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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
departure French Guyana
27 March 2012 | at sea
Hi all, we left this morning the Ile de Salut to sail to St. Lucia, 730 nm to the NW. So far we are enjoying a nice sail with 15 kn on the beam and a good current pushing. With our homemade wine-cork plastic bag rubber glove lure we caught a Skipjack Tuna which Kati is frying right now. The night after our arrival at Kourou we saw from our cokpit the Ariane rocket launch at 0130 am - that was a fantastic sight and a huge roar! The next day we visited the Space Museum which is very well put together. The following day we moved to the Ile de Salut, just 5 nm off the coast. The last two nights were rolly with some big swell and a strong current at the anchorage but we had a nice time with the crew of Chaotic Harmony, exploring the prison ilands, swimming in murky water and feeding cute monkeys with coconuts.

All is well on board AHOI! the Iemanja crew