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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
arrived at Ascension
15 February 2012 | Ascension Island
Hi all, attention, attention we are now in Ascension! Arrived at 1300, checked in (15 pounds for the boat and 15 landing fee for each grown up, kids under 12 are free) and just (almost midnight) came back from a guided tour with the conservation people to watch a green turtle lay her eggs and then to cover them up - that was awesome! Now is the season for the green turtles to mate and every night about a hundred females (up to 2m long and 300 kg) make it ashore to the long beach off which we are anchored to dig a big crater into the sand to lay 100 - 120 eggs. Tomorrow we are renting a car to see the sights - this is another interesting island and there is more to see and do than we had expected. The anchorage is only a bit rolly but getting ashore with a big surge at the pier is an adventure on its own...

Regards f;rom the Iemanja crew AHOI!