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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
day 2
12 June 2012 | at sea
Hi all, it is a slow but comfortable start of the passage. We could sail till midmight when the wind died down and fog set in. So Mr. Lehmann was back on duty and the radar on. We continue our 3 hourly watch scheme: I do 1800-2100, Martin 2100-2400, Andrea 0000-0300 and then me again from 0300 to breakfast with the others around 0800. This morning at 0600 I caught a nice tuna then got visited by a group of dolphins. Fom 1300 on the skys cleared and we were able to sail again in a W'ly 8-12 kn, it is slow (3 - 4 kn) and the sea is smooth A low pressure system lies north of us and we should get into stronger W'ly winds by tomorrow. The Atlantic Homerun Net is still on (8107 KHz @ 1200 UTC) and we checked in, Kay on Pilades is the net controller. Henk on Sogno d' Oro left Ponta Delgada a day before us, Daniel on Luna left Horta yesterday and the dutch Blauwe Pinguin left Ponta Delgada today. As there is no more Deutsche Welle news via SSB, we are listening to the BBC to get the news and results of the soccer games.

All is well on board AHOI! Amdrea, Martin, Arne