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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
day 22
31 May 2012 | at sea
Hi all, the front passed us last night at 2100, it rained till 0300 and the wind eased to 8 - 15 kn from the W, later SW. During the day the sun came out and the wind picked up again to 15 - 18 kn, making it a really nice day only the SW'lly swell was still 3 m hiigh. Now we have only 45 nm to go, we took the main sail down to slow down for a morning arrival at Ponta Delgada.. This morning at 0600 I let the fishing lines out and by 0800 the Tuna filets were in the fridge, the ceviche made - that was Tuna no. 5, same size as the others, it must be the standard Atlantic Tuna. I talked to the greek captain of the "Cap San Raphael", they had to alter course not to pass us too close. The 10 year old container vessel was just recently sold to a greek company but continues a Hamburg Sued charter. My first vessel in the merchant navy was the "Cap San Antonio" in '81, that was still a general cargo ship. During the night we had to call another vessel, the "Super Grace" to make sure that they see us - and they did. All is well on board, we are looking forward to make landfall tomorrow AHOI! Andrea and Arne