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Lennard + Emily + Kati + Arne
day 8
18 June 2012 | at sea
Hi all, the night had more wind than expected, WSW 15 - 20 kn, so we sailed wing to wing with just over 6 kn through the night. The sea was more phosphorescent than ever keeping the senses awake. An absolute highllight were the dolphins who came visiting twice in the middle of the night showing their illuminated traces from far away and zooming around us for a short time - that was magic. Another visitor came this afternoon by air: a large army helicopter came out of nowhere, circled us at a low altitude and disapeaed again to the west. I was expecting a call on the VHF which is always on at channel 16 but nothing heard - that was strange. We were about 250 nm away from Ireland, France and Britain. During the day the wind eased a little to 12 - 15 kn and is slowly veering to the SSW. We are now aiming for a landfall at Penzance in the very SW of Cornwall and hope to be in port by Wed night before a low pressure system moves in from the West. Last night's soccer results put a smile on Martin's face, even the BBC reported the end result but before we got all excited when we tuned in and heard about a soccer turnament which then happened to be in Africa with a lengthly report of the Tansania - Mozambique match which ended in a penalty shoot-out but I forgot who won - sorry. AHOI! Andrea, Martin, Arne
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