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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
day 7
16 May 2012 | Sea
Hi all, another day close hauled. Wind is ENE 12-15 kn, sunshine with few cloud bands and generally plessant sailing. on a permanent list to port. Iemanja is on a "crystal voyage": In Langkawi / Malayia, Kati was approached by a woman who had heard about our trip to Europe and gave her a bag full of crystals so that we could sink them in the ocean on the way. There is a message in chinese writing engrraved on each crystal and the idea is, that this will be some positiv energy for the oceans. So since leaving Asia, every few hundred miles one goes over the side to make this world a better place and the fish have something beautiful to look at. Our days fly past very fast and all is well on board AHOI! Andrea and Arne