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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
Emily's report from sea
21 March 2012 | at sea
Hi Everyone, I've been on sea for seven days and we are 200 miles away from French Guyana. It's been a long sea passage and Lennard and I usually know what we are going to do that won't make us feel sick. But sometimes we have some fun acttvities up our sleeves that we had forgotten to pull out:. Yesterday Lenard and I made a show where one would dance , whilst the other played the drum with the bbq lid. Today we had a salt water bath, then we tipped it out over the deck and rubbed soap over it. Then we sat down and waited for a wave to push us to the other side. It wa slots of fun and dad was extremely pleased because the deck was cleaned. We were soapy and dad got more water from the sea and put it over us- URRG!!! The water was about 29' but it still felt cold. Outside we have two nets hanging, full of ornges- yum. To have enough for 2 weeks the rule is everyone gets 1 orange a day. We bought many bananas and they are all getting squashy, so mum made a lot of our famous banana curry sauce in a presure cooker and put the curry in glasses. Everyday, at 7 in the morning, there is the ssb rafdio net. The radio is right by my head and i always wake up when it starts, so I listen... Every yachht that is on sea gives their position, weather report, etc. Sometimes, at the end of the net, Lennard and I get to talk with a n Australian 13 year od boy we met in South Africa. He is on the boat 'Chaotic Harmony'. We made really good friends and we all are really happy that we will see each other again at French Guayana. I also can' t wait to see the rocket launch and to exxplore the ruins of the jail island. All is well on board. Greetings, Arne, Kati, Lennard and Emily