hamburg sein ? Mit ganz lieben Grüßen Ragnar, Ahrensburg 10Feb.2012 09.12 LT P.S. Gerade ist Harald Gl. Über euch hinweg geflogen, er befindet sich in diese Minute auf dem Weg von Paris nach Santiago /Chile.
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