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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
arrived St. Lucia
01 April 2012 | Rodney Bay Marina
Hi all,
we arrived today, Sunday 01.04.12, at 1730 in the Rodney Bay Marina, just had a nice shower and we will clear into St. Lucia tomorrow. Here it seems to be very organized, Charterboat orientated and touristy but all services are here and once the boat jobs are done, we'll move out to an anchorage.
We had a great last night and day sail, zooming past Barbados in a 20 kn breeze to make another just-in-day-light-time arrival.
Lennard and Emily found already the Icecream shop, all is well on board
Cheers + AHOI!
the Iemanja crew
03 April 2012 09:04:37Z
Da war ich auch schon. Mit meinem Computer klappt irgendwas nicht. Ihr k├Ânnt den Bus wie abgesprochen ab dem 5.5.2012 haben. Ruf doch mal an 0049/461/4937192 Gruss Gerd
07 April 2012 09:27:52Z
Great to hear you made it OK. Please keep in touch. We are also on Sailblogs. There is a photo of Lennard and Emily there. We will be in Grenada for at least a month.
Stephen Freed
11 April 2012 23:30:18Z
Hi everybody - Pleased to hear that all is going well. I would love to fill that crew vacancy but I've recently returned from three weeks in New Zealand and cannot really take any more time off from work ... in the meantime. The weather in Sydney has been very disappointing. Over the past year I think I've been out on my boat only about six times! Happy sailing .... Stephen
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