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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
day 5
14 May 2012 | Sea
Hi all, we had a great night sailing in E 12 kn and a maiinly clear sky. The day was nice too but the wind a bit unsteady from ESE to ENE with a few islolated mild squalls gusting to 20 kn to be followed by an hour of light winds. So we are not breaking any records here but are moving in comfort to the NNE and are hoping for a bit more S in the E wind. The water temperature dropped to 26.5 degrees the buckets of seawater feel a bit fresher. So far we saw 2 vessels on the AIS and in reality, 7 and 10 nm away, otherwise the ocean seems to belong to us. All is well on board AHOI! Andrea and Arne